Desktops & Monitors

Best Computer Monitors

Any personal computer requires a monitor and it's got to be top quality to allow enhanced user's experience. Read our most recent PC monitor review and make your choice.

Best Curved Monitors for Work and Fun

We get used to working 8-12 hours a day in front of a monitor. Our eyes get tired, but now there is a solution. Recently, engineers have developed innovative curved monitors for solving this problem. Our curved monitor review will help you to assess their capabilities and pick the best one.

Best Gaming PCs for Your Best-ever Gaming Experience
In our Gaming PC review we offer you a brief guide through the best models of computers you can get to play video games. Also, we've picked some of the important features that may add to the functionality and enhance your gaming experience.
Best Chromeboxes

This great device combines a high performance and fantastic portability with Chrome OS on it that give you 100GB of free cloud storage. Turn your monitor or TV into a full-on PC. We have selected the best chromeboxes on the market so that you can find the one to meet your specific needs.

Computer Components

Best Solid State Drives
It is impossible to imagine a modern gaming or multimedia PC without an SSD drive. The most important advantages of SSDs are high performance, minimum power consumption and the high rate of read/write speed. Here is the list of the most popular solid-state drives you can buy.
Best M.2 Solid-State Drives
Are you looking to upgrade the overall speed of the data performance on your computer? If so, you should take a look at purchasing a new m.2 Solid State Drive to replace the slower hard drive in your system. Read our reviews of five of the best m.2 SSDs available.
Best CPUs

Does a PC have a heart? Sure! And it's called a central processing unit (CPU). It performs the processing of all the input data and maintains the concurrent and effective operation of all the PC components. We’ve reviewed the best CPU models to help you make a right choice!

Best Gaming CPUs
Choosing the best CPU for gaming is a task that requires careful analysis. The gaming processor should as far as possible meet all your requirements in order to make your game as enjoyable as possible. Just check our reviews.
Best Motherboards

What is the key element of any computer, holding and connecting all essential hardware? A right choice of a PC motherboard will let you set up a computer of your dream for the best gaming experience. Select one of the best motherboards and reach a new level in your PC performance!

Best Gaming Motherboards
Do you enjoy putting together the ultimate gaming PC? If you are a hardcore gamer who wants the latest in gaming computer technology, then take a look at our reviews of five of the best gaming motherboards to give your gaming PC the upgrade it deserves.
Graphics Cards
Best Graphics Cards

The majority of PC users know that any PC needs a specialized device for displaying a picture on the screen and this device is called a graphics card. A powerful graphics card is a must-have for playing PC games and watching high-res videos. Check our graphics cards review to pick the best one!

Best Gaming Graphics Cards
Regular graphics cards just don't have much of the computing power that is needed for gamers as well as for engineers and video editors. Thus, high-end graphics cards for gaming are your best bet when it comes to performance and multitasking. With an enormous number of different gaming GPU models available, one should consider a lot of aspects to choose the right one. Hence, we encourage you to take a look at our reviews and decide which one suits you best.
CPU Fans
Best Computer Fans
A CPU is a digital heart of any modern PC or a laptop. Just like any power-hungry PC component, it requires cooling. We highlighted the most important parameters and features of CPU coolers to help you choose the optimal one among the top 5 models we've reviewed.
Best CPU Liquid Coolers
If you want your PC to serve you longer and reach its maximum potential, a good CPU liquid cooler is a must-have purchase. Take a look at our top 5 picks and get ready to open up a whole new world of your computer's capabilities.
RAM Memory
Best DDR4 RAM Kits to Upgrade Your PC
When it comes to partial upgrading a PC instead of purchasing a completely new one, the RAM update is the first thing to come to mind. The newest DDR4 RAM kits are better in many ways than their predecessors and we are here to try and help you choose the one satisfying your specific requirements.
Computer Cases
Best Computer Cases
Many computer enthusiasts not only like to get the best performing hardware for their computers, but also the best looking. If you want your computer to look out of this world, take a look at our reviews of five of the top-end computer cases available!
Sound Cards
Best Sound Cards
Many computers come with bare minimum sound capabilities, which just doesn't work for those who need to work with audio. For cases like this, a sound card is needed. If you need to install a new sound card in your computer, read our reviews for five of the best sound cards available.
Best USB Sound Cards
Nowadays most people tend to favor laptops over stationary PC models as they're more convenient for work and traveling. However, laptops rarely can produce the kind of volume you want for watching movies or listening to music so an external sound card is needed. We've chosen the 5 best USB sound card models available on the market today.
Power Supplies
Best Computer Power Supplies
No matter how good of a graphics card you've got or how powerful your Central Processing Unit is, they won't do you any good without an equally impressive computer power supply to provide them, as well as the other components, with enough power output. So choose one of these models and enjoy all of the advantages of a nice, powerful rig.
Case Fans
Best Case Fans
Not only humans suffer from heat and overheating. Think about your ever-working assistant that holds your entire life under its cover. Don't let your desktop PC 'melt', cool it down with a new silent but effective fan.

