Best Ways to Learn French

Review & Comparison, Last Update October 3, 2017
Long gone are those days when the only way to learn French was sitting in a classroom and repeating “Je m'appelle ... (My name is)” over and over. With an interactive course online, you can learn French in your own time and at your own pace. ...Read more ...Read less
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BEST 2017

The Rocket French is divided into 3 levels (premium, premium plus, and platinum) to take you from a beginner to advanced French speaker. The course has no subscription fees. You'll need to make only one payment (you can test the app out for free first). After that, you will be able to access the Rocket French courses 24/7 from any smartphone, computer, or tablet.


It's available online only.


If you want to end up with full fluency in French, the Rocket French is the best pick! The course has 3 different levels and its heart is "interactive audio lessons" that last no longer than 25 minutes. So, you can learn French while driving to work, doing household chores, or exercising in a gym.


Before the course, you'll need to pass a free test for a level assessment. Then, the course will automatically adapt materials according to your skill level. After finishing the course, you will receive the Frantastique Certificate of completion including your detailed statistics on progress.


This course won't suit beginners.


Delivering offbeat humor, the Frantastique course focuses on French grammar and vocabulary. The material is structured around a fun story plot that includes French-speaking aliens and the adventures of Victor Hugo. The course will be great for teenagers.


At $47, the pack includes French Tutorial and Informal & Spoken French courses. However, if you want, you can buy these products separately for $29 each. After purchase, you'll receive free lifetime updates for the included e-books and mp3s. Once you download all the material, you will need the Internet connection only for updates.


You can't tailor the course for yourself.


The ieLanguages French Tutorial+Informal courses are extremely effective for training your grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Created by native speakers, the course will give you plenty of topics, sample sentences, and cultural information about France. 


The course is absolutely free. It consists of 16 basic theory lessons and 48 exercises in total. After completing the course, you can take online Skype lessons with a teacher you choose (for an extra charge). Your teacher will help you practice pronunciation or create a personal plan for improving your language skills.


The course will help you reach the A1 level only.


The Colanguage French is a straightforward, simple and FREE course for beginners. It includes useful basic grammar and vocabulary, audio examples, and interactive exercises. Plus, you can always take additional Skype lessons for training your pronunciation skills.


The Ouino French5-in-1 Collection includes pronunciation, conversation, vocabulary, building blocks, and verbs modules for a complex learning. Of course, you can purchase each module separately, but only a complete course offers incredible value - about $0.31 per one lesson.


There are no updates for the application.


Whether you are a beginner, a slow or fast learner, you can take the full advantage of studying French with the Ouino multiple system! The special design of this application allows you to create your own learning path and tailor it to your special needs.


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What are the Best Ways to Learn French?

French is a wonderful language that is spoken by more than 350 million people all over the world. It's the language of love! The language of new possibilities! And no matter whether you're preparing for your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Paris, need the French language for business negotiation, or just want to self-develop, the best French courses will help you acquire practical language skills and become proficient in this romantic language. The majority of interactive French courses allow you to learn the language while you can pedal an exercise bike, walk your dog, take a footbath, jog in the mornings, have a lunch, run errands, or anything else you're up to. The beauty of these courses is their efficiency and flexibility. You can start your way to French mastery in less than a few minutes. Keep on reading our review and find which of the ways of learning French work best for you.

Rocket Languages Rocket French Online Course

Your Way to Success

The Rocket French is a bunch of interactive audio lessons that will make you a fluent French speaker in the shortest time possible! The beauty of this course is that each lesson lasts about twenty-five minutes, allowing you to knock one lesson off while commuting to work or having a lunch. The audio tracks teach you practical language skills and guide you through everyday conversations of French people. Plus, each lesson explains the mechanics of language and compare French grammar points with those of English. The lessons are really interesting and even funny.

It's a well-known fact that most people remember just 10 % of what they read and 20 % of what they hear. That's why the Rocket French team has included the testing part into the course. Different audio and written tests, software games, and quizzes allow you to remember as much as possible of what you have already learned. Moreover, you will be able to record yourself for a constant feedback on your pronunciation.

Review of Rocket Languages Rocket French Online Course

What's More?

The Rocket Express Learning System® has a great support team! It provides unlimited 24/7 online access to French teachers, native speakers, and other French enthusiasts like you who can answer your questions. It's like having a personal tutor "on call" who can always correct your errors, which is really important when you're self-teaching.

