Hand Tools

Best Multi Tools

We never know what might happen through our day and what tool might break at the most inconvenient time. Sometimes repairing it can wait. But sometimes it can't. That's where a multi-tool is handy. A fast repair, and you proceed using things multi tool seemed unusable only minutes ago

Best Screwdrivers and Screwdriver Sets

Are you a handyman or a mechanic in need of a screwdriver to cope with any assembly or disassembly? Then, you certainly need a helpful tool called a screwdriver! We have reviewed 5 best screwdrivers and screwdriver sets to help you take the best pick!

Best Multimeters

When dealing with electric equipment in any way we consider a multimeter, which is a tool capable of measuring various electric and thermal parameters an indispensable device. We offer you to check a helpful buying guide that contains the comparison of  5 best multimeter models available.

Best Soldering Irons

Do you need to repair some electronics? Are you a student working on a cutting-edge project? Dealing with electronics requires a soldering iron! This small device will help you solder wires and components. Read our review of the best soldering irons and choose the one you need.

Best Staple Guns

When it comes to upholstery or tacking sheet materials, a staple gun is far ahead of other tools. We have examined top 5 staple guns so that you can choose one of them for household or professional use!

Best Torque Wrenches

Sometimes the tightness of bolts is crucial for a flawless operation of mechanisms. But how to measure the right torque? It's simple if you use a torque wrench. So, pick one of the best torque wrenches from our review and tighten any fastener with the maximum precision!

Best Laser Measurers

Are you a home owner who no longer finds a tape measure handy? Maybe, you are an experienced professional who looks for an expert advice to choose from a variety of laser measurers! Our review will help any interested reader make up his mind!

Best Non-contact Laser Infrared Thermometers

Do you need to measure the temperature of electrical or mechanical equipment? Use a cutting-edge infrared thermometer! This small tool is the simplest way to monitor temperature without even contacting the object. We have selected 5 most advanced IR thermometers to make your choice a cakewalk!

Best Moisture Meters

If you're engaged in woodworking, you're likely to need a moisture meter. This small inexpensive device can save you a lot of trouble and help make all wooden projects stable and worth a hundred dollars. Don't mess up in the lumberyard, get a moisture meter and run quick tests yourself.

Best Stud Finders

If you’re hanging pictures, shelves or mirrors, you want to know where the wall studs are since there is no reason for drilling a hole in a drywall. The best tool for detecting a stud or metallic items in a wall is a stud finder. It will not only show you the exact location of a wall's frame but will also prevent hitting electrical wires.

Best Magnifying Glasses

A magnifying glass is a common accessory people use to work with tiny projects like circuitry, jewelry, embroidery, etc. If you are looking for a magnifier too, we’d like to offer you to read our review and choose one from the list below.

Best Sound Level Meters

Noise can be a potential hazard in most jobs. It also can be plainly discomforting. With the help of sound level meters, you can easily measure the noise level in your environment to see if it reaches a critical level. Read our review to find the most suitable device for your needs.

Best Digital Calipers for Precision Measurements

If you need a high-accuracy size measuring device, choose a digital caliper without a qualm. Here is the digital calipers review, so you can make your choice.

Best Wire Strippers for All Types of Cables

This is a kind of strippers that you don't have to throw tips at in order to see things naked. These hot models can effortlessly skin all kind of cords and wires for you in a matter of seconds.

Best Riveters: Top Picks From Different Suppliers

If your jobs or project requires pop riveting, then you do need to get yourself a good rivet gun. In our review, you'll find the selection of the best riveting tools we've handpicked for you to save your time on research.

Best Dovetail Jigs for Flawless Joints

If you need to join two pieces of wood together without fasteners, dovetailing is the best way. We suggest reading our dovetail jigs review to make an informed and optimal choice.


Best Spirit Levels Hints and Tips for Measuring

Are you still leveling everything at your place by eye? Stop! Add a spirit level to your collection of tools and be sure that the paintings and bookshelves hang on a level and every item in your home is aligned.