Best Wine Glasses to Make Your Wine Taste Better

Review & Comparison, Last Update February 29, 2024
When it comes to drinking wine, glassware matters. Proper glass can help release, collect, or showcase all the wine aromas, so that you could enjoy all the nuanced flavors of the wine. Our review will guide you through the most popular glassware to help you pick the right set that will meet your needs and make your wine taste the best it possibly can. ...Read more ...Read less
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Suggested Usage
Set & Ounce Capacity

Glasses made of lead-free glass with added content of titanium and zirconium for maximum strength, shine, brilliance, and durability, are highly resistant to damage, scratches, chipping, and breakage. They can safely withstand high thermal treatment and are dishwasher-safe.


Not quite suitable for light-bodied red wines.


This is an excellent choice for any home.  Owing to superb shape and design of this truly luxurious glassware, every wine connoisseur will be able to appreciate wine's taste and aroma to the fullest. Performed in a very traditional design, they will be able to accommodate a large variety of wines and be a sophisticated decoration on any dinner table. 

detailed parameters
Suggested Usage

Medium- to full-bodied red wines 



Set & Ounce Capacity

6 x 19.8 oz


8.75" tall, 3.75" wide


Tritan crystal glass


Completely dishwasher safe


30 days


Thanks to the absence of a stem and wide flat base, these tumblers are easy to store, transport, or take on the go to the picnic under the open sky, as they will take up very little room in your storage cabinet, catering bag, or a picnic basket.


Chilled drinks may warm up faster due to direct contact with palms.


The set of stemless wine glasses will ideally complement any family dinner, parties, and gatherings with friends, as this glassware will be able to accommodate a large variety of drinks: various types of wine, non-alcoholic beverages, as well as stronger spirits, such as whiskey!

detailed parameters
Suggested Usage




Set & Ounce Capacity

4 x 15 oz
Set of 8 available


4" tall, about 3.5" wide




Top rack dishwasher safe


30 days


This is such an affordable and yet a very good quality set of 12 wine glasses, that come in a conventional shape and design to accommodate a variety of wines. Thanks to superior strength and durability of glass, this stemware is likely to survive a number of crowded gatherings and wine parties.


Not quite suitable for full-bodied red wines.


These elegant wine glasses will be a decoration for any festive table or dinner party. Thought-out design and shape of the bowl will allow you to serve nearly any kind of wine in this all-purpose glassware and enjoy its better taste and flavor.

detailed parameters
Suggested Usage

Red or white wine



Set & Ounce Capacity

12 x 12.75 oz
Set of 16 available


7.5" tall, about 3" wide




Dishwasher safe


30 days


This stainless steel set of wine glasses with superb quality and durability was definitely made to last a lifetime. Stainless steel offers a plethora of benefits, amongst which is the possibility to keep your cold drink colder for longer.


Some sets have some dents at the bottom of the glass. 


If you prefer white wines, that can warm up in usual glassware in no time, this stainless steel set will be a perfect solution! Its sleek and elegant design will nicely complement any modern interior. Besides being so durable and stylish, these wine glasses are extremely lightweight. Perfect for outdoor parties!

detailed parameters
Suggested Usage

Full-bodied white wines, older white wines, orange wines and some vintage sparkling wines.



Set & Ounce Capacity

4 x 12 oz
Set of 2 available


8" tall, about 3" wide


BPA-free 18/8 stainless steel


Dishwasher safe


30 days


This wine glass is a real piece of art, meticulously hand-crafted and hand-painted by professional artists, inspired by colorful dance of sunlight through the breathtaking stained-glass windows of Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona.


Cleaning the glass may take extra time and effort.


It will be a perfect gift for any wine connoisseur or art lover who naturally gravitates towards full-bodied red wines with high acidity and high tannins, represented by Bordeaux, Merlot, or Cabernet Sauvignon. These glasses with their aesthetically pleasing appearance have been specifically designed to enhance the wine drinking experience.

detailed parameters
Suggested Usage

Full bodied, heavier red wine.


Large Bordeaux

Set & Ounce Capacity

1 x 29 oz


10.5" tall, 3.5" wide


Glass hand-painted with vibrant colors


Hand washing only


90 days money back;
One full year guarantee in total


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Schott Zwiesel Classic Wine Glass

Classic Solution

Schott Zwiesel has long proven themselves as best-manufactured and most charmingly designed glassware on the market. It gently combines the finest German traditions of glassmaking along with the cutting-edge environmentally sensitive technologies.