The program has its own rewards points system to keep students motivated:

  • The dashboard will allow you to track your progress;
  • Rating system will inform you how many French words and phrases you already know;
  • My Vocab will help you learn difficult-to-remember words;
  • Badges, points, and the leaderboard will keep you engaged;
  • Phrase finder will help you find words and phrases within the needed context throughout the whole course;
  • My Notes will let you make notes on each lesson;
  • Flash Cards will help you recall and practice French words and phrases.
Rocket Languages Rocket French Online Course in the use

Three Levels

The great news is that you can try the course for free! With the Rocket French Free Trial, you'll get an access to 4 hours of audio lessons. After that, you can purchase the Premium level or order several courses (the Combo or the Works) at once. The Premium level includes 86 audio lessons and guarantees good conversational level, while the Combo consists of 150 audio lessons and ensures a very good conversational level. And if you want to reach an advanced conversational level, you can order the Works course with 211 lessons and 422 hours of audio. As a bonus to each course, you'll get Survival Kit lessons that are fun and flexible. Hurry! The special offer might end soon!

Detailed review of Rocket Languages Rocket French Online Course

Rocket Languages Rocket French Online Course
Rocket Languages Rocket French Online Course

Frantastique Easy Way to Learn French

So Much Fun!

French courses have never been so entertaining! Cartoons and silly videos with semi-naked Victor Hugo will turn the educational process into a fun activity. Although the format of this course is a bit different from most of the traditional ones, it gives you a wide range of exercises, dialogues, texts, and lessons in French. The best part of it is that the course can adapt to your very skills, needs, wishes, and learning speed. After you complete the free test, an artificial intelligence engine will create lessons, focusing on the points you often get confused with. Additionally, you can request the topics you are interested in, and the program will automatically send you different stories and notes matching them to your needs and level.

The Frantastique is available on smartphones, tablets, and PCs. So, you can explore the Francophone universe via your phone or tablet while commuting to work or use your PC for learning French during a lunch break.

Review of Frantastique Easy Way to Learn French

How Does It Work?

The Frantastique is a solid French grammar course for post-beginners that incorporates pedagogy and some cultural references. It doesn't focus much on pronunciation and survival phrases for vacation, but the course can help you work on your grammar and vocabulary. It also highlights the differences between different flavors of French (French-French and Canadian-French). The course consists of 15-min lessons (10 min for a lesson itself and 5 for corrections) that drip-fed the material to you a little every day. This approach allows your brain to absorb the material better and promotes building daily habits. The short lessons won't affect your working day yet will help you keep yourself motivated.

Frantastique Easy Way to Learn French in the use

Special Offer

You can get a free week of lessons to see if you like the Frantastique course even without spending a penny. After this trial week, you can get a monthly subscription for Basic, Premium, or Pro course. They all include 20 lessons per month, personalized pedagogical content, detailed statistics on your progress, and vocabulary lists. If you want to receive access to professional situations, business vocabulary on management, economy, finance, marketing, IT, sales, HR, and engineering, you can get a Premium or Pro subscription. We would like to stress that the Pro course is the only course that provides students with a certified diploma recognized in Europe.

Detailed review of Frantastique Easy Way to Learn French

Frantastique Easy Way to Learn French
Frantastique Easy Way to Learn French

ieLanguages French Tutorial+Informal

Offline Course

If you want not only to master your French grammar and vocabulary but also get colloquial phrases stuffed up your sleeve, the French Tutorial + Informal French is the worthy choice. This combined course includes e-books with 300 mp3s. It's a one-off purchase and once you pay $47, you can download the full course into your smartphone, tablet, PC or Kindle E-reader and enjoy learning French even without the Internet connection.

The French Tutorial includes an extended vocabulary list and a brief review of French pronunciation with the use of international phonetic alphabet symbols. The course also boasts 5 hours of audio recorded by native speakers so that you could learn the correct pronunciation of each word. The French Tutorial e-book has more than 200 pages of grammar and vocabulary topics as well as cultural and historical information about France.

