Acer X34 Curved UltraWide QHD Monitor

Acer X34
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Acer X34
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General Specifications

About the Product
The Predator X34 is designed for ultimate gaming performance and style, the 21:9 aspect ratio and 34-inch curved screens transform your viewing experience by drawing you deep into the action. It also is the world's first curved monitor featuring NVIDIA G-SYNC technology to eliminate screen tearing which provide gamers the epic gaming experience and help to secure the victory.

Key Specs

Screen Size
34 in.
Response Time
4 ms
Refresh Rate
100 Hz

What customers say about "Key Specs"

  • I got this monitor for gaming. I had been using a 40-inch LG 4K TV as my gaming screen, and while my 980Ti did well at 4K, I usually dialed it back to 1080p to get all the bells and whistles. Also to get that 60 fps. (The TV could do 2560x1440, but only at 30Hz).
  • On the gaming side of things, I had no problem overclocking the display to 100hz. Gsync is a joy. It's something that you need to experience to truly appreciate. Screen tearing and stuttering are now a thing of the past.
  • Great IPS display. Functional size. Awesome OC refresh rate of 100hz. Plus wonderful G-Sync operation. Only possible upgrade for me would be a higher resolution for 4k level gaming but with 1440p and the current line up of graphics cards it is certainly more than adequate. ZERO regrets!
  • Overall I'm pretty impressed with this monitor and there are only a couple things I'd love to see in the next version --maybe: 1. slightly higher resolution, i.e. 3850x1650 --would be more akin to a 4k, not-quite 2160p 21:9 and would feel more like side-by-side monitors
  • The overclock is stable at 100hz and there is no noticeable coil whine. Everyone once and a while I do get a weird flicker when waking the computer up. This monitor is easily the best one I've ever had.

Size & Weight

12.17 in.
23.07 in.
32.48 in.
21.9 pounds


Display Type
Panel Type
Aspect Ratio
250 cd/m²
Color Supported
16.7 Million
View Angle Vertical
178 °
View Angle Horizontal
178 °
Curved Display

What customers say about "Display"

  • Everything about this monitor is excellent, but there is a lot of light bleed on it, which hurts it's overall contrast a bit. Still a great monitor, but it'll be 5-stars when they get the light bleed down. Also, would love this in a 38 size!
  • The combination of the high resolution and color accuracy makes looking at high resolution landscape photographs feel as though I'm looking out a window. The ips glow and back light bleed is minimal. Movies a amazing as well, as most are filed at this aspect ratio.
  • The colors are on point, many options for contrast and brightness adjustment, and it has the most screen real estate I've ever worked with on a single monitor. Yes, I know I'm singing its praise, but let me explain...
  • Only complaints I have with the monitor is that I'm unable to display my chrome cast in 21:9 aspect ratio though I'm sure it's just the chromecast's lack of support, and the menu keys are a pain to work with.
  • I love this monitor, but there are some little things I dislike about it, mainly game manufactures unwillingness to include 21:9 support blaming it on an advantage when 122-200hz is acceptable.


Touch Screen
Build-in speaker
Built-In Webcam
TV Tuner
Smooth Gaming Action, NVIDIA G-SYNC
Pivot Function

What customers say about "Features"

  • Stand is great, IPS glow is there, but is minimal, speakers are not very good, menu navigation could be a whole lot better, the provided cables are too short in my opinon, but none of that mattered once I used the monitor. I cannot say enough good things about G-sync.
  • Speakers are pretty good for daily use. Takes gaming and Movies to a whole new level. The only complaint has been stated many times - not them most intuitive OSD menu system.
  • The vesa mounts were easy to use. I am taking one star away because the OSD is utter crud. I thought it was just whining on other people's part, but it does suck and it makes calibrating the monitor a pain.
  • Sitting at approximately 12" deep, the base takes up a lot of space on most desktops, so it might be a good idea to prepare your desk for it, maybe a compatible stand, or by extending the depth of your desk in some way like I did.
  • Playing at night with games like Fallout and Skyrim, or any other game that has day/night cycle it becomes very distracting and most inconveniently you have to adjust yourself and move your viewing angle around just to see what you're doing.


HDMI, DisplayPort 1.2

What customers say about "Connectivity"

  • If using Display Port, you need to change the input from HDMI to DP. It defaults to HDMI when First plugging it in. Then overclock to 100hZ and boom. This monitor is beautiful.
  • I really, really like this monitor. GSync only works with the display port. Native resolution on HDMI is 3440x1440 @ 50hz, but it the x34 can be overclocked up to 60hz. On the display port, the x34 defaults to 60hz at the same resolution, but overclocks to 100hz.
  • A few notes though, in order to get the 100hz you need to use a display port not an hdmi, the gsync will work through an hdmi but i felt it worked much better on the display port.
  • A few more USB-3 ports would have been welcome as there is more than enough real estate for more sockets.
  • When I connected it to my computer via DP I was pretty impressed, the smoothness and the size was great. However I noticed a flash every 30 seconds or so. I was messing with the over clock settings and changed it to 200hz wow did it look good for 30 seconds.
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Acer X34 Curved UltraWide QHD Monitor
Acer X34 Predator - 34" Curved Ultra Wide