The set of 6 glasses that we kindly present to your attention belongs to the Classic Cru stemware collection and can be generally considered as an excellent example of traditional red wine glasses. Just the right stem height and good balance will allow you to hold a wine glass without touching the bowl. This is an excellent feature, as the heat emanating from your hands can easily warm up your wine and make it lukewarm. Trust us, you wouldn’t enjoy its taste and flavor. 

The full and round bowl of this stemware with a rather large opening will allow your red wine to breathe and oxidize, revealing its enchanting aroma to the fullest. The smooth rounded rim, delicately cut by special laser technology, will ensure immediate contact of the drink with the tip of your tongue. Thanks to highly durable crystal glass, these glassware rims are made exceptionally thin. They won’t distract you from savoring the taste of your divine beverages as the wine would flow seamlessly into your mouth. 

In a word, any true wine-lover will certainly appreciate perfectly-sculpted bowls, finely edged rims, and elaborate design of this excellent glassware.

Review of Schott Zwiesel Classic Wine Glass

Superior Lead-Free Crystal Glass

There is glass and there is exquisite crystal glass from Schott Zwiesel. What is the difference, you’d ask? The main determinant in this classification is the content of lead and other added minerals in the glass. In Europe, glasses with a lead content ranging from 10 to 30% are generally categorized as crystal. Lead crystal, however, may not necessarily offer crystalline structure but is widely prized and appreciated for its durability and decorative appearance. 

In contrast to the traditional lead-crystal glass, a superior state-of-the-art patented technology was used in the production of Schott Zwiesel glassware. By eliminating lead from its chemical composition and adding instead loftier components of titanium and zirconium oxide to the glass, the manufacturer created truly luxurious world’s best crystal glass. Titanium enhances the strength and durability, while zirconium noticeably boosts the clarity, shine, and brilliance of the glass. Besides, Tritan crystal glass is made with special Tritan technology that smoothens glassware surface making it highly resistant to breakage, chipping, scratching, or micro-fractures. No worries, your glassware will safely withstand any thermal treatment and dish-washing.

Thus, this glassware will require the easiest care and maintenance. To clean your stemware, you just need to load the glasses into the dishwasher. We would only advise to ensure adequate spacing between the items to avoid their knocking into each other.

If you are already tempted by the amazing properties of this set, you can buy one for your personal use at home, or give it as a very sophisticated present to any dear friend of yours who will be able to appreciate its beauty. 

Schott Zwiesel Classic Wine Glass in the use

Perfect Match

Well, these glasses can perfectly accommodate medium and full-bodied red wines, known for their high alcohol content, a mouth-coating density, and bolder flavor. It should be noted that owing to their moderate acidity and balanced tannins, medium-bodied red wines are some of the most quintessential food complements. They will allow you not only to enjoy in full their delicate silky-smooth finish but also get maximum pleasure from meat, vegetable, or spicy dishes. Serve this wine at a temperature of 63-70 ° F for any dinner in excellent glassware from Schott Zwiesel. 

This sophisticated crystal glassware will not only make your wine taste better but also become an excellent decoration for your dinner table.

Detailed review of Schott Zwiesel Classic Wine Glass

Elegant Designs to Suit any Taste and Beverage

As we have already mentioned, this set features most traditional red wine glasses that can also be used with full-bodied white wines. The suggested wine varietals include Bourdeaux, Merlot, Zinfindel, Malbec, Barolo, Chardonnay, Viognier, and Cabernet Sauvignon. 

If you happen to belong to wine connoisseurs and are willing to diversify your stemware selection, Schott Zwiesel offers you the opportunity to purchase other types of glasses from the same series. 

For instance, a deeper and more rounded bowl of the Bourdeaux Set will provide larger surface area for swirling your delicious red and ensuring its delicate flavor and aromas are released to the fullest. 

Champagne Flute Set will nicely accommodate a variety of sparkling wines and keep the carbonation perfectly well from dissipating. Also, special stemware for white wines with narrower openings, such as Full White Set or Chardonnay Set for light dry wine, will optimally preserve the gentle white wine aromas. 

