Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer

Weston 65-0201
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Weston 65-0201
Weston 65-0201   Image 1
Weston 65-0201   Image 2
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General Specifications

About the Product
This Weston Vacuum sealer is perfect for protecting domestic meats, game fish, vegetables or your personal possessions from the harmful effects that oxygen or freezer burn may cause. Capable of sealing bags up to 15-inch wide, this sealer is the largest in the industry, making any big job a breeze.

Key Specs

Seal Bar Length
15 in.
Max. Wacuum Power
935 Watts

What customers say about "Key Specs"

  • Just realize this is an overbuilt, commercial unit and it's pretty heavy.
  • In short, it rocks, it's faster, more powerful, and will last me for years.
  • The Weston sealer absolutely blows the Foodsaver away. It's faster, quieter, has a wider seal, and has a much more powerful vacuum.
  • Unit functions flawlessly and is very powerful.
  • I purchased this vacuum sealer based on the good reviews. After receiving it, it sealed 4 bags before losing suction power.
  • THIS UNIT DOES NOT SEAL MOIST FOODS. It pulls the liquid through the bag, but the sealing bar does not have the power, heat, or length of seal (which is not adjustable) to seal it completely.

Size & Weight

15.3 in.
9 in.
Stainless steel
23 in.
22 lbs.

What customers say about "Size & Weight"

  • Heavy, and very well made and easy to use. I would recommend this to everyone.
  • Yeah, it's big, heavy, and fairly noisy - but if you have an use for a vacuum sealer, it's definitely worth the price tag.
  • When you get your hands on this machine and start using it, that's just the impression you'll get - quality.
  • It's heavy, metal, and sturdy. It's very simple to operate and really works well
  • It's big and heavy. It's also a bit pricey, but quality does cost.


Control Type
Indicator Light

What customers say about "Control"

  • I really like that I can control when the suction gets cut off.
  • Control over the amount of sealing is available.
  • Manual sealing is an option.
  • I was so surprised at how easy it was to use and at how great of a job it did at pulling all the air out and having a tight seal
  • The only real problem is the lack of manual control on sealing. Many times I'd like to continue to vacuum out excess air trapped behind meat but it seals instead. Frustrating.


Type of Package
Bag Size
Up to 15 in.

What customers say about "Bags"

  • The Food Saver vacuum chamber and sealer is too far into the device. It requires at least 1.5 - 2" of extra bag length to activate the controls.
  • 2 years with moderate use. No problems, no bag failures
  • If you are only going to seal a few bags at a time foodsaver is fine. But this is a workhorse. You can seal bags all day long and not have to wait for it to cool.
  • I seal 30 to 40 bags at a time, and my food saver model made it a horrible chore. The Weston made it bearable. Worth every penny.
  • Works with all bags that I have tried. It is fast, quiet(ish) and works beautifully.
  • doesn't have a bell to signal when to remove bag....but it does have a click.
  • However, I found it did not work well with the bags that were made for it (from Vacmesh). It did not completely suck all the air out until the bag was NOT laid flat. Once it is bulky, it works well.


Bag Cutter
Integrated Roll Storage
Removable Drip Tray

What customers say about "Construction"

  • Built like a tank. Hoses and bags work great in case you already own the standard low end food saver.
  • Very well constructed and accepts wider bags.
  • Solid construction and simple to use. perhaps too simple.
  • We really like this product. Ruggedly built. Seems durable.
  • My one complaint is that it takes up a lot of real estate and it is rather bulky and heavy to keep taking it in and out of a cabinet, hence only four stars.


Fan cooled motor to prevent overheating. Adjustable seal time. Easy to use, digital control panel, LED lights monitor the stages of the sealing process., Fan cooled motor designed specifically for continuous, repetitive use without overheating, Pump draws up to 28' Hg vacuum strength
Manual Seal Mode
Marinate Mode

What customers say about "Features"

  • I have used the tilia accessory hose and the foodsaver jar attachment, as well as the marinator and a few storage containers - all work perfectly via the little port in the tray. I love this machine!
  • Use a piece of paper towel inside at the top of the bag to seal juicy or marinated meats.
  • Has auto mode and a manual mode. Manual is great if you want to "vacuum" pack liquid or jello like material.
  • The unit seals quickly, whether on auto-mode or manual seal mode.
  • Easy to keep clean, if you happen to suck something into the inner sealing area.
  • I bought the Weston pro -2300 stainless steel vacuum sealer approximately two months ago... everything thing looked right but when I tried to use the manual mode it simply didn't work.


Included With Unit
Power cord

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
2 year(s)

Other Information

499.99 $
Retailer Rating
Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer
Weston Pro 2300 Vacuum Sealer Review