Handheld Game Consoles

Comparison of Retro Gaming Consoles

Best Retro Gaming Consoles

A retro gaming console is all you need to take a break from the adult stuff and let the inner child soar. After all, a little bit of nostalgia never hurt anybody. Plus, a lot of these games aged far better than you would expect. So get one of these retro gaming consoles and explore everything that the worlds of 8- and 16-bit architecture have to offer.
Comparison of Handheld Game Consoles

Best Handheld Game Consoles

Nowadays games are everywhere - phones, PCs, gaming consoles. But what to do if you want to have fun on the go and phone apps/memory/battery life is just not enough? Handheld game consoles are a perfect solution - get one and you'll be able to play whatever you want whenever you want! We have selected only the best portable gaming devices in our game console review!