BenQ BL2420PT Designer Monitor for Photo Editing

BenQ BL2420PT 24
BenQ BL2420PT 24
BenQ BL2420PT 24
BenQ BL2420PT 24
BenQ BL2420PT 24
BenQ BL2420PT 24

General Specifications

About the Product
Brilliant colors are accurately reproduced on BenQ BL2420PT monitor, designed for photo editing professionals. Work with 100% RGB color space and 2560x1440 2k/QHD resolution on an IPS panel for exceptional clarity of images from a wide range of viewing angles. Revisit those beautiful moments indefinitely.

Key Specs

Screen Size
24 in.
Response Time
5 ms
Refresh Rate
60 Hz

What customers say about "Key Specs"

  • The reason i say it's great for gaming is because i prefer having better looking games than having them run at lower setting but above 100hz. I have a gtx 1070 so i run all games maxed out at 1440p at 60hz
  • All in all, I am very happy that I bought these rather than 4 x 2K Gaming monitors or 1 x 4K gaming monitor, as I use them for a lot more than just gaming and they are still great with games. Maybe not a 120 or 250 Hz monitor, but I could careless about that.
  • The resolution is 2560x1440 which is just right to me. Not 4k super duper HD or anything, but more than full HD...just right for a 24" panel. Text is crisp, images are smooth. It's sharp and clear, but just high resolution enough that you don't see a screen door effect.
  • I use them daily for engineering and 3D CAD design work. I love the monitors. The options are great, brightness range fantastic, resolution beautiful, connectivity perfect, sound even is way better than expected. I play plenty of games, 60fps @4K beats lower resolution to me.
  • Perfect size for native 1440p resolution for those of us that have good eyes and sit fairly close to the monitor and prefer sharpness and clarity over impressing friends with a large monitor.

Size & Weight

2.8 in.
13.30 in.
22.2 in.
15.4 pounds


Display Type
Panel Type
Aspect Ratio
300 cd/m²
Color Supported
16.7 Million
View Angle Vertical
178 °
View Angle Horizontal
178 °
Curved Display

What customers say about "Display"

  • Without a doubt, this is the best monitor I've ever owned. It manages to go right to the saturated edge of sRGB so the colors look great without that higher color gamut oversaturation.
  • Otherwise the panel quality was extremely good. Even though the panel had 3 dead pixels, the very high pixel density meant these were barely noticeable. No problems with the color gradient or contrast. Super nice monitor overall.
  • Fastastic image when working with small text. Sharp, excellent contrast. Not overly harsh, and the settings you can pick in the HUD's menu make it easy to switch depending on what you do. I code all day, the 3360 x 1890 setting on my mac (1 step below 4K) is better for me to read without eyestrain.
  • Viewing angle are extremely good. I did consider a curved monitor but decided to go with a true flat design since I wanted this monitor to offer designer true designer quality without the potential of line stretching/bending that is sometimes found in the curved designs.
  • Monitor has some vertical brightness imbalance. Only really noticeable on solid colored backgrounds. Not really noticeable on CAD/high contrast mode. Probably due to VA panel, and its size, as it is also not very noticeable when you adjust your head to look at it at a direct angle.


For Photographers
Touch Screen
Build-in speaker
Built-In Webcam
TV Tuner
ZeroFlicker, Low Blue Light, Professionally Rendered Colors with 100% sRGB and Rec. 709
Pivot Function

What customers say about "Features"

  • Audio is ok - I think the audio on my 1080 Asus was a little better, but that was a gaming monitor. I can still watch Hulu and stuff through the audio on these, so it seems to work well enough. It is definitely loud enough.
  • What I love the most are the 8 preset picture modes. As a mechanical engineer, I like the Presentation and the CAD/CAM modes the best, but the Standard mode is all-around excellent for almost everything.
  • The construction of the monitor and base are nice. Attaching the base is a little wonky, but manageable. The placement of the power indicator light to the right side of the panel is a nice touch. And the controls/menus are easy enough to figure out without looking at the instructions.
  • The stand is heavy, adjusts every way you could want it to, and looks and feels terrific. Packing was great and setup was a breeze (no tools at all).
  • The only problem I've noticed is the monitor can fall out of the stand if rotated too much. For basic left and right movement I haven't encountered any real issue, just be careful moving the monitor.


DVI, Display port (w/HDCP), D-Sub, HDMI, USB

What customers say about "Connectivity"

  • It offers 4 video connection options (VGA, DVI-D, DP, and HDMI). The DVI-D option was especially important to me because my Dell desktop's graphics card doesn't have a DP port and its DVI-D connection was the only way I could get the monitor's full 2560 x 1440 resolution!
  • The SD port is a bit aggravating to get to on the lower right bezel but is not an issue really worth mentioning. I would imagine so would be the same on most other monitors of this size. I'm sure the USB and SD ports would be easy to find after a couple uses.
  • ig alert! BenQ has a "Display Pilot" application that you install via the disk that comes with the computer. It offers settings: DVI, HDMI . . . . If you set it on HDMI, then try to hook it up via DVI cable, it will not work.
  • This is supported by the xbox one S and X via the HDMI 2.0 port (there's only 1 on the monitor) for 4k 10 bit color 60fps but NOT UHD, since this is not an LED monitor. It does not supprot 24hz or 50hz also, only 60hz.
  • The one problem I've had is with the onboard USB 3.0 hub. It has conflicts with my Asus Z370 motherboard, actually disabling one of the desktop's front ports and even causing sporadic problems with my mouse and keyboard connected to the back of the desktop.