Best Waist Trimmers to Flatten Your Tummy

Review & Comparison, Last Update September 8, 2019
If you want to double the effect of your workouts, you're at the right place. The waist trimmer will make you sweat more to help you burn more fat by keeping your core temperature high. It's time to get rid of that stubborn bellly fat. Get one of the best waist trimmer belts and enjoy the results! ...Read more ...Read less
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The set includes a sample of Sweet Sweat Gel that will help you achieve a better sauna effect and, thus, speed up the fat burning process.


The carrying bag is of poor quality.


Are you dreaming about having a beautiful, slender waist but exhausting workouts don't bring positive results? Then get this slimming belt, and you will notice progress after just a few visits to a gym!

detailed parameters
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Neoprene, Polyester


S: 35" length x 8" width (for up to 33" waist)

M: 41" length x 8" width (for up to 38" waist)

L: 44" length x 9" width (for up to 40" waist)

XL: 51" length x 10" width (for up to 49" waist)

XXL: 60" length x 10" width (for up to 58" waist)


Stitched edges, Double velcro closure, Textured grid inner lining, Carrying bag, Sweet Sweat sample gel included


Amazon's 30-day return policy


A unique dual fixation fastening system prevents the belt from slipping even during intense workouts.


The logo wears out over time.


This waist cincher with a reinforced tummy panel and 4 bones will ensure a good all-around support. The belt not only increases sweating but also improves posture and prevents back injuries during workouts.

detailed parameters
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Neoprene, Polyester, Latex


S: 35" length x 9" width (for up to 28" waist)

M: 39" length x 9" width (for up to 32" waist)

L: 43" length x 9" width (for up to 36" waist)

XL: 46" length x 9.5" width (for up to 39" waist)

XXL: 50" length x 9.5" width (for up to 43" waist)


Stitched edges, Double velcro closure


Amazon's 30-day return policy


Thanks to the unique MoistureLock ™ technology, the belt repels sweat much better than other similar models.


You'll need to clean it after each use.


The TNT weight loss belt is the #1 choice among customers worldwide. It boasts an extra-wide design for maximum support and an inner grid for superior heat insulation. Ready to sweat like crazy?

detailed parameters
Best For



Neoprene, Polyester, Nylon


XS: 32" length x 8" width (for up to 32" stomach)

S: 34" length x 9" width (for up to 34" stomach)

M: 44" length x 9" width (for up to 44" stomach)

L: 51" length x 10" width (for up to 51" stomach)

XL: 60" length x 10" width (for up to 60" stomach)

XXL: 65" length x 10.5" width (for up to 65" stomach


Anti-Slip Moisture Lock technology, Stitched edges, Velcro closure


Amazon's 30-day return policy


This is a unisex belt that has one-size-fits-most design and can be adjusted for waists up to 50".


The stitching is somewhat lacking in quality.


This wide Gold's Gym waist trimmer is very flexible and almost invisible under clothes. You can easily wear it throughout a day to burn some extra calories while doing household chores.

detailed parameters
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Neoprene, Polyester


50" length x 8" width (for up to 50" waist)


Stitched edges, Velcro closure


Amazon's 30-day return policy


The pierced fabric boasts high strength, flexibility, and breathability. Thus, you can wear the belt for a long while with no discomfort.


The belt runs small, so it's better to choose a larger size.


The FeelinGirl belt not only promotes quick weight loss but also makes you look slimmer instantly. 4 acrylic bones ensure a good lumbar support and give your body a sexy hourglass shape.

detailed parameters
Best For



Neoprene, Polyester


S: 34" length x 9" width (for up to 28" stomach)

M: 38" length x 9" width (for up to 31" stomach)

L: 42" length x 9" width (for up to 35" stomach)

XL: 46" length x 9" width (for up to 38" stomach)

XXL: 50" length x 9" width (for up to 42" stomach)

One Size: 40" length x 8.6" width (for up to 34" stomach)


Stitched edges, Double velcro closure


Amazon's 30-day return policy

Sports Research Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer

The Best Fitness Belt

The Sweet Sweat waist trimmer is the #1 choice for effective weight-loss. It does exactly what it promises. Made of latex-free neoprene, it rapidly increases your core temperature and makes you sweat like a crazy. And when you sweat, you not only lose water weight but also burn more calories. Actually, it takes your body a lot of energy to sweat, much more energy than you might think. Plus, the increased sweating is good not only for weight loss purposes. It can help your body get rid of toxins. So, using this belt regularly will ensure a powerful and effective detoxification.

