Training Equipment

Inversion Tables
Best Inversion Tables

Inversion tables are training equipment created specifically for inversion table therapy, providing natural spine stretching and pain relief. Our inversion tables reviews bring the best inversion tables to your attention.

Exercise Bikes
Best Exercise Bikes

"You can’t workout while sitting down", they say. Well, why not? The exercise bike is a great solution for getting your body in shape without leaving home! And our review of the best exercise bikes will help you choose the one that will allow you to pedal your way to health and shape!

Best Pedal Exercisers
Working in an office can leave you with no time for physical exercises and long gym visits. Thankfully, there are ways to keep your body in shape without leaving your work desk. Look below for 5 of the best foot pedal exerciser models!
Rowing Machines
Best Rowing Machines

If you have ever come to a gym in a rush hour, you probably know how difficult it is to find free exercise equipment for workout. With rowing machine at home you won’t face such problems anymore. Take your pick among best 5 rowing machines reviewed below!

Best Treadmills
What's the best way to lose weight? Most people would say that it's cardio-intense exercises and they won't be wrong. However, the weather often dictates its own rules, preventing us from walking/jogging outside when we want, which is why purchasing a treadmill for home use can be a good solution. On this list, you will see the five best treadmills, so take your pick and start reaching your goals.
Elliptical Machines
Best Elliptical Machines

Elliptical machines can simulate walking, running or hill climbing. They are perfect for working out your body, being much lighter on joints than treadmills. Hence, we propose you to choose one of the best elliptical machines available on the market. Just do it!

Best Elliptical Bikes for Effective Workouts
Bring the gym experience into your home and increase your overall fitness with one of these combo machines. They provide effective workouts while keeping an impact on your bones and joints as low as possible.
Bike Trainers
Best Bike Trainers

If you're training for a sport event or just trying to keep a regular riding schedule, an indoor bike trainer can be a valuable tool for you. We've reviewed 5 best indoor bike trainers that will help you keep fit and be healthy. So pick the one that suits you best!

Balance Ball Chairs
Best Balance Ball Chairs
Tired of slouching in your office chair? Looking for a model to sit properly and maintain the correct posture? Try a balance ball chair! Keeping your spine aligned when you sit, it is also a good way to perform some simple exercises and tone your core muscles. Our review will help you swap your office chair for a stability ball model!
Weight Benches
Best Weight Benches for a Full-Body Workout at Home
Any home gym is not complete without a good workout bench. So, what is it about this exercise equipment that people around the world appreciate so much? Designed for a variety of exercises, a weight bench allows you to tone, strengthen, and sculpt your bicep, chest, ab, and back muscles. Here's a quick rundown of the best benches to consider when shopping around.
Best Weight Bench Sets for Your Home Gym
Keeping your muscles in good shape is essential if you want a healthy body. But not everybody has the time to go to a gym and a weight bench set is a popular solution. These workout kits will help you stay fit in the comfort of your own home.
Smith Machines
Best Smith Machines to Develop Iron Muscles
Are you dreaming about shredded body but don’t have time to visit a gym? Why not giving a Smith machine a try? Designed for personal use, this exercise equipment will make your dream come true in the comfort of your home. We’ve reviewed 5 best machines to help you make the right choice.
Home Gyms
Best Home Gym for a Full-body Workout
No more crowds for a machine, no more people watching you, no more gym membership fees. That’s the beauty of a home gym! A complete multi gym can help you create the body you want in the comfort of your own home. So, make a pick and start training when you want and the way you want it!
Best Power Towers
A power tower will allow you to tune and develop upper body and abdominal muscles without ever leaving your house. The best power tower will let you strengthen a surprisingly large number of different muscle groups without investing in a whole bunch of exercise equipment.
Stepper Mini
Best Mini Steppers for Cardio Workouts
The benefits of using a stepper are endless. It can simulate stair climbing exercise to help you burn calories, strengthen your legs, tone your muscles, improve cardiovascular health and build up stamina. However, only with a mini stepper, you can exercise where you want and how you want. Reading a book? Working at your office desk? Give your legs a brief exercise session!
Slide Boards
Best Slide Boards for a Killer At-Home Workout
Speed and agility training are the key factors in any sport. Whatever sport you do, you will need to develop some degree of lateral movement first. This is where a slide board will come in handy, helping you train your muscles and prepare them for more dynamic workouts. If you ponder purchasing a slide board but aren't sure which one to choose, look through our review and make your choice.
Ab Machines
Best Ab Machines to Give Your Core a Trim
Dream about a coveted perfect six-pack? Or simply want to strengthen your core muscles? Whatever your goal, an ab machine is the best exercise equipment for that purpose. It will help you train your abs in the right way and a comfortable manner. So, check our reviews to get one of the best ab machines for your home gym.
Best Leg Curl Machines for Home Workout
Want to make your legs, hips, and buttocks curvier at home? What you need is a leg curl machine. This amazing piece of equipment can help you make your legs stronger and achieve the shape you're craving for. And all that in the comfort of your own home!
Best Roman Chairs
A Roman chair is sometimes referred to as a hyperextension bench. However, that's not entirely the case. Yes, most people use it for the aforementioned exercise. But it is a versatile machine that any commercial or residential gym would benefit from.
Hand Strengtheners
Best Hand Grippers
A hand gripper, also known as a hand strengthener, is an effective tool for increasing grip strength, building forearm muscles, and developing various muscle groups. That, in turn, will improve your sports performance, athletic abilities, and prevent injuries.
Exercise Trampolines
Best Exercise Trampolines
An exercise trampoline combines the health and fitness benefits of exercise (hence the "exercise" part) with the fun and joy of bouncing around a trampoline. The best exercise trampoline will allow you to target a wide range of muscle groups and improve yourself in numerous areas.
Gymnastic Bars
Best Gymnastics Bars for Home Use
Gymnastics bars are there to help your kid train and develop advanced motor skills. These gymnastics bars for home use will be able to easily catch and hold your gymnast on hip circles, casts, kips, and more.
Best Barbells for Your Workouts
If you are serious about growing your muscle strength and shaping your body, a barbell will become your best friend. This simple yet highly efficient piece of sports equipment will come in handy both at home and in the gym. And our selection of the best barbells will help you choose the right tool to start your barbell training.