Computer Accessories

Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Best Uninterruptible Power Supplies
If you want to keep your home and office electronics in good working condition, choose a reliable uninterruptible power supply (battery backup) to prevent downtime and protect your equipment such as computer, server, TV, router, etc from voltage fluctuations. To make your choice less tricky, we've complied five best UPS models in this review.
USB Cables
Best USB-C Cables
As progress marches on, different devices get tougher and tougher to connect. Hower, a USB C cable is starting to overtake the industry as the golden standard and can be used for many different gadgets.
Displayport Cables
Best DisplayPort Cables
A DisplayPort cable, sometimes shortened to just DP cable, is any cable with at least one DisplayPort connector. It can be an HDMI to DisplayPort cable, a DisplayPort to DisplayPort, or any other interface paired with the subject format. A cable like that will provide you with the opportunity to take advantage of the interface's numerous perks and benefits.

Drives & Storage

External Hard Drives
Best External Hard Drives for Safe Data Storage

Storage space on your laptop or PC is insufficient for keeping all your files? Start using an external hard drive! This compact device will allow you to have your most important data at hand. To help you make the right pick, we have shortlisted 5 best external hard drive disks that are present on the market.

Best PS4 External Hard Drives
It's great that the PlayStation 4 comes with internal storage, but most PS4 owners find that they quickly run out of storage space. The best solution for this, of course, is to add an external hard drive. Read our reviews of five of the best external hard drives for the PS4 to find the best one for you!
USB Hubs
Best USB Hubs

Sometimes you need to plug several devices into USB ports but your computer or laptop has just a couple of them. Therefore, you need to use a small and portable USB hub with multiple USB ports as well as various memory cards. We have tested lots of USB hubs and shortlisted just 5 best of them!

Best USB-C Hubs
Recently purchased a new laptop that features nothing but USB Type-C ports but all of your devices come with older interfaces? No need to worry, all you have to do is purchase one of these USB-C hubs and you'll be able to connect any one of your older devices to your new laptop with absolute ease.
External CD/DVD Drives
Best External CD/DVD Drives for Your Media
Less and less laptops nowadays have CD/DVD drives, but we sometimes still need them. In this case, external drives come to help us. In this review, we offer you a shortlist of five best external CD/DVD drives of 2017 to help you choose what you need for yourself.
Encrypted Drives
Best Encrypted Drives

Do you obtain some sensitive information and want to protect it from leakage? Start using an encrypted drive - a device that will store your information and will never be hacked. We've shortlisted 5 best encrypted drives on a market for you. So pick one and remember: "Better be safe than sorry"!

Best Encrypted Hard Drives
Is your data important to you? Then, you need to keep it protected from intruders. With these encrypted hard drives, you'll be able to shield your data against all physical and digital threats.
External Blu-Ray Drives
Best External Blu-Ray Drives

External Blu-ray drives are portable tools for writing and reading data on such modern high-capacity media as Blu-ray discs and DVD/CD discs. With a simple USB connection to your PC/laptop, these compact devices offer great mobility. Be sure to check the best 5 models in our review.