This exercise belt is designed for workout sessions, thus, it's very soft, comfortable, and flexible. It will stay put even during intense exercises. Yet, it won't restrict your movements or interfere with your flexibility. The trimmer has a non-slip inner surface that perfectly repels moisture and limits bunching. And the durable overlock stitching won't chafe your skin.

The trimmer has a unisex design and comes in Small, Middle, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large sizes to suit waists up to 60". The Sweet Sweat belt can be easily adjusted to your shape and size and provide a snug fit. Simply stretch it around your midsection and secure the Velcro closure. It sits well and the Velcro doesn't scratch the skin like many other trimmers do. This belt is not bulky, so you can wear it under your clothes. It's pretty discreet and can visually slim you down. It's supplied in a breathable carrying bag, which is a nice touch. Overall, if you want to increase sweating during exercising, detoxify your body, and flatten your tummy area as quickly as possible, the Sweet Sweat exercise belt is the best bet.

Review of Sports Research Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer for Men & Women, Pink Logo

A Nice Addition

The trimmer comes with a sample of amazing Sweet Sweat "workout enhancer” gel. The gel can increase circulation in your slow-to-respond problem areas. Just apply it before every workout and enjoy the results. It will not only enhance the portable sauna effect but also improve circulation and encourage muscle activity during exercising. Additionally, it effectively fights muscle fatigue and prevents injuries like shin splints, pulls, and strains. The gel has a clean fresh scent and is made of all-natural ingredients including Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, and Vitamin E. Therefore, the gel is very gentle on skin and causes no allergies. It has no harmful side effects and may be used as often as you like. Using it with the Sweet Sweat trimmer will give you a killer combo to sweat out more calories and melt fat faster.

Sports Research Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer for Men & Women, Pink Logo in the use


YIANNA Waist Trimmer Belt

Not Just for Fitness

The YIANNA Waist shaper is a versatile belt that is great for all activities, from weight lifting and jogging to shopping and hanging out with friends. As soon as you wear the belt, you'll get instant results. It can visually slim you down and help you get rid of extra inches in your midsection. The belt is easy to put on and thanks to a Velcro closure, you can loosen or tighten it as you want. The belt is especially useful for the postpartum period. It can not only support post-pregnancy muscles and organs but also flatten your tummy. Along with dieting and a good workout plan, it will do wonders, shrinking your waist and lower tummy back.

The waist cincher is made of breathable and soft fabric. The cincher is very stretchy and comfortable yet it provides a lot of support and compression. This belt has four reinforced bones in the back with stretchy fabric in between. Thus, it gives support to your lumbar region and stops your back from injuries while working out. It also improves posture and helps you perform different exercises correctly. The trimmer is pretty thick and covers most of your stomach. Two smaller belts that come from its sides are very flexible and can compress you in the middle for that sexy curves. It can really make your waist look tiny.

This waist trimmer belt for women works as you would expect. It boosts thermal activity and increases perspiration during workouts. However, it doesn't seem to hold the sweat build up. It absorbs the sweat and keeps the moisture away from your skin. Therefore, if you need a comfortable slimming belt that you can use daily while exercising or just running errands, the YIANNA waist trimmer can give you the compression you're striving for.

Review of YIANNA Waist Trimmer Belt Back Support Adjustable Abdominal Elastic Waist

Superior Fit

The YIANNA Waist slimmer is one of the most comfortable models out there. It is suitable for all types of body shape. The wrap snugly goes around your waist and is reliably secured with a large Velcro band. There are two durable Velcro straps which cinch your waist, framing it into an hourglass shape. The Velcro straps are pretty large and when you lose some weight (of course, you will), you will be able to tighten the belt and wear it for a long time after. Once you put it on, you'll see immediate results. Your waist will appear much curvier and sexier. You can wear this tummy trimmer either above or under your clothing. Under the baggy garments, the trimmer will be almost invisible. You can wear it not only in the gym but also when you're just going out.

YIANNA Waist Trimmer Belt Back Support Adjustable Abdominal Elastic Waist in the use


TNT Pro Series TNT-BELT-1

Rated #1

The TNT Pro Series belt was rated #1 Ab Waist Trimmer in 2016 for a good reason. This belt does a stellar job, allowing you to "sweat more and burn more". Your stomach and back will be dripping with sweat during your fitness workouts. The belt is produced from latex-free neoprene, it creates a “portable sauna effect” for your belly to melt excess calories and sweat away toxins. It's the only sauna belt that uses Anti-Slip Grid technology that prevents bunching, slipping, and sliding during vigorous workouts. The interior will repel sweat and moisture to prevent bacteria build up. So, no stinky smell will get trapped inside after exercising. The cleanup is easy - just wipe it down after each use and leave it to air dry.

