Product Comparison: Saitek X52 Pro vs Saitek X52

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General Specifications
X52 Pro
About the Product
Saitek's X52 Pro Flight H.O.T.A.S. System is a fully integrated hands on stick and throttle flight controller that meets or exceeds the demands of the best flight simulator pilots. Featuring an upgraded multifunction LCD which shows in-game data in real time, a progressive throttle with tension adjustment, plus an adjustable joystick with a self-centering mechanism. The X52 Pro takes all the standout features from the original X52 and elevates them to a higher altitude.
Saitek's X52 defines precise flight simulator operation, employing a multifunction LCD for easy access to an astounding 282 programmable commands. Coordinate your flight plan with clock and stopwatch function, plus an adjustable handle to accommodate a wide range of hand sizes.
Key Specs
Number of Buttons
Weighted Base
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Saitek X52 Pro Flight System Controller
  • Smooth, and precise control, feels like you got your money's worth. Lots, and lots of customization with the software. Lots of buttons and hats to keep me keyboard-free in Elite.
  • This feels like a real piece of equipment and not a toy. I am very impressed with the design and quality of the materials used.
  • The throttle is very precise, the rotary axes are very precise. The rudder axis is also very precise, and the x-y axes are just insane. While the stick does not advertise it, I do believe this stick uses HEART technology even though it is not advertised (as it should be).
  • There is a catch at minimum and maximum thrust axis. Likely for locking the thrust and preventing further movement of the thrust axis when on ground, or locking into afterburner or maximum thrust while in flight. But over all, it might be more annoying to some, such as when flying a helicopter.
  • The buttons / clock on the throttle don't really seem to work. I don't have much of a use for them though.
Saitek X52 (PS28) Flight Control System
  • The number of buttons, levers, sliders and knobs provides great flexibility
  • Smooth movements on every axis. You can lock the stick rotation or use it for the rudder. You can make profiles for different games and different planes in the same game.
  • It's fun to play flight games with these. I've used mine primarily for Elite: Dangerous and they have enough buttons to play without having to switch to the keyboard repeatedly (there's a lot of controls in Elite).
  • The throttle has two spots that require a bit more of a push to engage - one is nearing 100%, one is nearing 0%. I really liked this because in the X-Wing Series games 33% is best for turning. The extra push required keeps me from completely throttling down when busy with a bogey.
  • First off, the response is very nice. The joystick and throttle are both adjustable in terms of tension.
Size & Weight
14.5 in.
13.8 in.
10.1 in.
11 in.
9.1 in.
6.7 in.
4.85 lbs.
4.23 lbs.
What customers say about "Size & Weight"
Saitek X52 Pro Flight System Controller
  • Joystick and throttle size are quite large which is a pro for me because I have larger than average hands - this may be a con for some users.
  • If you are willing to take the time, it is very customizable and gives you lots of options. Despite what I had read, it had a decent weight and I find it actually works better without the suction cups attached to the bottom.
  • At first I could not easily press all the buttons on the Flight Stick, a quick twist of the screw adjuster and I was able to adjust the base to fit my hand size. I can now easily reach all the buttons without having to remove my hands.
  • Good build quality, neat size, buttons feel firm, overall in looks great and feels like a good quality joy
  • The weight of both the throttle and joystick is extremely low. Be prepared to affix both of them to your desk/chair/cockpit with velcro, screws, glue, etc. if you want them not to move around.
Saitek X52 (PS28) Flight Control System
  • While made out of lightweight plastic it doesn't feel weak or cheap
  • At this price point, I would have expected Saitek to add two-three pounds of additional weight to each control as ballast. Specifically, the throttle control tends to tip. In my case, I taped four pounds of lead weights to each of the two bases.
  • When I opened the box I was surprised as to how light-weight it was. It didn't have a weighted base which disappointed me a little.
  • I have slightly smallish hands, so the most tall Hat is kind of hard to manipulate easily.
  • The units are very light weight; less than a pound for the throttle and perhaps a little more than that for the stick. Unless fastened down or minimum resistance is set for the throttle, you will be tipping and sliding it around when throwing the handle forward or back.
Stick and Throttle
Stick and Throttle
Dual Hands
Dual Hands
Programmable Buttons
Ergonomic Design
1 x USB 2.0
1 x USB 2.0
Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Dual-Spring Centering Mechanism, Advanced Grip Adjustment System, 3D Twist with Rudder Lock, Progressive Throttle with Resistance Adjustment, Multifunction LCD Display
Precision Centering Mechanism, Advanced Grip Adjustment System, 3D Twist with Rudder Lock, Progressive Throttle with Resistance Adjustment, Multifunction LCD Display, Powerful Programming Software (PC Only)
What customers say about "Features"
Saitek X52 Pro Flight System Controller
  • Main triggers have hardware mechanical switching, while other buttons have similar quality switching mechanisms. All of which, seem to be superior to previous models of this joystick!
  • Well built, solid feel. Responsive controls for serious gaming, tight and accurate, very little to no "slop". Almost enough buttons for a TRUE HOTAS experience in Elite:Dangerous, no doubt plenty for most games. Software is robust and stable.
  • Stupid safety cover for the fire button. On my X45, I simply taped the thing in the open position. (Who cares if I accidentally use it? It's just a game. ;-) On this X52, the cover does halfway stick open and has a neat effect of turning the LED green when closed.
  • The LCD screen on the throttle is cool, but not very usable. At least I have not found much of a use for it other than to display the time.
  • The Saitek software is honestly pretty confusing and needs some real work.
Saitek X52 (PS28) Flight Control System
  • Works out of the box with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 and is immediately detected for use in FSX
  • Switches and buttons are tactile and sliders are precise
  • The controllers work fairly well. I don't have any complaints. The software that comes with it and allows programming it and creating multiple profiles is rather shoddy, though, and I haven't found it to be very useful.
  • Driver setup can be a bit tricky
  • The only thing I have noticed is that the suction cups can sometimes slide a little. This only happens when I'm really throwing it around in a dogfight. It is very rare that it slides and when it does it's only a few mm.
  • The biggest issue is that there are not a lot of pre-defined profiles out their for those that do not know how to create their own Flight profiles.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
2 year(s)
2 year(s)

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