Product Comparison: EcoReco M5 vs E-TWOW Booster Plus S

General Specifications
Booster Plus S
About the Product
EcoReco M5 E-Scooter. The eco-friendly, efficient, and portable EcoReco is a smart personal electric vehicle designed for everyday urban use.
Our most recent achievement in an era of innovation is Booster Plus S. It brings more power and more autonomy to the Booster Plus model into the new Booster Plus S which also has a new battery system.
Key Specs
Max Payload
280 lbs.
276 lbs.
Electric Scooter
Electric Scooter
Max Speed
20 mph
21.7 mph
Recommended Minimum Age
16 years
18 years
What customers say about "Key Specs"
EcoReco M5 E-Scooter
  • This scooter goes stupid fast, and can go up hills no problems. Yeah, it can be unsafe but only if you're an idiot about it.
  • Overall a very well-engineered product and exactly what you'd want in an electric scooter.
  • This scooter hits the sweet spot of sturdiness, reliability, speed, weight and portability.
  • I have gotten it multiple times up to a speed of 21mph on flat smooth surface roads. It takes a little distance to get to that point, but 0-15mph is reasonably quick.
E-TWOW Booster Plus S Electric Scooter
  • Slows down quite a bit going up medium slopes. Can be aided by pushing like a traditional
  • I'm a big guy - 6'4 and 225 lbs - and this scooter gets up to speed just fine, and will haul me around for a good 12+ miles and reach a 17 mph cruising speed in less than a city block.
  • It goes right up hills at around 20% incline at about 10 mph
  • Motor is powerful enough, but it can not handle 25 degree slopes as it's stated in description. I'm 150lb and it can do 10 degree slopes reasonably fast
Size & Weight
46 in.
45.6 in.
38 in.
37 in.
22 in.
6 in.
34 lbs.
24 lbs.
Sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum
Motor Brake
Regenerative brake for front wheel + Emergency brake for behind wheel
Wheel Size
6.3 in.
8 in.
Air-free rubber
Air-free rubber
Adjustable Handlebar
What customers say about "Construction"
EcoReco M5 E-Scooter
  • High rolling deck, stable handlebars, and comfortable handlebar grips make this a sweet ride.
  • The motor is brushless, so this is the most "maintenance free" you will ever get on planet earth today when it comes to electric vehicles of any kind.
  • The accessory screw cover in the middle of the handlebars, the screw cover is plastic and broke instantly when I tried to remove it.
E-TWOW Booster Plus S Electric Scooter
  • The regenerative braking does in fact recharge the battery when it is engaged, further helping to prolong battery energy.
  • At 25lbs, and with a nice, fat handlebar to grab on to, it's easy to carry around anywhere.
  • Well built and seems like it will last.
  • Hard to fold. The red release mechanism is quite, quite stiff, especially when the scooter is brand new.
  • These brakes are not very good. As other reviewers have mentioned, they are rather abrupt, but worse than that, they cannot stop the scooter very well when at top speed
  • Loud. Not the motor itself, which is very quiet/nearly silent, but the scooter itself. Especially on rough asphalt,
36 VDC Lithium Iron Phosphate
36 VDC Lithium Ion Battery
90 min.
105 min.
Charge Time
4.5 hours
3 hours
Assembly Required
Full suspension, silent motor, Energy Recovery Braking system, LED back-lit dashboard
Side Mounted Reflectors, Piezo ceramic horn, Digital LED Display, Headlight, Cruise control
What customers say about "Features"
EcoReco M5 E-Scooter
  • It's lightweight, easy to carry and is excellent for community.
  • Batter always has plenty to go and I pretty much ride at full throttle all the time.
  • I get 10 miles per charge but good enough for daily commute.
  • For what it’s worth. I had an M5 that I discharged all the way while riding it. The range was so bad and not in line with marketing that it didn’t get me all the way back – it died at a whopping 7 miles of careful/slow usage.
  • In order to set the scooter to travel max speed, you have to disassemble the units deck and unplug some wires. Kind of a messy process if you ask me.
E-TWOW Booster Plus S Electric Scooter
  • Love how easy it is to get in and out of the house, compared to my bike.
  • Integrated headlight, tail light, and brake light mean no additional components to turn on/off for dark conditions.
  • It charges in a couple hours and takes up little room
  • Normally my teeth would rattle from rolling over the expansion joints of the bridge but the built-in suspension of the E-twow dampened all that.
  • Great battery range and quick charging time. I think I can get solid 15 miles out of it.
  • The head light is OK for folks to see you, but it doesn't light up the road, at all
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer warranty
0.5 year
1 year
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