The belt has an extra-wide design and covers a lot more than other waist trainer belts. It hugs your abs, torso, and lower back equally well. Thanks to a fully adjustable Velcro closure, you can choose a comfortable level of compression for your shape. Except boosting thermal activity around your midsection, the belt keeps all your core tight, helping you maintain good posture and alleviating back pains for lifting weights. So, if you need a light support for your workouts, this one will fit the bill. The only thing to note is that the belt is pretty thick and might limit your flexibility while you're bending. Thanks to this sturdy design, it'll neither roll down nor bunch up of your belly. The belt always keeps your tummy tucked in. No matter whether you want to lose weight, slimmer your waist, flatten your tummy after a delivery, or just get a moderate lumbar support for doing some exercises, the TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer will come in handy.

Review of TNT Pro Series TNT-BELT-1 Waist Trimmer Weight Loss Ab Belt

Buy Two and Get Three!

TNT Pro Series offers you an amazing offer. If you purchase two TNT slimming belts, you can get the third one absolutely for free! You just need to add three belts to your cart and enter the coupon code "1TNTFREE" at checkout. You can mix and match colors and sizes as you wish. The belt is available in a vast variety of sizes (from X-Small to XX-Large), which allows you to get one extra belt for yourself and one belt as a gift for your loved one. Also, you can choose Black/Yellow and Black/Pink belt designs. For sure, your close people will appreciate the gift like this.

TNT Pro Series TNT-BELT-1 Waist Trimmer Weight Loss Ab Belt in the use

Additional Info



Gold's Gym Waist Trimmer

Extra wide

The Gold's Gym 8" Wide fitness band is just awesome for its price. It's manufactured from a soft rubber foam material that increases the temperature around your midsection and makes you sweat more. If you need something inexpensive to sweat off extra inches of your waist to get that lean, chiseled look you crave for, this slimming belt is a worthy choice.

Best of all, this waist trainer belt is a unisex model that has one-size-fits-most design and can be adjusted for waists up to 50 inches in circumference. The band is 8-inch wide, giving you the maximum coverage and extra core support. You can wear this belt throughout a day while you're doing regular activities such as washing up, watching TV, vacuuming, etc. It can not only help you reduce belly fat but also temporarily slimmer your waist. If you're going out, you can wear the Gold's Gym waist trimmer under your clothing to get a flatter belly. However, remember that this waist trimmer (just like other models) can only make you lose some belly fat and water. It can't tone your abdominal muscles. Only in conjunction with exercises, you'll be able to get "steel" abs and a sexy, slim waist.

Review of Gold's Gym Waist Trimmer 8" Wide

Top Exercises to Slim Your Waist and Sculpt the Obliques

To get that perfect slim waist and abs, we recommend you to do the following exercises, wearing the Gold's Gym slimming belt:

  1. Bicycle crunches. They work out your abs and make you move constantly, thus, increasing your heart rate and burning more calories.
  2. Side bends. They can help you sculpt both internal and external obliques. And by holding dumbbells when doing side bends, you can achieve even faster results.
  3. Heel touchers. This exercise can help you tighten side ab wall and cinch your waist for a perfect hourglass shape.
  4. Russian twist. It engages your core and targets ab muscles as well as lower back muscles. This exercise also improves stability, balance, and posture.
  5. Side crunches. They are perfect for sculpting side ab walls and strengthening obliques. They also help you define your waist and give you a curvier body.
  6. Side plank hip lifts. This exercise activates obliques and builds core strength. It works out your deep abdominal muscles and shrinks your waistline.
  7. Waist slimmer squats. They strengthen your core and give you a cardio boost to help you melt away more belly fat and reveal your waistline.
Gold's Gym Waist Trimmer 8" Wide in the use


FeelinGirl LB4714

Feel Good Wearing the FeelinGirl Body Shaper

The FeelinGirl Women's Waist Trainer provides an amazing fit, support, and compression. It's so slim and stretchy that you can wear it while doing housework, working at your office, hanging out with friends, walking your dog, and, of course, while exercising in a gym. In addition to slimming your waist, it really helps with a proper posture. It will make you sit up straight and pull your stomach in. You can wear it both under or over your clothes. The trimmer is available in 6 stylish designs to suit your sports outfit best. Also, you can choose one of 5 sizes, from Small to XX-large. However, the belt runs a bit small. So, whatever size you think you are, we recommend you to buy a belt of a larger size.

