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Review & Comparison, Last Update June 10, 2018
Spanish can open many doors for you. However, if you haven’t had a chance to learn it when you were a child, learning it might be quite difficult and take a lot of time. Luckily, the market constantly introduces new methods and ways of studying Spanish, making it much easier for newbies to become fluent in Spanish and do it in a short amount of time. We’ve evaluated some of the most popular approaches used in education sector today, to help you find the one that will fully meet your requirements. ...Read more ...Read less
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BEST 2018

Inexpensive and flexible course that covers a variety of subjects. Incorporates several unique methods and techniques to teach students the language effectively. Provides flexibility, allows for self-paced learning, and doesn't bound to moving from one lesson to another in a strict sequence.


Doesn't include any tutoring sessions with native speakers.


Giving access to 13 languages, Babbel is yet one of the most budget-friendly online platforms for learning Spanish. With the focus on writing, listening, spelling, and reading, it comprises all teaching tools to let you start to use the language actively right away. Available for business purposes and as a gift, everyone will find the package that will be right for them.


The Coursera course allows people from the non-Spanish-speaking world to immerse in the culture of Spain, take it all in, and become a fluent speaker. The course includes a great load of specialization lessons, contains hundreds of quizzes, lectures and group forums to make the process of learning more in-depth and entertaining at the same time.


If you don't like the concept of group lessons, you might not find this course helpful.


If you've got passion for Spanish but you feel like you aren't motivated enough to get into it properly, the Coursera course will help you get on a track. Offering a whole load of lessons, involving learners from different parts of the world, it will keep challenging you all the way up the moment you complete the full course.


Rather than forcing students to memorize long rules and word spelling, Rosetta Stone offers a unique method of learning the language in that it drives up each lesson in a special sequence to make it easier to recognize patterns and to understand the language intuitively.


Some students might find it a tad frustrating that lessons do not contain any subtitles in English.


If you're a committed student looking for an effective way to learn Spanish, the Rosetta Stone is the type of software you shouldn't miss. Thanks to its strong immersion with no translation, you'll learn all vocabulary actively alluding to simple language patterns.


The biggest advantage of the Fiverr marketspace is a broad choice of services one can select to advance in specific skills. Another strong point is that Fiverr allows learners to take individual lessons. So, once you've found your teacher, you only need to arrange your classes during the hours that work for both you and for your teacher.


The price for private lessons may vary drastically.


The Fiverr Online Teacher is specially created for those of you who stick with traditional methods of learning languages and choose individual lessons over group classes. A zest is, you get it all online.


With a Lingu teacher, the process of learning Spanish will turn into a fascinating and exciting activity you will be keen to do every day. You will not need to spend evenings hovering over a book. Lingualia can be accessed directly from your smartphone or tablet anytime you have a break. What you get with Lingualia is a real feedback from native-speakers, valuable recommendations for improving a language, and hundreds of interactive lessons to enhance different skills.


Doesn't allow for random selection of lessons.


Lingualia is probably the best solution for active people who rarely stay home. If you're one of these people, we suggest you consider this unique social network that you can always keep with you to practice your Spanish.


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Babbel Learn Spanish Online

Unlimited Learning Possibilities

If you look to sign up with a language program that won’t be too heavy on your wallet and will allow you to learn Spanish in a simple but effective way, there’s probably no better option than that strives to address the needs of different types of learners, including both auditory and visual types. Learning where a student comes from and what he wants to achieve, Babbel builds an individual path for each one, making it easier to learn and memorize different language patterns. Each course starts with the vocabulary and then proceeds to grammar exercises focused on the repetition of the learnt material. Babbel uses the technique of space repetition, introducing new words through six stages of human memory allowing them to stick to the brain. Thus, Babell makes sure that students learn them all in a way that's comfortable and best suitable for them. In order to make learners fluent in Spanish, Babbel offers one of the shortest paths to speaking the language, building all of their lessons on conversation and life-like dialogues. The dialogues are voiced by natives with different accents so that you can learn to recognize Spanish speech and improve your own pronunciation by mimicking the voices. With Babbel, your learning possibilities aren't limited and you can soon start to communicate with confidence.

Review of Babbel Learn Spanish Online The fun and easy way to learn

Good for Everyone

With Babbel, learning the Spanish language is easy and effective. Once you complete registration on the site and log in your account, you’ll receive a code to use with a mobile app that can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. This way, you can continue learning Spanish on the go and even without an Internet connection if you upload the necessary material on your phone or tablet. One of the other things that distinguish Babbel from many of its competitors is that it can be purchased by anyone for anyone. This way, you can get an account to teach your staff business Spanish or purchase it as a gift for your family or friend. A price tag of Babble is more than compelling, especially compared to many other popular language programs available online.