Hard Drive Enclosures
Best Hard Drive Enclosures

The hard drive enclosures are the devices, which you can install an HDD or an SSD drive into and use it as a portable media by connecting it to a PC. Our review offers you the summary info on the types, connectivity and features of HDD enclosures using the example of the best 5 models on the market.

External SSD
Best External Solid State Drives
Need to add some storage to your computer? Want to enjoy the highest data transfer rates? Then, get a solid-state external hard drive, which is compact, lightweight, yet unbelievably reliable and fast. Read our external solid-state drive review and keep up with the cutting-edge technologies!
Memory Card Readers
Best Memory Card Readers

If you store a lot of information on memory cards, there’s something you’d definitely need to have to access these files more comfortably and with no fuss - a memory card reader. Capable of reading different types of cards, it’ll become your lending hand in many situations.

Portable Hard Drives
Best Portable Hard Drives

Have no idea where to store gigabytes of your data? That's simple - a portable hard drive! Thanks to this small device, you will be able to store and play your favorite movies, enjoy music, keep all your photos, and so on. We have selected 5 best portable hard drives, so go ahead and pick one!

USB Flash Drives
Best USB Flash Drives
A ton of data right there in your pocket, for work, studying, and personal use. USB flash drives are incredibly popular and so the market is overflowing with offers. Need a hand choosing the best one? Here we are!
Wireless Hard Drive
Best Wireless Hard Drives
Being the main storage devices for desktop PCs and notebooks, hard disk drives (HDD) are becoming more portable and multipurpose. Wireless HDDs allow for not only wired but also a wireless connection to various digital devices as well as wireless control of their operation via mobile devices. In this review, we’ve covered the parameters you should consider when choosing a wireless HDD, and come up with these 5 top-grade models to help you choose the most suitable one.
Internal Hard Drives
Best Hard Drives
A hard drive is one of the most important computer components and a crucial piece of hardware that your PC simply can't do without. Though it is slower than its solid-state counterpart, an HDD is still the more affordable and reliable storage solution.

Keyboards, Mice & Accessories

Mouse Pads
Best Mouse Pads

The mouse pad is not only a bright accessory to liven your computer desk. Choose the right one and it will make your computer-related activities easier, more comfortable, and, what's more important, healthier. Make the best choice with our selection of mouse pads.

Best Extended Mouse Pads
With a regular mouse mat, you can always run out of the surface area and fail to deliver when it matters most. So get yourself an extended mouse pad in order to receive some additional comfort and improve your overall performance.
Best Joysticks
Nothing beats joysticks in action games, even more so in flight simulators. With a good flight stick, you will go sky-high. Literally albeit virtually. In this review, we discuss the benefits of the most popular simulator sticks.
Wrist Rests
Best Wrist Rests to Keep Away the Pain
If you spend considerable time working or playing games on a computer, you should protect yourself from the so-called repetitive strain injury. Consider our review of the 5 best comfortable, soft to the touch wrist rests that will help prevent fatigue of your wrists during long work at the computer and in addition will decorate your desktop.
Best Wireless Keyboards

Introduction of new gadgets is not only a fashionable trend, but a way to higher efficiency. In this review we're going to compare the most popular wireless bluetooth keyboards so that you're not bound to stay in the reach of a cable and is able to use it literally wherever you need. 

Best Ergonomic Keyboards

Nowadays, everyone wants to work comfortably on the computer. Ergonomic keyboards provide a convenient use and contribute to a long working process. In our ergonomic keyboard review, you can find the most popular and modern keypads. Undoubtedly, you will find the appropriate one.

Best Gaming Mice

Gamers need a lot: high performing hardware and a good wide-screen monitor, but a gaming mouse is also a crucial element of any gaming PC. A mouse device for a common user and the one for a gamer would differ a lot. We've reviewed many of them and shortlisted 5 best gaming mouse devices!

Best Trackball Mouses

A trackball mouse is a type of a computer mouse that looks as if you have turned your mouse upside-down. They bring many benefits to their user, and in many fields too, from convenience to health related issues. Here we offer you a review of five trackball mice we consider the best.