Made of high-quality breathable mesh fabric, this waist slimmer is very lightweight and comfortable. It'll cover your entire stomach and back areas, still, giving you a full range of motion. You'll be able to move freely during fast-paced studio classes and Zumba. With 4 reinforced acrylic bones, it gives great lumbar support and is excellent for squats and deadlifts. It doesn't leave scratches or bruises and feels very comfy with no rolling up or down.

Like other waist trainers, this one encourages sweating in your mid-section and dehydrates the crepes out of your waistline. Once you put it on, you'll get a trim stomach right away. Thanks to a sturdy double-adjustment Velcro, you can adjust the belt for a more tailored fit and an hourglass figure. Simply wrap this trimmer belt around your belly, strap up, and feel much sexier.

Review of FeelinGirl LB4714 Women's Waist Trainer Belt

How to Maintain the FeelinGirl Waist Trimmer

  • Since the FeelinGirl waist belt is made of rubber fabric and has an acrylic boning, it requires hand wash only;
  • Wash it by hands with a fabric softener for delicate fabrics at a temperature not higher than 80-85 degrees F;
  • Don't use bleach, stain removers and other chemical agents;
  • When rinsing, be careful with the Velcro fastener;
  • After washing, don't squeeze the trimmer out;
  • Let the product to air dry. If you dry it outdoors, keep it away from direct sunlight.
FeelinGirl LB4714 Women's Waist Trainer Belt in the use


What Is a Waist Trimmer?

A waist trimmer is typically a neoprene waist garment that holds the heat around your abdominal area to stimulate perspiration at your core and to create a sauna effect. This helps sweat off water weight from your waist area and burn fatty tissues in the long run. When exercising, our body releases the heat but a waist trainer keeps that heat to melt away more calories. In other words, a waist trimmer belt boosts our metabolic rate, so we can burn twice more calories during workouts. Also, it doubles as a lower back support which helps with your posture, alleviates back problems, and prevents injuries. Waist trimmers can be worn not only in a gym but also while you're running, walking, cycling, playing basketball or football, doing yoga or pilates, and carrying out everyday tasks. We have reviewed only the best waist trimmers available on the market to narrow down your choice.

However, if you want to get immediate results by cutting inches off your waist, you might be interested in a waist corset. It's much stiffer, and once you wear it, you'll get a sexy hourglass figure you're dreaming of.

What Features to Compare

When choosing the best waist trimmer, consider the following factors:


Since a waist slimmer will wrap your abdominal section and make you sweat, it’s pretty important to choose the comfortable materials. The majority of trimmers are made of neoprene. This fabric is a kind of synthetic rubber which is quite comfortable, durable, lightweight, and can perfectly compress your skin and increase your core temperature. Neoprene material can be easily cleaned as well. However, neoprene might cause allergy, so if you have a sensitive skin, you should look for trimmers with the inner layer made of natural hypoallergenic cotton.


Waist cinchers feature Velcro straps, metal hooks, or zippers as fasteners. Whatever model you go with, make sure it has a durable fastening mechanism that will ensure the maximum compression and the longest lifespan possible. If the fastener is poor, the waist belt can easily tear because of the high compression. There are three main types of waist trimmers - elastic belts, corsets, and corset-vests. You can use belts under your clothing, while vests can be worn independently.

Sizing and Adjustability

Waist trimmers are available in different sizes and shapes, and the choice is really vast - from XX-Small to XXX-Large. Double-check the sizing chart and follow the guidelines from the manufacturer for measuring your waist. The best way to find out your size is to wrap a measuring tape around your waist and then measure the widest part of your torso. The trimmer should fit snugly but it shouldn't be too tight. If it's overly restrictive, you can experience discomfort and hardly breathe. And if it's too loose, it might roll up and rub your skin. That's why it's better to look for a belt that can be slightly adjusted to fit your body perfectly. The trimmers can be customized with Velcros, zippers, hooks and loops. Models with several rows of hooks and loops allow you to tighten a trimmer as snugly as you need, but you might need extra assistance. Belts with a zipper are good for you if you need just a little compression. Also, you can find trimmers which combine zippers with Velcros to make your workouts maximum efficient. You'll be able to switch between a zipper and Velcro for various types of exercises.

Did you know?

The tiniest waist in the world

Cathie Jung (USA, b. 1937) has the smallest waist in the world. She is 5' 8" tall and has a corseted waist of just 15". When un-corseted, her waist makes 21 in". At the age of 38, she started wearing a 6-inch slimming belt to reduce her 26-inch waist. She has never undergone any surgery to slimmer her waist.

Are you satisfied with your body?

A mind-boggling fact that only about 3% of women in the world are happy with their body!