Review of ieLanguages French Tutorial+Informal

Spoken French

Grammar textbooks are often missing one important thing - informal or "street" language! Slang is quite a colorful language that keeps the French language from becoming stale. And if you want to speak fluently and become proficient in "street" language, you don't need to rush out for an urban slang dictionary anymore. This wonderful 2-in-1 course already includes a PDF e-book on informal and spoken French. Over 200 pages are full of colloquial and slang vocabulary as well as reductions in daily conversations. The book explains differences between formal and informal language and offers fill-in-the-blank exercises. To test your listening comprehension skills and knowledge of informal vocabulary, you can also do some online exercises.

ieLanguages French Tutorial+Informal in the use

A Small Bonus

The course is available in additional Microsoft Word version. Thus, French teachers and students can edit and print some exercises and transcripts if needed.

Detailed review of ieLanguages French Tutorial+Informal

ieLanguages French Tutorial+Informal
ieLanguages French Tutorial+Informal

Colanguage French Teacher Online

An Excellent Introduction Course

Do you still think that French is too difficult to learn? With the Colanguage French introduction course for beginners, you can quickly master the A1 level. It includes complex exercises on vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. The course consists of 16 interactive lessons on the French alphabet, pronunciation, cardinal and ordinal numbers, colors, time, weather, greetings, food, family, traveling, and other topics that can help you in everyday situations. Each lesson is followed by audio examples and integrated interactive exercises. The course is structured according to the requirements of a distance learning. And after completing it, you will be able to express your thoughts and feelings, describe objects, ask for directions, and talk about the weather. The course is very interesting and engaging. And it's completely free! Sounds too good to be true? Try it and see for yourself.

Review of Colanguage French Teacher Online

Online Learning

This is one of the most interactive courses possible! Why? You can always take Skype lesson with a native speaker for an extra charge! The private lessons will help you practice your pronunciation, enrich your vocabulary, and improve your language skills. The great news is that you are free to choose a teacher according to your preference and create your own learning schedule. The online lessons via Skype are extremely convenient. You can take them at home, at your office, or anywhere else. You only need a computer with the Internet access and a headset. Plus, Skype lessons can save you time and money drastically. No longer need you to pay a taxi driver and rush to the class in order to get a live French conversation.

Colanguage French Teacher Online in the use

What about Teaching?

If you want to share your knowledge of English language and earn some money, you can build your profile and give live Skype classes to students all over the globe. Just click the "Become a teacher" button and create your own online course. 

Detailed review of Colanguage French Teacher Online

Colanguage French Teacher Online
Colanguage French Teacher Online

Ouino Languages Learn French

Multiple Learning System

The Ouino system is an all-in-one solution for learning French quickly and easily! It has a user-friendly interface that allows you to choose what exactly you want to learn today. For example, if you're going to the shopping mall, you can choose to learn some "hot" words and phrases like “to pay” and “how much” and become familiar with some other useful expressions. You can select not only what you learn but also how you learn. Just go into the setting menu and set your own pace. The lessons will never be too slow or too fast because it's you who take the full control of learning!

This French language software is entirely interactive and, perhaps, it's the most customizable language application in the world. It consists of 5 modules that include 318 interactive lessons, about 1,000 exercises, and more than 70 pronunciation exercises. Each category has different difficulty levels, and once you complete an easy level, you can reach more difficult exercises to feel up to the challenge!

Review of Ouino Languages Learn French

What do You Want to Learn Today?

As we have just mentioned, the Ouino app has 5 different categories: Building blocks, Vocabulary, Conversation, Pronunciation, and Verbs/Conjugation.

  • Building blocks will explain you French grammar and help you create sentences;
  • Vocabulary will learn you essential words and phrases for everyday life;
  • Conversation module will teach you various expressions and practice your comprehension of French dialogues;
  • Pronunciation module is aimed at improving your pronunciation by comparing you with native speakers;
  • French Verbs and Conjugation section is subdivided into Individual verbs (English and French order), Key verbs, and Verb endings. All of them will help you learn the most important French verbs and understand how conjugation really works.
Ouino Languages Learn French in the use

Do You Need Help?

Although this French learning system uses a free-style approach, you can choose the Recommended Learning Path option. It will guide you through an automatic order of lessons for beginners. What you learn in one lesson will be reinforced in another one. So, if you want to reach fluency and memorize all you learn, start your journey into the world of learning French with the Ouino comprehensive system!

Detailed review of Ouino Languages Learn French

Ouino Languages Learn French
Ouino Languages Learn French
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