Yard Care Tools

Best Electric Chainsaws

A chainsaw is an essential tool for any person who owns some land. And if you need it to keep your garden neat, you can use an eco-friendly and exhaust-free electric chainsaw. We have compared lots of the best electric chainsaws and shortlisted 5 most popular of them!

Best Gas Chainsaws for Limbing, Bucking, and Felling Trees

A chainsaw is a versatile tool currently used by various specialists, including lumbermen, builders, rescuers and even sculptors. If you own a country house or a farmstead, you sorely need the chainsaw. We picked 5 best chainsaws and reviewed them to help you choose the right model.

Lawn Mowers
Best Lawn Mowers

When the hot season comes, the owners of private houses take care about their yards. The fast-growing grass creates a nuisance and you need to trim it to keep the good look of your lawn. Take it easy, the lawn mower will help. We reviewed 5 best lawn movers to help you pick the right one.

Best Riding lawn mowers

 In some sense, a lawn is a face of your yard. For keeping it groomed, you should purchase a riding lawn mower. Driving this device, you will be able to serve large areas effortlessly. Read our review and choose the best model!

Best String Trimmers

Do you need to cut grass or weeds around the house, in the yard or garden? Then you surely need a string trimmer! We have picked 5 best string trimmers so that you can make the right choice.

Best Hedge Trimmers

If you have a green hedge, you surely have to trim it to make it look tidy. You can either use pruning shears and spend a lot of time and efforts or you can solve your problem by using a hedge trimmer. We have reviewed 5 best hedge trimmers to help you select the right model.

Tillers & Cultivators
Best Tillers and Cultivators

Many of us have summer houses and vegetable gardens. Naturally, every season we need to cultivate the ground for seeding and planting. Tilling with a shovel is laborious and takes a lot of time. Here comes the tiller! We reviewed 5 best models to help you make the right choice.

Best Snow Shovels

Streets covered with snow make a great scenery but are a real trouble for people. Nowadays, we can make the process of removing snow faster and more convenient owing to the snow shovels. In this review, we would like to bring to your attention 5 best models available on the market.

Pressure Washers
Best Pressure Washers

With a vast variety of pressure washers on the market, it may be quite problematic to make a final decision and choose the one. We’ve picked the top 5 pressure washers for your review so that you can find an ideal match for your personal demands.

Best Electric Pressure Washers

Still cleaning your patio and sidewalks using a garden hose? Stop it! Spruce up every corner of your outside space with an electric pressure washer. Everything would shine out and the cleaning chore will be done several times faster. An electric pressure washer will take a load off your hands.

Best Step Ladders

If you are sick and tired of balancing on a chair in an effort to get something from the top shelf or need a ladder to perform repair jobs, we readily provide 5 best step ladders to you for your consideration. So, "reach any peak" in your house while standing steadily on a ladder.

Best Extension Ladders
Using an extension ladder is the safest and most comfortable way to accomplish home improvement jobs and repairs. Designed to be lightweight, the extension ladder offers users incredible versatility of use. If you've been on the outlook for a ladder, choose one from our selection.
Backpack Sprayers
Best Backpack Sprayers

Tired of spending hours watering your plants with a garden hose? Don’t want to cope with inconvenient water cans while fertilizing trees? 5 best backpack sprayers handpicked below can keep you out of this trouble.

Leaf Vacuums
Best Leaf Vacuums to Clean Your Yard in Minutes

If you have your own yard or garden, you know that taking care of it isn't a very pleasant experience, especially in fall when tons of leaves cover the ground. With one of 5 best leaf vacuums reviewed below, you'll forget about brooms and rakes and will keep the adjoining area neat easily.

Brush Cutters
Best Brush Cutters

If you need to cut thick grass in awkward places or trim undergrowth and saplings in your yard, a brush cutter is just what you need! Our review of 5 best brush cutters will certainly help you find the model you need.

Best Mulchers

After admiring fall's colors, you still have to clean up the leaves. Is there an eco-friendly way to get rid of those huge piles of garden waste? Try one of these wonderful mulcher to tidy up your garden and fertilize the soil. It will thank you in spring!

Tree Pruner
Best Tree Pruners: Find Your Shears to Add to Your Garden Tools
Pruners are one of the most widely used gardening tools around the world. With their help, it's possible to improve the quality of the trees, increase the yield of fruit, and maintain the health of the plants. Pruners attached to long poles are even more popular. Easy-to-handle and maneuver as they are, they won't strain your back and will enable you to extend to the highest branches. In our review, we present to you a selection of 5 most popular pruning shears available on the market, so you can find a suitable tool for your specific needs.
Hose Reels
Best Hose Reels for Kink and Hassle-Free Hose Storage
Tired of constantly tripping over your garden hose lying in your backyard? The hose reel will help you store it neatly in one place without kinking or tangling. It can also increase the hose service life up to 3 times! So, take a look at these awesome products right here.
Lawn Aerators
Best Lawn Aerators for a Beautiful and Healthy Lawn
Maintaining a nice-looking lush green lawn is not an easy job. It might take you quite a lot of time and effort unless you use the right gardening tools. With a lawn aerator, however, you will manage to complete this task faster. It can easily break through the compacted soil to promote fertilizers absorption, decrease water runoff, and let your lawn breathe. Given below are the 5 top-rated dethatchers that can help you take care of your lawn and promote its healthier growth.


Leaf Cleaning
Best Leaf Blowers

You love your yard neat and clean, but have no time (or desire) to take a rake and spend all day cleaning out leaves? A leaf blower will help you with these and other tasks in your yard. Look through our review and choose the best one for yourself.

Best Backpack Blowers to Clean Your Lawn
Autumn is a beautiful season but it covers your yard with a carpet of yellow leaves, so think of a reliable assistant for removing them. We've selected the best backpack blowers so you can pick the one matching your needs!
Snow Cleaning
Best Snow Blowers

When there's a lot of snow, you have to start your day from picking up a shovel and cleaning the sidewalks near your home. Is it the time to find a modern and effective way to do that? Of course, it is and you need a snow blower! We will tell you how to choose the right equipment.

Best Gas Snow Blowers

You can clear the snow from your driveway and around your house with a shovel as a part of your fitness program. But you'd better leave a workout for a gym and buy a snow blower to deal with the snow. This review includes some of the best gas snow blowers available on the market this winter!