If you want to complement this wine stemware with ordinary water glasses to match on the dinner table, you can also buy other glassware that is traditionally used with water, made in the same style of the Classic Cru collection.

Schott Zwiesel Classic Wine Glass application
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Royal Stemless Wine Glass Set

All Purpose Fashionable Stemless Wine Glass Set

Although some old-fashioned wine connoisseurs prefer to remain on the sidelines of the latest developments, but stemless wine glasses have become a mark of sophistication, class, and style at high-end restaurants and bars. These tumblers will be an excellent way to demonstrate your friends a good taste and serve a variety of dinner parties, formal events, barbecues, weddings etc. 

Featuring the shape that perfectly retains taste and aroma of most delicate wines, these funny tumblers are more convenient in use than traditional stemware and at the same time, they exude a highly modern appearance. A flat base and elongated design, that will fit nicely into your palm, effectively improve the stability of your drink, prevent tipping and spills. Hence, they will be a great solution for entertaining event, party, or family dinner, as they will be able to hold a variety of wines as well as other beverages. Being less formal, they can be used along with traditional stemware on the dinner table to serve water or other refreshing non-alcoholic drinks. However, when drinking wine from these stemless glasses, do not forget that keeping the glass in your hands for a long time will increase the temperature of the drink.

If you prefer to enjoy a stronger alcoholic beverage every now and then, such as good quality whiskey, you can certainly purchase special whiskey glasses. However, we believe that Royal Stemless Wine Glasses would work just fine as well and will be able to both release and retain a complex flavor of this premium spirit.

A set of 4 pieces will be big enough for a small family, but at the same time, it is possible to purchase a bigger set of 8 wonderful stemless wine glasses for parties and gatherings with friends.

Review of Royal Stemless Wine Glass Set

Practical and Convenient to Take on the Go

These practical stemless wine glasses are good both in weight and feel. They feature high-quality shatter-resistant glass, that makes them very durable and easy to care for. You can clean them either manually, washing them by hand, or simply by placing them on the top rack of the dishwasher. The absence of a thin stem also makes them less fragile, easier to handle and to store. They would need much less space in the storage cabinets and will fit into the shelves with small heights. Thus, the stability, achieved in these glasses due to the lack of a long stem and a rather wide flat bottom, makes them very convenient and practical for use in a variety of situations.

Royal Stemless Wine Glass Set in the use

Any Wine Tastes Better Under the Open Sky

Both strength and small size of these glasses make them an excellent choice for everyday use, as well as taking along to the parties, dinners, or picnics under the open sky. When going on a picnic, you can rest assured that these glasses will not only allow you to take maximum pleasure in every sip of your drink but will also fit into almost any basket without taking up much space. You will be impressed by how little room this elegant, but practical and sturdy stemless glassware will need in your catering bag or picnic basket. Thanks to shatter-resistant glass, they can be safely transported without requiring too careful treatment. So, don’t hesitate to take them on the go on any suitable occasion. 

Just throw a handy picnic blanket on the freshly cut grass in the park, by the pond or a lake, and enjoy the delicate summer breeze, warm sunshine, and chilled wine in the delightful company of your friends or a special loved one.

Detailed review of Royal Stemless Wine Glass Set

Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Naturally, in view of a multitude of irresistible advantages that this set is able to offer, it can become an excellent gift for your dear friends and family members. Never miss an opportunity to say thank you. At such an attractive price, this set would help you make a thoughtful and considerate gesture when you need to show someone how much you value their help or support with a thank you gift. 

In addition, the glasses are packed in the Glossy Gift Box, that gives them a very distinctive and presentable appearance. This set would certainly please any true wine lover, who always appreciates a chance to supplement and diversify their selection of glassware. In addition, it would be a decent and appropriate gift to business clients or colleagues. Moreover, glassware has always been an excellent choice for house-warmings and newlyweds. 

Royal Stemless Wine Glass Set application
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Libbey Wine Party Glass Set

For a Great Wine Party

Sometimes it takes more than two, four, or even six glasses to accommodate all your friends at the unforgettable wine party. If you are looking for a large, great quality, and inexpensive set of glasses for rowdy parties and crowded gatherings, search no more. Libbey Wine Party Glass Set is exactly what you need. Naturally, this is primarily due to the opportunity to purchase a set of 12 or 16 wine glasses at the most attractive price. If necessary, you can even buy several sets at a time. 

