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Mouse Pads
Best Mouse Pads

The mouse pad is not only a bright accessory to liven your computer desk. Choose the right one and it will make your computer-related activities easier, more comfortable, and, what's more important, healthier. Make the best choice with our selection of mouse pads.

Best Extended Mouse Pads
With a regular mouse mat, you can always run out of the surface area and fail to deliver when it matters most. So get yourself an extended mouse pad in order to receive some additional comfort and improve your overall performance.
Best Joysticks
Nothing beats joysticks in action games, even more so in flight simulators. With a good flight stick, you will go sky-high. Literally albeit virtually. In this review, we discuss the benefits of the most popular simulator sticks.
Wrist Rests
Best Wrist Rests to Keep Away the Pain
If you spend considerable time working or playing games on a computer, you should protect yourself from the so-called repetitive strain injury. Consider our review of the 5 best comfortable, soft to the touch wrist rests that will help prevent fatigue of your wrists during long work at the computer and in addition will decorate your desktop.
Best Wireless Keyboards

Introduction of new gadgets is not only a fashionable trend, but a way to higher efficiency. In this review we're going to compare the most popular wireless bluetooth keyboards so that you're not bound to stay in the reach of a cable and is able to use it literally wherever you need. 

Best Ergonomic Keyboards

Nowadays, everyone wants to work comfortably on the computer. Ergonomic keyboards provide a convenient use and contribute to a long working process. In our ergonomic keyboard review, you can find the most popular and modern keypads. Undoubtedly, you will find the appropriate one.

Best Gaming Mice

Gamers need a lot: high performing hardware and a good wide-screen monitor, but a gaming mouse is also a crucial element of any gaming PC. A mouse device for a common user and the one for a gamer would differ a lot. We've reviewed many of them and shortlisted 5 best gaming mouse devices!

Best Trackball Mouses

A trackball mouse is a type of a computer mouse that looks as if you have turned your mouse upside-down. They bring many benefits to their user, and in many fields too, from convenience to health related issues. Here we offer you a review of five trackball mice we consider the best.

Racing Wheels
Best Racing Wheels
Whether you prefer a racing simulator or a few laps in some good old Need For Speed, a keyboard and a mouse have nothing on a racing wheel. A racing wheel controller is way more accurate than a set of buttons on your gamepad too Since there are a lot of different options available, we suggest you take a look at our list of selected wheel controllers.