Best Desktop Barebones

If you prefer having a unique computer that will satisfy all your requirements, then assemble it yourself! Take a desktop barebone as a basis and build a real compact computer with minimal effort. We will help you learn how to do it right in our review of the best desktop barebones!

Best All-in-One Desktops

If you want to have a high-performing yet compact PC, you should think of getting one of the best all-in-one desktops. These PCs have all the components in the monitor itself, so they require little space and require no tiresome assembly. Check our best all-in-one desktop review!

Best Mini PCs

If you don't want to use a laptop but a PC seems too large for you, there's a great device that combines a sufficient performance and fantastic portability - a mini PC. It's a small box with all necessary hardware and interfaces. Check out our mini PC review that will help you pick the best one!

Best Chromeboxes

This great device combines a high performance and fantastic portability with Chrome OS on it that give you 100GB of free cloud storage. Turn your monitor or TV into a full-on PC. We have selected the best chromeboxes on the market so that you can find the one to meet your specific needs.

Best Gaming PCs

In our Gaming PC review we offer a brief guide to help you choose the Gaming PC for enjoying the video games. We highlighted the most important features that make a Gaming PC stand out among the rest while enriching the gaming experience and adding gaming functionality.