Product Comparison: Focal Aria 906 vs Focal Chorus 706

General Specifications
Aria 906
Chorus 706
About the Product
The Aria 906 is faithful to the DNA of the Aria range: refined high-end acoustics combined with excellent perceived value thanks to the use of noble materials. This 2-way loudspeaker allows users to enjoy all the qualities of the Flax cone: neutrality, presence and finesse.
The focal Chorus 706 is the archetype of the reference compact speaker, in the purest tradition focal. It is an elegant 25 mm thick MDF box to non parallel walls, a tweeter TNV Al/Mg inverted dome and a medium/bass speaker Polyglass of 165 mm OPC filtering and again.
Key Specs
Power RMS
25 watts
25 watts
89.5 dB
90 dB
8 ohms
8 ohms
Size & Weight
15.35 in.
15.3 in.
8.86 in.
10.3 in.
11.02 in.
8.6 in.
19 lbs.
18 lbs.
What customers say about "Size & Weight"
Focal Aria 906 Bookshelf Speaker - Pair (Dark Walnut)
  • They're fairly neutral and have a sweetness about them that is very inviting. Good size and weight. Highly recommended!
  • Really good smallish speakers. Excellent performance in a manageable size.
  • Wow. Pleasantly surprised. Excellent sounding speakers. Great size and weight.
  • With their size and weight they can fit on any shelf or table.
  • They are very deep in size and because of this they hang from the shelf.
Peak Power
120 watts
120 watts
Min. Frequency Response
55 Hz
55 Hz
Max. Frequency Response
28 kHz
28 kHz
Tweeter Size
1 in.
1 in.
Woofer Size
6.5 in.
6.5 in.
What customers say about "Audio"
Focal Aria 906 Bookshelf Speaker - Pair (Dark Walnut)
  • The sound they do offer is spacious and mellow. Crank it up and you won’t encounter bass bloat or piercing treble.
  • They're also extremely easy to power. They sound great playing any genre.
  • Very musical sound. Better for music than for home theater. Lower low frequency roll off than expected.
  • They speakers offer a full deep rich sound. They are not too bright. They offer very good sounding punchy bass that keeps up nicely.
  • The sound was a bit muddy and lacked much imaging and detail.
Dark Walnut
Tweeter Material
Woofer Material
Flax bass
Inverted dome tweeter, Aerodynamic front port, Solid MDF construction, Magnetic cloth frame
Exceptional sound and quality, New grille cloth design, Solid MDF construction
What customers say about "Features"
Focal Aria 906 Bookshelf Speaker - Pair (Dark Walnut)
  • My dark walnut pair has a smooth, slightly grippy feel to the texture that feels wonderful!
  • Build quality is slightly better all-around. They weigh 1 extra pound, have a more seamless cabinet, use magnetic grills and have a nice touch of glass on top.
  • Fantastic bass, fantastic build quality and materials. Accurate vocals.
  • They're crisp and clear without being harsh, and the bass extension is low without getting muddy. They're built extremely well and the walnut finish is gorgeous.
  • MDF and contact paper don't age well. These will eventually fall apart like all cheap speakers.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year(s)
1 year(s)
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