Abs exercises aren't enough

If you want to get a sexy six-pack, it's important to mix various exercises. Core-strengthening exercises alone won't slim your waist. You can get stronger ab muscles but they will be hidden under your belly fat. To reveal your abs, you have to train all major muscle groups, do cardio workouts, and stick to a healthy diet.

Workout sweat vs Stress sweat

Unbelievable, but there is a huge difference between regular sweat and stress sweat. Workout sweat includes water, potassium, and salt. It helps cool your body down. Stress sweat consists of fatty acids and proteins. It doesn’t evaporate as fast as post-workout sweat.

Eating too much can also make you sweat!

This happens because when you eat, your metabolism boosts and increases your body temperature. So, your body sweats in order to cool down.

How much food do we consume?

On average, a person eats as many as 35 tons of food during his or her entire life.

Men sweat more

Men sweat 40% more than women. Moreover, they have a slightly saltier sweat.

Waist trainers can't cause health problems!

There is a popular misbelief that tight waist trimmers and corsets might misshapen your liver, force other internal organs to shift around, and promote scoliosis. However, these diseases have absolutely other causes. Still, we don't recommend you to compress your waist too snugly and wear trimmers for an extended period of time. If you fit a waist trainer too tightly, you can disrupt your esophagus and diaphragm. Too much strain can lead to heartburn and discomfort.

Strong core protects against injuries

Different studies show that strong ab muscles can help prevent various injuries. Researchers tracked 120 soldiers of the U.S. army during one year of training and found out that those soldiers who could do more situps during the standard fitness test were 5 times less likely to suffer from lower-body injuries.

The first six-pack abs on the screen caused a sensation

Today, a six-pack in a movie can hardly surprise anyone, however, the first Hollywood ab shot caused a real stir. Clark Gable bared his tummy in 1934, in the It Happened One Night movie.

You might not achieve exactly that type of six-pack you're dreaming of

Abdominal muscle sizes and shapes vary greatly depending upon genetics and some other factors. For example, you might have more defined and larger top ab muscles and smaller ab muscles in your lower region. The only way to find out what kind of ab muscle definition you have is to get a waist trimmer and get rid of the belly fat that hides your core muscles.

Women need more time to get a six-pack ab than men

Unfortunately, women's genetics differs. A woman's body needs more fat to function properly. Therefore, if a woman wants to obtain definition in her abdominal region, she will need to work harder.


Q: What diet should I follow during my waist training program?
A: You shouldn't necessarily stick to a specific diet, you just need to eat healthily. We suggest that you eat more protein and fiber. These nutrients will fill you up longer than carbohydrates will. By eating more protein, you will automatically reduce the amount of carbs you consume. Your plate should consist of protein (meat, fish, eggs) and vegetables (especially beneficial for your health are high-fiber varieties). Also, try to never skip breakfast. Various studies show that those people who skip breakfast are 4.5 times more prone to obesity. A healthy breakfast is the best way to boost your metabolism. Needless to say, you should avoid or at least cut down on junk food. It's usually high in carbohydrates and full of sodium. If you can't skip going to a fast-food restaurant with your friends, eat wisely. Order a salad of vegetables and protein without high-calorie dressing. Also, avoid drinking soda and other sweetened beverages. Drink water or tea instead.

Q: What is a waist training and how to start it?
A: Waist cinchers have been used for thousands of years, and not just for fashion. Of course, it instantly makes your waist look much slimmer, but also it increases perspiration during any physical activity. You can wear it not only to maximize your workouts but also to sweat away calories while you're running errands or spending time with friends. However, the "safe time" is no more than 10 hours. Wear a trimmer for 2 hours on the first day, use it for 4 hours the next day, then increase the time up to 6 hours. By day 4 you need to wear it for 8 hours. You can stop here or try wearing the trimmer for 9 - 10 hours on the following days. Of course, don't skip using a trimmer during each workout.

Q: When will I see the positive results?
A: It depends on how much you wear it, your diet, your workout routine, lifestyle, and your shape when you start. If you eat healthily and train regularly, the results won't take you long.

Q: Can I sleep in a waist trainer?
A: Definitely, no! Your body needs a break from this compression garment.

Q: What exercises can be helpful in getting a tiny waist and a six-pack?
A: First of all, you should exercise regularly. Try to give your body a full workout at least 3-4 days a week and set aside 2 hours for cardio training. The most effective abs exercises include waist crunches and twists, side bends, bicycle crunches, situps, pushups, and plank. As for cardio workouts, running on a treadmill or pedaling on an exercise bicycle can help you blast off the biggest amount of calories possible. However, if you don't like these activities, you can substitute them with dancing, aerobics, or jumping with a rope.


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