Comparison of Wireless Mice

Best Wireless Mice

Having the same operation principle as an ordinary PC mouse, wireless mouse devices communicate with the controlled hardware via a radio or Bluetooth transmitter. We have selected the best 5 models available for ordering online and analyzed them in our review to help you decide on the best option.

Comparison of Silent Mice

Best Silent Mice

A silent mouse, also known as a soundless or silent click mouse, isn't that much of a different beast compared to your run-of-the-mill computer peripheral. There's just one thing - it doesn't make quite as much noise, making it a better choice for open spaces and cohabitation scenarios.
Comparison of Gaming Mice

Best Gaming Mice

Gamers need a lot: high performing hardware and a good wide-screen monitor, but a gaming mouse is also a crucial element of any gaming PC. A mouse device for a common user and the one for a gamer would differ a lot. We've reviewed many of them and shortlisted 5 best gaming mouse devices!

Comparison of Trackball Mouses

Best Trackball Mouses

A trackball mouse is a type of a computer mouse that looks as if you have turned your mouse upside-down. They bring many benefits to their user, and in many fields too, from convenience to health related issues. Here we offer you a review of five trackball mice we consider the best.

Comparison of Wireless Gaming Mice

Best Wireless Gaming Mice

In order to keep up with the times, regular mice are just not enough anymore. That’s why you need a wireless gaming mouse to maintain your MMR. But why wireless? A wireless model lets you do anything you can do with a regular gaming mouse; however, you don’t need to be closer than 3 feet away from your PC. To suit your needs and desires, we’ve picked the top 5 wireless gaming mouse models out there.
Comparison of MMO Mice

Best MMO Mice

An MMO mouse is a gaming peripheral that will allow you to streamline your interactions with your in-game character and receive a competitive edge over your online opponents. In this review, you will find some of the best MMO mice that the gaming companies have to offer.
Comparison of Razer Mice

Best Razer Mice

If you seek the kind of accuracy and quality that will allow you to dominate your online opponents, there's nothing quite like a Razer mouse to help you achieve this goal.
Comparison of Vertical Mice

Best Vertical Mice

Do you feel pain in your wrist or fingers after hours of web browsing? If so, it's the right time to choose a vertical mouse as a solution to your pain. Go take a pick of the model best suitable for your preference!