Racing Wheels
Best Racing Wheels
Whether you prefer a racing simulator or a few laps in some good old Need For Speed, a keyboard and a mouse have nothing on a racing wheel. A racing wheel controller is way more accurate than a set of buttons on your gamepad too Since there are a lot of different options available, we suggest you take a look at our list of selected wheel controllers.

Computer Furniture

Gaming Chairs
Best Gaming Chairs

An attempt to use an ordinary office chair for playing console or PC games is a rather bad idea. It's not intended for long gaming hours, thus, you'll experience discomfort and even back pain after a while. That's why we propose you to consider this gaming chairs review! We have rounded up the best chairs on the market that have an ergonomic design and can bring you endless hours of comfort.

Best DXRacer Gaming Chairs
Picked up a powerful gaming rig and got yourself a couple of badass peripherals? Then it is definitely time to compliment and finish that setup with a DXRacer gaming chair.
Computer Desks
Best Computer Desks

If there's any piece of furniture which can encourage us to work, it's a nice and well-built computer desk. In this review, we've selected five best computer desks for you to choose from and make your work routine a pleasure.

Monitor Stands
Best Monitor Stands
Need a secure table mount for your LCD screen or maybe a convenient, good-looking monitor riser for the proper notebook or TV position on your desk? Don't look around, we have the best monitor stands review for you right here.
Computer & Monitor Mounts
Best Dual Monitor Stands
Why use dual monitor stands? Well, sometimes one screen is just not enough, especially when you're working with code or playing a game where your field of view is essential. To make sure your table isn't clattered by two monitors at once, get one of these top 5 dual monitor stands and raise your screens up high!

Webcams, Headsets & Microphones

Best Studio Headphones
Recording or editing music in a studio often requires an excellent set of headphones that play back audio in a crystal clear manner as well as block out external noise. A good set of studio headphones is just what is needed in this case. If you are looking for a great set of studio headphones, then read our reviews of five great models to choose from.
Gaming Headsets
Best Gaming Headsets

There are a lot of different video games that people play all around. We have selected the most popular gaming headsets for you. If you prefer to spend your time playing the games, this review will help you choose the best headset.

Best Wireless Gaming Headsets
A wireless gaming headset or, for that matter, any pair of wireless headphones, is a device that allows you to dominate in your favorite competitive games without having to deal with cables and wires.
Best WebCams

A webcam is a device that is able to erase borders and shorten the distance between extended families via Internet. Now not only can you communicate with the people from abroad, but actually see them in front of you on the screen. Isn’t it a great invention for those users who due to certain circumstances have to spend some time apart? In our web camera review we’ve made a selection of the best cameras available in the market to help you find a perfect fit for your needs and budget.

Computer Speakers
Best Computer Speakers

Sound is very important in our life, good sound adds colors to good music, to a movie you watch, or to a game you play. You and your computer deserve the best speakers, and to help you choose we have made this computer speaker review.

Best Laptop Speakers to Turn Mediocre Sound into Good
Focusing on portability and performance, laptop manufacturers often ditch the idea of high-quality speakers since they take up valuable space. That's why the majority of laptop owners go for a pair of good laptop speakers that will bring out the best of the music, movies, and games. Here, we've tried to find the best laptop speakers for each purpose and budget to help the seekers out.
USB Microphones
Best USB Microphones

Need a microphone to use at home but can’t afford a professional one? We can offer a solution. With high-quality specifications and usability, a USB microphone will meet your requirements. Best 5 USB microphones are reviewed below.

Kids Headphones
Best Kids Headphones
Do your kids love listening to music and spend all their time with headphones on? If you are worried about their hearing, we suggest you look through our review of the safest headphones!
Noise-Cancelling Headphones
Best Bedphones
A sleep mask is great. Headphones are nice too. Do you know what's better though? These two things combined into a single gadget. That's what bedphones are - a device that allows you to get quality sleep anywhere and enjoy your favorite music without a separate, additional device.
Computer Headsets
Best USB Headsets
Whether you need to chat with someone via your PC for work, while at the office, or for gaming purposes, while you're at home, a good USB headset is, undoubtedly, the most convenient and comfortable way to do so. We've picked out the top 5 models so head on in and see which one you like best!