Product Comparison: Razor A3 vs Razor A5

General Specifications
About the Product
The Razor® A3 scooter is updated with larger, 125mm urethane wheels and ABEC-5 high-speed bearing. The front wheel is equipped with shock-absorbing suspension to help smooth out your ride. The aircraft-grade aluminum construction includes folding handlebars, rear fender brake, and a wheelie bar for tricks. Recommended for ages 5 and up.
You upgrade your phone on the regular, so why not your transportation? With extra-large urethane wheels for an extra-smooth ride and a super sturdy deck to support up to 220 lbs., the A5 Lux is the upgrade you’ve been holding out for.
Key Specs
Max Payload
143 lbs.
220 lbs.
Kick Scooter
Kick Scooter
Recommended Minimum Age
5 years
8 years
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Razor A3 Scooter Clear
  • I purchased a Razor A3 kick scooter in blue, red, and green, one for each of our 7 year old triplet boys. They love them.
  • These scooters have a really smooth ride and are a great size. Our boys are big for their age and I think they'll be able to use these until at least 11, then we'll move onto the A5 next.
  • My kid (age 8, 61 lbs) hasn't gotten off this thing since Christmas. Looks very sturdy and easily adjustable.
  • I bought 4 of these for my grandchildren, aged 4 to 11. I had bought the Kixi Scribbler for the 3- and 4 -year olds, but the 4-year old wanted to try the "big one", and she instantly mastered it.
  • My elementary school aged son was very happy with this gift. I like that the rear brake makes descents relatively safe.
Razor A5 Lux Scooter
  • Bought these scooters for all of my kids a few months ago. They all LOVE them (ages 6-12)! Even after months of use, they are out cruising around on them daily.
  • Awesome! Awesome! Scooter. Best family fun ever! I bought 3 of them for christmas gifts for my 2 kids, ages 6 and 9, and one extra for myself so i could keep up with them.
  • It's a great scooter. Kids of all ages (ok, older than about 6) will enjoy using it.
  • This is an excellent scooter! We bought this for our six year old son, and I was a bit worried that it may be too big, but the handles can go up and down so it is perfect!
  • Due to the light weight of this scooter, the front wheel rises above the ground when I push it too hard. The same thing didn't happen to my niece who is 9 years old.
Size & Weight
35.5 in.
41 in.
30 in.
35 in.
13 in.
21 in.
6 lbs.
9.4 lbs.
Sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum
Anodized aluminum
Wheel Size
5 in.
7.9 in.
Adjustable Handlebar
What customers say about "Construction"
Razor A3 Scooter Clear
  • It unfolds, the two grips lock into place on the handle and with a quick adjustment of the handlebar height he was off and riding. Sturdy material and solid.
  • I bought this for my six year-old daughter. I was impressed by the high quality materials used for this scooter.
  • This product is great, top quality from the materials to the design, easy to handle for kids and adults, and the folding feature is a huge added value.
  • The bigger wheels make all the difference, rides so much smoother. We ended up replacing all of our scooters with the A3.
  • Because it has the larger wheels, it can easily go over rough pavement, pebbles on sidewalk and especially the lip of the ramp on a sidewalk (the transition from ramp to street).
Razor A5 Lux Scooter
  • The platform is large enough for my adult feet and it is sturdy enough to comfortably hold my weight with my laptop and some books in a backpack.
  • At only 8.6 lbs (I measured it myself) this is a light scooter with big wheels for comfort.
  • Stability seems to be improved with the larger wheels, and this scooter is more tolerant of small obstacles. The larger wheels roll right over a small sidewalk bump, twig, hose or other small obstruction that would bring a smaller wheeled scooter to a sudden crashing stop.
  • The 200mm wheels are the same size as competitors', and thus are just as good at going over bumps or cracks in the road. You still have to pay attention, but you'll only get thrown by riding into something really big.
  • The welds on this thing are fantastic. If only the rest of the scooter were done so well! My rear fender is not in line with the wheel.
Red / Silver
Assembly Required
Aircraft-grade Aluminum T-tube and Deck, Springless Front Wheel Shock System, Patented Folding Mechanism
Retractable kickstand, Patented rear fender brake
What customers say about "Features"
Razor A3 Scooter Clear
  • Easy to assemble (took less than a minute), well built and quality material.
  • Its also already assembled, so you just take it out of the box & ride!
  • Comes fully assembled; just unfold and adjust handle bars and you're ready to ride!
  • They come pretty much assembled already for you which is awesome. They ride and turn nicely.
  • Took one star off because when it arrived pre-assembled the handlebar alignment was off by at least 30 degrees, and the factory had waaaaay over-tightened the collar clamp that helps you adjust the alignment.
Razor A5 Lux Scooter
  • This one has 20cm wheel, one click folding system, is in silver chrome color as opposed to those blue or pink or graphics, and cheaper than all the others.
  • I love its color, and its clever design. I love that it rides smoothly, and feels safe.
  • It requires no assembly; just take it out of the box, unfold/click all its parts back into place, and you're ready to roll!
  • There was virtually no assembly - just unfolding the scooter, adjusting the height, and inserting the handle bars.
  • The A5 Lux came already assembled and ready to ride.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer warranty
0.5 year
0.5 year
Other Information
64.99 $
99.99 $

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