Perfectly balanced wine glasses on a long thin but sturdy stem will stand firmly in both indoor table setting and during outdoor dining. Being so attractively priced, they will neither disappoint you with a misaligned design nor put you off with a cheap look of affordable glassware. On the contrary, these party glasses will surprise you with their strength and elegance. This set will be able to survive a number of rowdy crowded gatherings and become an excellent decoration on any festive table. 

What could be better than having fun with friends without worrying about such little things as fragile and expensive glassware? Should one of these party glasses be accidentally knocked off the table and break, you won't be saddened by such a trivial material loss. You will just laugh it off and continue the party without accentuating this little mishap. The good old superstition says: breaking a glass in public is a sign of good luck. FYI, Jewish weddings always end with breaking an expensive piece of glassware, not only as a reminder of the difficult past but also as a harbinger of good luck and good fortune! Mazel Tov!

No matter how many guests you entertain, cleaning the glassware after the party will be a breeze. Besides, these wine glasses will be perfect for everyday use too if you prefer to keep the more expensive glassware for special occasions.

Review of Libbey Wine Party Glass Set

Either Red or White

Another advantage of these Libbey wine glasses is that you do not have to purchase different sets of glassware for different varieties of wine. The shape of the bowl in these Libbey wine glasses is so conventional, that it can perfectly accommodate both white and red wines. Don't worry about your guests’ preferences when setting the table. The opening of Libbey wine glasses is sufficiently wide to allow most red wines to breathe, oxidize, and excess ethanol to evaporate to deliver smoother wine taste. At the same time, this glassware can retain the gentle flavor and aroma of chilled white wines. It is worth only noting that this set may not be quite suitable for serving full-bodied red wines. This glassware may not be capable of fully mitigating the bitterness of tannins and fully releasing the rich and complex bouquet of full-bodied reds. 

Nevertheless, we believe that the broad spectrum of possibilities of the Libbey Wine Party Glass set will be fairly appreciated by many wine-lovers.

Libbey Wine Party Glass Set in the use

Useful Tips on Pouring the Wine

Wine is a sophisticated drink that requires strict adherence to certain rules not only during serving or storage but also when pouring. To gently pour all the wine from the bottle till the last drop without splashing or dripping it onto a tablecloth you need to acquire certain knowledge and skills.

Firstly, a standard portion makes 5 oz (150 ml) or 6 oz (180 ml) at most, even if the glassware is large enough to hold half of the bottle. Wine needs space and ample surface area for swirling, breathing, and releasing its beautiful bouquet. So, don’t try to demonstrate your generosity by filling the wine glasses to the top. 

Secondly, wine should be poured slowly and carefully, while holding the bottle in the middle (or bottom) of the body. It is the easiest way to form a narrow spout and gently fill the glass. Besides, holding the bottle in this way will allow you to stop pouring the wine quickly and deliberately to avoid drips. Nobody would enjoy observing the drips of red all over the crisp white tablecloth during the dinner party. Hence, you can always use napkins to catch the last drops of wine before they hit the tablecloth. Alternatively, abruptly rotate the bottle away from you as you stop pouring the wine to throw the last drips off route. This special trick needs some practice to achieve perfection. 

Lastly, many wine enthusiasts use a so-called drop-stop, a piece of silver foil that you insert into a bottle neck to get a more precise control of the spout.

Detailed review of Libbey Wine Party Glass Set

Aeration and Decantation Makes Nearly any Wine Taste Better

To improve wine taste and fully release its beautiful flavor, it is often necessary to use aerators or decanters. Classically, the decanter is a large glass pitcher or container with a very wide flat bottom. Such wide surface area increases the exposure of wine to the air. Once poured into a decanter, don’t rush it, let your wine breeze and sit there at least for half an hour. If you are impatient or cannot usually wait so long, we advise using an aerator. This small device can provide the same effect almost instantaneously as you pour your drink directly into the glass through a suitable quality wine aerator. Read our review on the best wine aerators available on the market to find the one and only device that will be able to meet your needs.

Libbey Wine Party Glass Set application
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Modern Innovations Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

Advantages of Modern Innovations

A set of glasses from Modern Innovations is made of high-quality shatterproof 18/8 stainless steel, that makes it extremely durable and perfect for picnics, camping, hiking in the woods, outdoor parties, or poolside barbecues. No matter how you intend to use them, these wine glasses are surely made to last a lifetime. After all, the material is extremely resistant to scratches, it is difficult to break, and it will retain its attractive appearance over the years of use. 

