Product Comparison: Logitech G502 Proteus Core vs Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

General Specifications
G502 Proteus Core
G502 Proteus Spectrum (910-004615)
About the Product
AS UNIQUE AS YOU. Every gamer dominates differently. G502 Proteus Core is designed to let you mod it with unparalleled levels of customization. Elevate your game with surface tuning calibration, weight/balance adjustment, DPI shifting, and 11 programmable buttons. Make Proteus Core yours, and then go make the competition yours.
G502 features our most advanced optical sensor for maximum tracking accuracy. Customize RGB lighting or sync it with other Logitech G products, set up custom profiles for your games, adjust sensitivity from 200 up to 12,000 DPI* and position five 3.6 g weights for just the right balance and feel. No matter your gaming style, it’s easy to tweak Proteus Spectrum to match you.
Key Specs
12000 dpi
12000 dpi
Sensor Type
Number of Buttons
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse with Fully Customizable Surface
  • G502's sensor is amazing. DPI goes up to 12,000, but I only use 2500. The sensor does feel precise and I don't notice any acceleration. Other people have tested this and note zero acceleration.
  • It tracks like a madman, has absolutely no noticeable acceleration (what I would consider a "perfect sensor", comparable to the G402).
  • The core sensor is very accurate and predictable (Infrared optical, so no red light)
  • Sniper button, I was gonna buy the corsair vengence but this mouse was on like 95% of all the gaming mouse reviews
  • The wheel may take a bit to get used to, being all that heavy and with 2 modes, but after that, it's good.
Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Gaming Mouse
  • I like this mouse quite a bit, the buttons are in a perfect spot for my grip and the DPI levels are easy to change.
  • I like the FPS throttle button that raises your DPI insanely high for last minute head shot targeting (Or buttons or whatever)
  • A nice flow of buttons including one exclusively for swapping profiles (DPI). Hot swappable DPI is a game changer for first person shooters with a sniping mode.
  • I really like this mouse. Being able to adjust your dpi on it with three different settings to quickly change your dpi is very useful. The overall feel of the mouse is comfortable
  • I am forced to play games with an extremely high DPI because no matter what I do the Logitech Gaming Software does not detect mouse, which means I cannot change DPI settings. Windows says the mouse has an unsigned driver. And from doing research, a lot of people are having the same problem.
  • After a few months of using it, it started breaking. The right click is sticking, and sometimes not being recognized and the dpi change button is sunk in. its a great mouse that broke wayy to quickly for me to praise.
  • My only complaint is the scroll will is a little heavy.
Size & Weight
1.57 in.
1.57 in.
5.2 in.
5.2 in.
2.95 in.
2.95 in.
4.3 oz.
4.3 oz.
What customers say about "Size & Weight"
Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse with Fully Customizable Surface
  • The all medium human size hands fingers are gonna fit on this mouse except the very big hands people I own a Logitech G9x but this one fits so perfectly in your hand even for longest periods
  • Slightly more narrow than the G9. Side grip points are rubbery and feels great to grab on to. It is taller than the G9, but not enough to make a difference for my grip style. It is also technically longer than the G9, but most the extra length is due to the longer main 2 left/right mouse buttons.
  • The feel of this mouse is very comfortable, as my hand size is pretty much perfect for it, and the extra weights you can put in make a small but very noticeable difference.
  • The mouse size would be great for small to medium sized hands. It's fast, precise, and accurate.
  • Weight wise, the G502 weigh's at 168g and in the package the mouse comes with. There are 5 mouse weights that are 3.6g each.
Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Gaming Mouse
  • Great mouse, might be the best mouse. The ability to adjust the weight of the mouse makes it very nice to use.
  • I love this mouse. The weight is nice (and changeable to taste)
  • Includes weights for the mouse to set the drag to the level you like
  • The mouse looks great and with the ability to add the weights I added (all 4 weights) I was able to get a mouse that handled well, felt sturdy.
  • Only downside is the right edge of the mouse needs a little more build out for big hands. It can cause a little cramping over long play sessions with hands my size.
Connection Type
Cord Length
6 feet
6 feet
30 feet
What customers say about "Connection"
Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse with Fully Customizable Surface
  • BRAIDED CORD and it's thicker than Razer mouse braided cords (assuming the version you have comes with one I've only had the naga and the tiny gaming one)
  • Cable is braided, good length, has a velcro strap the moves up and down to keep things tidy. I used it to keep the keyboard and mouse cable together, and prevent any slack in the cord from dropping behind my desk, and hopefully preventing my mouse from falling off the front of my desk.
  • I like the braided nylon cord covering. It snags less than other cords.
  • The cord is nicely braided, it looks and feels strong.
  • The cord doesn't seem straightened (kind of ) so it might twist and lower performance or cease all together I hope it doesn't do that. I love this mouse so far...
Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Gaming Mouse
  • The cord is braided so that is a plus but it is really long
  • It has a nice sturdy cord and feels rugged.
  • The braided cord is nice for extra durability
  • The cord frayed and kinked Mouse works well and Gand feel is good
  • Only complaint is the shroud around the USB cord.. Once bent it tends to hold that shape or bend until manually straightened out. Leads to it looking very messy coming out of the laptop bag sometimes.
Mouse Type
Body Material
Plastic, Rubber Side Grips
Plastic, Rubber Side Grips
Number of Programmable Buttons
Personally-tuned performance, You control the weight and balance, In-game dpi shifting, Gaming-grade dual-mode, hyper-fast scroll wheel, 32-bit microcontroller, 3 on-board profiles, Improved keyplate design for better click feeling and performance
20M-click lifespan, Advanced Optical Sensor, Adjusted DPI (200 - 12000), Tunable weight and balance, Easy-to-program Logitech Gaming Software
What customers say about "Features"
Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse with Fully Customizable Surface
  • Quick DPI switching is nice and the rates can be adjusted with the software. You can also tune the mouse to the surface its on. The spinner wheel can be set to free wheel or have the notch positions.I can't stress enough how good this mouse is!
  • Logitech's gaming software allows for a great amount of customization, multiple profiles, as well as the ability to activate certain profiles when a certain application or game is running.
  • Pretty standard gaming mouse software... Pretty much identical to every other mouse I've had except the profiles are stored on the mouse itself which is great.
  • The blue LED matches my case perfectly.
  • My only gripe is that the LED isn't customizable to match my keyboard.
Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Gaming Mouse
  • Software makes it very easy to customize every setting on the mouse
  • It's surfaces have real rubber where it counts, and the plastic components are easy to wipe off. Good riddance to plastic coated over with rubberized paint!
  • Just as described. Love the different options available with 11 programmable buttons.
  • I already have my desktop running RGB on the motherboard, memory, case, keyboard and now a mouse. Looks great, fast response, and programmable buttons, everything I need. Response, weight, colors, etc are all programmable.
  • The only thing that would have been great with this mouse is if the scroll wheel had rubber tracks like the G900.
  • Needed the extra buttons for War Thunder gaming, but buttons can't be programmed without downloading software from Logitech's site, which wasn't available more than half the time I tried
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Manufacturer Warranty
3 year(s)
2 year(s)
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109.00 $
59.99 $

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