Babbel Learn Spanish Online The fun and easy way to learn in the use

Assess It and Buy

If you still cannot decide whether to choose Babbel or another online program to learn Spanish, you can apply for a free lesson and assess its features first. This will give you an idea about the approach the company used. In general, though, the price for the Babbel's membership is much lower than you'd expect from a platform providing lessons in 13 languages and it's certainly no slouch compared to more advanced and interactive solutions. Babbel not only gives you access to a great amount of quality content but also allows you to jump around lessons choosing topics that are relevant to you. And even though it doesn't contain tutoring sessions with natives, it's pretty good for what it is and many learners around the world have ranked it as a very helpful source.

Detailed review of Babbel Learn Spanish Online The fun and easy way to learn


Coursera Learn Spanish

Meet New People Out of the Spanish-speaking World...

Coursera Learn Spanish online course unites people from all the corners of the world, making them go online at the same time to do exercises together, listen to videos, speak and learn new words, and do it all in a fun and interactive way. Thus, if you struggle with self-discipline and find most teach-yourself books a waste of time, group classes are what may work for you best. According to thousands of people who've already completed this course, constant challenge and competition with peers allowed them to keep motivated and progress much faster than they did taking individual lessons. Coursera Learn Spanish online course is intended for beginning learners with a very basic vocabulary or none at all. It's divided into several courses with each containing grammar rules, video, interactive activities, and test in the end. Although it's recommended that users follow specialization courses one by one, it is yet possible to take them in any order. This may come in handy if you've decided to terminate your previous course and start to learn Spanish with Coursera.

Review of Coursera Learn Spanish

... and in the World of Romantic Spain

All students who complete specialization courses with Coursera have got a chance to go to Spain to apply their skills in practice. A single training course shouldn't take you longer than 5 months considering that you don't ignore recommendations and spend at least a short amount of time every day learning something new. Within this period of time, according to what creators of Coursera course claim, one can easily learn around 1500-2000 words, which should be enough to make dialogues and make out the plot of conversation with natives. Since Coursera course comprises a lot of interactive activities, you'll quickly get used to a quick Spanish speech and won't have a problem recognizing words when making a conversation with a native speaker in person.

Coursera Learn Spanish in the use

The Benefits You Get With Coursera

The first and the obvious benefit you get is a competitive spirit. Working in a group of people joined together by a mutual passion for Spanish motivates to work harder and showcase in front of each other the knowledge you've already gained. The Coursera course can help students enter many new doors they couldn't walk through before without Spanish. Upon completing the course, everyone receives a certificate confirming the grade and their level of Spanish which they can further use to apply for a new job abroad the U.S. or use for travel purposes. Adding new skills to a LinkedIn profile may also be beneficial.

Detailed review of Coursera Learn Spanish


Rosetta Stone Learn Spanish Online

Effective Method of Learning the Language

If you've already tried all orthodox methods of learning the Spanish language and nothing helped so far, we'd recommend you to try out a unique but a very effective method developed by the Rosetta Stone team - which is based upon a strong immersion into the world of the language you learn. Thus, rather than spending hours trying to memorize grammar rules and spelling of Spanish words, you can learn the language actively by actually starting speaking it from the first lesson. The discerning advantage of this program is that it doesn't provide any guides or subtitles in English, which makes it one of the most effective software solutions for learning the Spanish language out there. You will learn by repeating the words and phrases you've heard during the course of a lesson and then associating pictures with them. Such approach is known to be not only one of the most effective but also one of the most natural ones as it teaches you the language just the same way you learned your native language as a child. No repetition, no stress, the learning process is completely based on association and intuition making you proficient in the language without forcing you to delve into grammar details.

Review of Rosetta Stone Learn Spanish Online

Expansive Set of Tools

One of the other reasons, besides the unique immersive technique, why students tend to choose Rosetta Stone platform is that it offers a rich set of teaching tools. Similar to many other online language courses, it has games and interactive sections to pique a student's interest and motivate him to set new goals and reach new achievements. The program is available across multiple gadgets and can be accessed in several ways. This way, you can download a mobile app, order a classic CD version, or access it online via any web browser. No matter what option you choose, you'll get all necessary tools.

In addition to a great variety of teaching tools, Rosetta Stone makes it easy for a student to track his progress. This way, the program breaks down each lesson into several sections so that a student can see where there's room for improvement.

Rosetta Stone Learn Spanish Online in the use


Despite some of you may think that such immersive method isn't for everyone, we believe it will work for anyone who ventures to try it out. Besides, there's an option to try out a couple of lessons with a free demo version, meaning if you do not like it, you'll have a chance to go for a different language course. For us, though, Rosetta Stone seems to be one of the most interesting and innovative solutions to learn foreign languages online as instead of forcing you to learn endless rules and memorizing words it actually makes you actively use it. Which is why we consider the lack of guides more of an advantage than a disadvantage of the program allowing it to immerse students in the culture of the country and make them fluent speakers in a short length of time. By repeating words and phrases from lesson to lesson, you should be able to learn speech algorithms very quickly and develop language skills as good as they can be. On top of that, Rosetta Stone offers you an option to have a tutoring session with a native speaker under your own schedule, which should help you understand those aspects of the language that you couldn't get without help.