Although not extremely shiny, the wine glasses boast nice satin finish and smooth elegant shape that give them their stylish and contemporary appearance. The sleek and delicate design features quality build and construction. There will be no wobbling, as the wine glasses have the necessary balance to sit firmly on their flat base and stand steadily on the surface of the table. On top of that, they are very lightweight and will feel nicely in your hand.

So rarely do wine parties or rowdy gatherings go without broken glasses that some people started to gravitate towards the use of plastic cups or cheap glasses. There is always someone in the crowd clumsy or simply absent-minded enough to knock off a piece of glassware from the table. If you wish to make a nice impression on your guests without dreading the moment when your new expensive stemware flies off the table and hits the ground, this set will be the answer to your prayers. It will help you enjoy a worry-free time at the merry gatherings and parties with rowdy friends and family members either indoors or outdoors. These wine glasses will definitely survive any party. 

If you do not fancy turning your house into a party place but still belong to real wine-lovers, do not hesitate to supplement your glassware collection with Stainless Steel Wine Glasses from Modern Innovations.

Review of Modern Innovations Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

Endless Benefits of Stainless Steel Glasses

The benefits of using stainless steel glasses are countless. Firstly, no other material can match their durability and service life, impact resistance or ability to withstand the heat. Secondly, stainless steel is the safest material for your drinks, that is free from chemicals and toxic materials, such as lead, zinc, or BPA. Its composition is 100% natural and does not have any interior coatings, that can decay or disintegrate over time. In addition, it is also worth highlighting the hygienic and antibacterial properties of stainless steel vessels. Unlike other materials (such as lead crystal glass or plastic), stainless steel glass can hold wine over an extended period of time without reacting to its acidity. Hence, there will be no health hazards or poor taste of the beverage when using this glassware. This stemware will be extremely easy to clean and maintain. Just throw them all together in the dishwasher after the dinner party and leave them to air dry. Finally, if you decided to go green, these stainless-steel glasses are not only reusable and environmentally-friendly, but also can be safely recycled at the end of their lifetime.

Modern Innovations Stainless Steel Wine Glasses in the use

For White Varieties

The shape of the cup of this glass is often called Montrachet. This is a variation of the standard conventional glass for white varieties of wine with a wider bowl and slightly narrowed top. This form is ideal for full-bodied white wines, such as oak-aged Chardonnay. These vessels will also be an ideal solution for admirers of good vintage white wines, some sparkling wines, or not as common orange wines. The last type of wine differs somewhat in their taste from white ones. They are quite strong with rather high alcohol content but at the same time very gentle with sourness more reminiscent of red wines. Usually, their taste is described as honey with the notes of citrus aroma. These glasses will allow you to appreciate the taste of orange wines to the fullest.

Detailed review of Modern Innovations Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

Colder for Longer

It is worth noting another advantage of these glasses, which makes them an excellent choice for white wine varieties. As you know, white wines are usually served chilled. Stainless Steel Wine Glasses retain the cool temperatures of the wine for longer. They will allow you to drink your wine slowly without worrying about its getting lukewarm. Take your time to enjoy the heavenly taste of your drink. For keeping white wines chilled, we would also recommend considering a purchase of an ice bucket that will maintain the low temperature of the wine in the bottle while you are slowly savoring every sip of your drink.

Modern Innovations Stainless Steel Wine Glasses application
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Antoni Barcelona Large Wine Glass

Piece of Art As a Perfect Gift

Drinking wine is not only enjoyable but also a form of art, especially when you are drinking from an elegant hand-crafted vessel that is a piece of art itself. These unique artisan wine glasses from Antoni Barcelona were inspired by a highly sensual, spiritual, and exuberant work of the renowned Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi – Sagrada Familia. It is a spacious and beautifully designed Roman Catholic church, that combines both Gothic and Art Noveau forms in its architectural style. This magnificent landmark is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attracts over 2 million visitors annually. Besides deeply symbolical spires, meaningful facades, and rich interior, this breathtaking basilica is crowned with absolutely dazzling stain-glassed windows. When holding Antoni Barcelona Large Wine Glass up to the direct sunlight, you can experience a mesmerizing dance of light and colors so glorious, as if the vibrant colorful glass of Sagrada Familia came to rest in your hand. 

