Product Comparison: Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher vs Brita OB51

General Specifications
Water Filter Pitcher
About the Product
Aquagear removes 2000% more contaminants than the leading pitcher, including fluoride, lead, chlorine, chromium 6, and more.
With Brita filters, it’s easier than ever to enjoy better tasting* water that’s better for you. Brita pitcher filters cut the taste and odor of chlorine while reducing copper, cadmium and mercury impurities that can adversely affect your health over time. The pitcher filters are simple to use and have many features you’ll love. *Compared to tap water. Substances reduced may not be in all users’ water.
Key Specs
8 cups
8 cups
Purification Method
3-Stage Filtration
3-Stage Filtration
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Fluoride and Lead
  • Yes, it's takes a little longer to refill due to the intensive filtering, but the larger capacity means you're refilling less often.
  • The construction and capacity of jug is impressive and solid and I have no complaints or improvements that I could suggest after daily use for 6 months.
  • Its large capacity, but still fits on the refridgerator door. Highly recommend the Aguagear Filter ptcher.
  • It's easy to use, has a good capacity, and you can actually taste the difference in your water. I also liked that Aquagear products are made in America AND they have a nifty recycling program.
  • This pitcher's top section's capacity is larger than the bottom holding tank, and the small fill opening in the lid gives no visibility into fill amount, so it is really easy to overfill it and have some still in the top section when you go to pour.
Brita OB51 Medium 8 Cup Water Filter Pitcher
  • Great tasting water plus it's clean, sleek and has great capacity.
  • It also is standard size (or maybe a tad smaller) so it is heavier (when filled) than our last one, but it takes up less room (nice.) We are both a little handicapped so we find we cannot fill it to capacity or lifting it to fill the kettle is awkward.
  • This water pitcher is truly has very sleek look and provides great tasting water as well.
  • The shape and overall size of the pitcher doesn't take up much space at all in my fridge. It's capacity is a limit of 8 (8 oz. glasses).
  • Also, the eight cup capacity might not be too well suited for a family that drinks a lot of water.
  • The pitcher is plastic despite its name. It leaks all over the place and after the first change of filter and an attempt to reset the digital filter monitor, it continues to blink red. in all, pretty but utterly useless
Size & Weight
10.9 in.
9.94 in.
10.9 in.
12.38 in.
5.5 in.
5.38 in.
2.5 lb
2.11 lb
Filtration Results
Remove fluoride (90.6%), Remove chlorine (99.9%), Remove chloramine (99.9%), Remove chromium 6 (99.4%), Remove lead (99.9%), Remove mercury (97.8%), Remove arsenic (99.8%), Remove over 50 VOCs
Reduces chlorine (taste and odor), Reduces copper, Reduces mercury, Reduces zinc, Reduces cadmium impurities
Filter Type
Lead/fluoride filter, Five stage filter with 2 micron pores
Activated carbon, Ion-exchange resin, Built-in mesh screens
Filter Life
150 gallons
40 gallons
Compatible Filters
Compatible with Aquagear filters
Compatible with all Brita Pitchers except Brita Stream Pitcher
What customers say about "Filtration"
Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Fluoride and Lead
  • I have owned this water filter for about 2 weeks a now and there is no doubt that the Aquagear is the best water filter I have ever used.
  • The pitcher is useable and works fine if you're not expecting perfection. And I'm giving it 5 stars overall because the water is better than much higher priced filters, Berky (sp?) included.
  • I bought this filter to remove fluoride from the town water because I heard that it is bad for infants to eat formula made with water containing fluoride before their teeth come in. This filter states that it removes fluoride, with results posted on their website.
  • The filter is awesome, but the pitcher itself is horrible industrial design. You can't tell when the water is done filtering or how close to the top the water level is when filling the pitcher. And the pitcher is surprisingly awkward to pour from, it requires two hands to operate.
  • Thank you for making a filter and picture that are affordable that filters out the chlorine and the fluoride among other contaminants. I highly recommend this pitcher.
Brita OB51 Medium 8 Cup Water Filter Pitcher
  • Excellent water filter. It does NOT leak unless you overfill it! Do not listen to the reviewers that are complaining about leaks.
  • Looks great, works great, and filters great. However it is drippy and you have to learn how to pour and fill it to not make a mess.
  • It literally filters the water from your tap. Ever house: apartment needs one. It's easy to use, simple instructions and easy to clean.
  • I've used Brita pitchers for many years because they are a cost-effective and easy-to-maintain source of filtered water.
  • The filter will last for just over 400 pours according to the packaging, and that seems pretty good in my book.
Black/Stainless Steel
Open handle
Filter Life Indicator
Cleaning and Care
Hand wash
Hand wash
Water Quality Meter
Lifetime Warranty, 100% BPA-free, Recyclable
100% BPA-free, Easy installation, No pre-soak and no black flecks, Easy-Fill, Locking Lid, Comfort Grip Handle
What customers say about "Features"
Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Fluoride and Lead
  • The set up was fast and easy, including the flushing of the filter, all taking less than 3 minutes. I love the pour spout feature, which allows “hands free” filling up with water and the water tastes amazing.
  • I like the pour spout feature, which allows a hands free approach when filling up with water and the water tastes amazing.
  • It is so easy to use and refill. I love the "pour through lid" feature. Most of all, we all love the taste! We are enjoying the clean, crisp, great tasting water. So glad we found this!
  • The Aquagear filters are much more effective, and the pitcher is great. I love the convenience of the easy-fill feature.
  • The lid doesn't fit tightly, so it can come off, spilling water everywhere. You have to hold it with both hands - one for the handle and one for the lid.
Brita OB51 Medium 8 Cup Water Filter Pitcher
  • There's a digital system that keeps track of when you need to replace the filter. That's great.
  • A perfect size for small families, looks nice on the counter and I like the indicator for filter life. I have had many Brita pitchers. This is the very best
  • The looks are great on this product, and it has a very sturdy and heavy build which is ideal for me, the only flaw being the "filter replacement indicator light" battery is not replaceable, so once its gone, its gone.
  • Durable, easy to change filters and looks good in the office setting!
  • Looks pretty on my counter next to my stainless coffee that the light turns red when it's time to change the filter
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69.95 $
47.99 $

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