Detailed review of Rosetta Stone Learn Spanish Online


Fiverr Online Teacher

Your Individual Online Teacher

If you do believe that learning a foreign language can be done well only with the assistance of a proficient teacher, Fiverr global marketspace is your place of destination. Here you will find thousands of qualified teachers to start your lessons with. Driven mostly by freelancers, Fiverr platform remains a popular place for many people both learners and sellers, to come and practice their communication and writing skills. The idea of creating this platform was to give people an option to choose a teacher within the price range they can afford, take advantage of the individual courses without sharing one teacher with a dozen of other students, and arrange these classes to fit in their schedule. The tricky part is, you can never guess whether or not you will like the teacher and whether or not the lessons will really be good. Thus, this may feel like playing a gamble. On the other hand, you may find yourself in a great student-teacher relationship and have excellent lessons at a fraction of the cost of those given on many other online sources.

Review of Fiverr Online Teacher

Why Do People Register With Fiverr?

This platform is good for many reasons and purposes. On Fiverr, you can be both a student and a seller, offering your services to other users willing to learn your native language. Since all sellers are rated, it's easy to figure who of them is more popular. People go on this marketspace to find professionals to involve in their projects and they find them. And we're more than sure you will also be lucky to find your teacher. Fiverr offers plenty of options and is accessible for everyone at the rates you can pay.

Fiverr Online Teacher in the use


Lingualia Spanish Courses Online

Artificial Intelligence or Personalized Courses

You don’t need to dedicate several hours a day to become fluent in Spanish. Even if you’ve got a couple of minutes a day, you can use them for your benefit. All you need to do is sign up with Lingualia and start learning Spanish already today. Driven by artificial-intelligence engine, this revolutionary new social network delivers customized lessons, instructions, and exercises according to your level and allows you to proceed with your results advancing in skills. The beauty about this software is that it can be used in parallel with other classes. Once you decide how many hours you’re ready or want to spend a week, the program will tailor the course to fit your individual schedule and needs. As much entertaining and engaging as this social network is, it can nevertheless be regarded as a complete course. The moment your course starts, the page will display 10 Units with 5 lessons each. The structure of lessons is strict, and it's not possible to jump to a different lesson without passing the previous one. At the beginning of each lesson, students receive basic vocabulary that they need to learn, then they listen to it, and only then come to practicing it, doing written exercises and comprehensive tests. Lingua has got a great community of native speakers who will help you improve your language giving valuable recommendations and tips after each lesson. You will surely love your new experience.

Review of Lingualia Spanish Courses Online

New and Hi-tech Way of Learning Languages

You know what it's like to have private lessons with tutors. You need to set aside some of your other tasks just to be there on time. This isn't always convenient, especially for business people living on a busy schedule. Knowing that modern society is often very short on time, Lingualia allows you to access your lessons from mobile gadgets to let you keep learning Spanish even on the go. The progress you make throughout lessons automatically syncs with your smartphone and you can continue your lesson from the very that point you've left.

Lingualia Spanish Courses Online in the use

Why You Should Take Advantage of Lingualia

Lingualia offers all its students and newcomers an individual and wise teacher with who they can start their exciting adventure in the world of Spanish culture. This teacher, however, doesn't even slightly remind the one you saw in a lecture room. Boasting of an artificial intelligence, Lingu, that's what he's named, will follow you on your path to mastering a language, delivering personalized courses to meet your level skills. Lingu will ask you to pass a simple language test and then, based on these results, will tailor for you an individual course with the requested intensity of lessons and tasks. Basically, even if 5 minutes is the maximum you can spend a day to practice Spanish, you will be able to take advantage of this time.

Detailed review of Lingualia Spanish Courses Online


What Are the Best Spanish Courses Online?

Given that over 400 mln of people worldwide speak Spanish, it's not surprising now we've got such an array of online services with their own methods and approaches to delivering classes. For novice students who've just got into Spanish and are wondering which of the courses to choose, it may be quite a tricky task to pick out of thousands of sites the one that will offer relevant content with the focus on the questions they want to ask. This review is our attempt to help students find an easy way of learning Spanish and start speaking it fluently within months. We've evaluated a great number of Spanish courses online, paying attention to the content, the duration of program, interaction activities, dedicated assistance, as well as whether these classes were free or not, to offer you the major services to sign up and start your lessons at. Learning a foreign language shouldn't be difficult. It may take you time, but it should not take a lot of time. Looking through these courses, you will know it is true.

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