It looks like a traditional wine vessel and is both durable and lightweight, which is probably of great importance to wine tasters. After all, thanks to the bowl's volume of 16 ounces, the stemware has very sizable and impressive dimensions. The glasses are 10.5 inches (or 27 cm) tall with the bowl height of 5.5 inches. They are perfectly balanced with a wide 3.5-inch foot and spacious 3-inch opening. It is advised to fill the glass by one-third (5-6 oz of wine) and hold it gently by its solid and convenient stem.

If your friend, supervisor, or a colleague appreciate good vintage red wines, this hand-crafted Antoni Barcelona Large Wine Glass will make a perfect gift for any occasion. You can always give it to the newlyweds, as a thank you gift or housewarming present. Whether you give it as a present or buy it for yourself, this piece of art will provide the owner with a moment of true aesthetic delight and genuine enjoyment with the best quality vintage wines.

Review of Antoni Barcelona Large Wine Glass

When Artist's Creative Spirit Matters

As already noted above, this glass is not just an ordinary wine vessel. Created by the artists with over 60 years of experience and unrivaled attention to detail, this wine glass becomes a real piece of art. Each item is thoroughly shaped using the traditional mouth-blowing technique. A sharp eye and steady hand help artists form the fiery-hot blobs and perfect them to the ideal shape. Meticulously hand-painted, the wine glasses offer such a spectacular play of light and colors that would leave everyone breathtaking.

Experienced sommeliers believe, that there is nothing that can compete with drinking good vintage wine out of a mouth-blown glass. A piece of glassware created the old-fashioned way has an unsurpassed air of authenticity. It is not the heartless and mindless machines, that created the glassware, but the experienced craftsmen who poured all their heart and soul into every single item they produced. In our contemporary world of mass production, more and more people tend to believe that hand-made things have a higher value. 

Firstly, no two hand-painted and mouth-blown glasses will ever be alike. None of them can be identically duplicated, as color, shading, or pattern can all have their variations. Hence, every single wine glass will be one of a kind. Secondly, it is an inherent part of human nature to appreciate the creative spirit. When people express themselves through visual art, they always leave part of themselves in it. Every hand-crafted Antoni Barcelona wine glass is an expression of their master’s creative spirit. Created in the environment of joy and delight, these glasses communicate the same positive emotions to their owners.

Antoni Barcelona Large Wine Glass in the use

The Art of Wine Tasting

Thin transparent walls of Antoni Barcelona Wine Glass will not only allow to serve the best vintage red wines, but also to fully experience their smell, color, and texture. This fact will be appreciated by experienced wine connoisseurs since the process of wine tasting consists of three main stages: 

  • The eye: visual assessment, 
  • The nose: smell and assessment of the wine aroma, 
  • The mouth: tasting.

This glass is a perfectly suitable vessel for many types of red wines, but especially for the wines produced from the grapes growing in the French province of Bordeaux. Its shape and dimensions are ideal for full-bodied, heavier, saturated red wines such as Cabernets and Merlots. It has a spacious bowl, somewhat larger than a traditional glass for red wines. The wide bottom of the bowl, slightly tapered upward to the rim, provide an opportunity to aerate the wine well, facilitate the evaporation of excess ethanol, and also deliver the aroma directly to your smelling receptors allowing you to experience the delicate notes and subtle nuances of its gentle aroma.

Detailed review of Antoni Barcelona Large Wine Glass

High-end Wines Need Special Attitude and Treatment

Experienced wine collectors know that wine vintage matters, as the year when the grapes were grown can noticeably affect the taste and quality of the produced wine. Non-vintage wine is produced from blending the grapes of several seasons together. Thus, the vintage year of the wines can be either good or bad. The best high-end red wines from reputable regions with good vintage year tend to get only better with age and therefore deserve very special treatment.

Aged vintage Bordeaux, for instance, will always have some sediment at the bottom, that should not be disturbed. These small particles are derived naturally from tannins and not harmful. But you wouldn’t enjoy drinking your wine full of grit. Thus, you need to handle the bottle carefully and let the sediment settle to the bottom. To open such wines, it is best to use the electric wine bottle opener, which would make the least impact on the bottle and help you easily get the cork out without unsettling the sediment.

Wine connoisseurs would also select very carefully the glassware suitable for serving high-end reds with good vintage and reasonable age. The good news is the Large Wine Glass from Antoni Barcelona can perfectly cope with the task and make any red wine taste the best it possibly can.

Antoni Barcelona Large Wine Glass application

Additional Info


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What is a Wine Glass?

Of course, no one can forbid drinking wine from cups, mugs, or other funny vessels. However, experienced wine tasters are not without a reason to argue that, depending on the chosen glassware, the wine can acquire a completely different taste. That is why to fully reveal the virtues and delicate aromas of different varieties of wine, you need special glassware.

It's no secret that red wines need to breathe and oxidize, to evaporate excess ethanol and acquire a smoother taste. Thus, swirling red wine in a larger glass can increase the surface area and help unlock its taste and aromas. On the other hand, white wines require other treatment, such as the lower serving temperatures and the glassware capable of collecting their delicate aromas. All these and many other features were taken into consideration by professionals when establishing the optimal shape, size, and thickness of the glass for different types of wine.

So, if you decided that it's time for you to buy special glassware for wine, but not sure what you need, our review will help you pick the right set of glasses that will make your wine taste better. We have selected the sets to meet the variety of needs and preferences. Below, you will find the perfect glassware for daily use, weddings, celebrations, parties and gatherings with friends, as well as excellent glassware to present as a gift or take on the go to a spontaneous camping trip.

If you decided to redecorate your home interior or create a designated area where you could sit with friends or family members and enjoy a glass of quality wine, have a look at our reviews of best bar tables and barstools.

What Features to Compare

Suggested Usage

When choosing the glassware, have a look at its suggested usage to see if it matches the types of wine you prefer. If the manufacturer did not provide this information, here are a few tips you could follow. 

  • Red Wines. As a rule, glasses for red wines feature larger bowls with wider openings, so that your drink could have sufficient contact with air and enough surface area for swirling. There is a variation of forms, sizes, and shapes to fully reveal different bouquets of light-, medium-, to full-bodied red wines. 
  • White Wines, Sparkling Wines, and Rose. The size and bowl capacity for white wines is usually smaller to minimize its exposure to the air and keep it chilled for longer. Rose wines, being very similar to light-bodied white wines, can be served in the same glassware. However, if you wish, you can purchase special glassware with a slightly flared lip design to accommodate younger and crispier rose wine varieties. Sparkling wines and Champagne are commonly served in elongated narrow glasses to ensure maximum preservation of bubbles, carbonation, their delicate flavor, and aroma. 
  • Dessert and Fortified Wines. There are also vessels that are designed to help you enjoy sweet dessert and fortified wines. They tend to have a smaller size of the bowl and a narrower opening to reduce the evaporation of alcohol and allow you to drink it in smaller sips, as their sweetness and high alcohol content may truly overwhelm. 
  • All Purpose Glasses. If your tastes and preferences tend to vary and you are not ready to purchase several sets at once, you can go for all-purpose glassware. Their shape is something in-between the glasses for red and white wines. It is wide enough to release aromas of red wines and yet offers a special form to collect delicate aromas of white wines. Thus, you can use them with a large variety of drinks. One type of all-purpose vessels are stemless glasses or tumblers - they are more convenient to store, transport, or take on the go, as well as more durable and resistant.

Set Size 

You can buy glassware either by pieces or in sets. If you are preparing for a wine party, check out the larger cost-effective sets of 6, 12, or even 24 glasses, depending on the number of guests, for a beautiful table setting. At the same time, keep in mind that larger sets may take up quite a lot of storage space in your cabinet. Individual glasses can be hand-crafted by real professional artists and feature sophisticated design and decoration. Such pieces of art can become an excellent choice for giving as a gift to a true wine connoisseur or an art-lover.


When choosing glassware, an important criterion that needs to be considered is the material from which they are made. The most common are glass, lead or lead-free crystal glass, and stainless steel. Crystal is a type of glass with a high content of lead oxide, due to which it acquires clarity, brilliance, strength, and durability. Crystal glasses are truly spectacular, they perfectly reflect the light and can give any table a touch of style and elegance. Most crystal glasses can be washed only by hand. However, some claim that lead dishware may pose potential health hazards. Lead-free crystal glass contains other materials, such as titanium or zirconium. Due to this, it retains the beauty of crystal and at the same time has greater strength, which is why it is usually dishwasher-safe. Stemware made of traditional glass are the most popular, yet easily breakable. If you look for longevity, practicality, and durability, then nothing can beat the stainless steel glassware. 


Q: Can I mix wine with water?

A: Wine lovers would never advise adding water to wine, as it may seriously tamper with its taste, aroma, and flavor. It is best to enjoy wine as it is.

Q: Is it better to drink wine after finishing dinner or to pair it with food?

A: There is no short answer to this question, as pairing wine with food is a real art. There are no fast rules on matching food and wine, but only basic recommendations, as the ultimate wine choice will depend on your personal taste and preferences. Before you get a chance to dive into the topic deeper, we could recommend sticking to the following guidelines. Silky white wines, such as Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc, would perfectly complement seafood dishes, fatty fish, salmon in lush or cream sauces. Although any wine can go well with a plate of cheese, dry Rose can pair practically with any type of cheese. Steaks and chops are usually paired with such popular red wines as Cabernet or Bordeaux. Finally, for your dessert, make sure to choose the wine as sweet or even sweeter than your cake or ice-cream.

Q: Is drinking wine good for my health?

A: As many beautiful and delicious things in this world, drinking wine is certainly good in moderation. Having a glass (or two) of wine can help you unwind after hard working day, alleviate stress, anxiety, or agitation. In addition, there are many other well-known benefits of drinking wine. Firstly, wine feeds your brain. Researchers established that wine reduces forgetfulness, improves your memory, as well as prevents clots, unclogs your arteries, and reduces inflammation of blood vessels, that may lead to cognitive decline. Secondly, wine helps you lose weight. Wine-drinkers were found to have lower body mass and smaller waists, than people who prefer other alcoholic beverages. Thirdly, wine was proven effective in boosting the immune system and preventing food poisoning. Finally, wine is rich in both antioxidants and phytoestrogens, that have anticancer properties. Only a glass or two of red wine (preferably) a day can help women reduce the risk of ovarian cancer by 50%. By elevating estrogen levels, wine also helps increase the bone mass.

Q: How should I clean my glassware?

A: There is glassware made of a sturdy, durable, and dishwasher-safe material. All you need to do is throw such glasses into the machine ensuring there is ample and adequate spacing between the individual items (it is best to avoid their knocking against each other). Then, leave them to air dry and polish afterward to brilliance with kitchen dish towels. Other glassware, however, needs to be carefully washed by hand. Beware, that most of the crystal glassware has pores that can easily absorb any smells or abrasive chemicals. So, make sure to use non-chemical and fragrance-free detergent. If your party or gathering with friends ended a little late, then dirty dishware will probably have to wait for cleaning until the morning. Just be sure to leave the glasses immersed in water for the night to avoid the dreaded stains of evaporated wine or lipstick so hard to get rid of. As soon as you wake up, clean them delicately by hand in the warm soapy water. After rinsing (and sterilizing, if necessary) the glass, flour sack towels will help you dry your glassware, remove the water spots and fingerprints, as well as make your glasses shine.

Q: How long can I keep the opened bottle of wine? 

A: The optimal storage time would ultimately depend both on the type of wine and the conditions of its storage. There are some suggestions and recommendations on how long various types of wine can last. Sparkling wines can lose their bubbles or carbonation soon after opening. Thus, it is best to store them refrigerated with a sparkling wine stopper and consume within 1 to 3 days. Light and sweet white wines, as well as Rose, can be kept in your fridge shut with a cork for up to a week. It will be drinkable in a few days but may become less vibrant and lose its delicate fruity flavor after excess oxidation. Full-bodied white wine can oxidize faster and therefore should be consumed within 3-5 days. The life duration of red wines after opening will depend on the level of tannins and acidity they have. The more elevated the levels are, the longer it will last. Best to store them chilled in the dark cool place for 3 to 5 days. Fortified wines boast the longest shelf life of up to a whole month.

Q: Can my wine go bad? 

A: If your wine goes bad soon after opening you may experience a distinct vinegar-like smell. Additionally, if the alcohol is exposed to excess oxidization, it will rob the wine of fresh flavor and cause a sharp bruised fruit taste. The low temperatures can help to slow down these chemical reactions and prolong the wine's shelf life.


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