Product Comparison: Brita Grand OB36 vs PUR CR-6000C

General Specifications
Grand OB36
About the Product
Enjoy healthier, great-tasting water with the Brita Grand Water Filter Pitcher. The Brita Grand comes with a filter that reduces undesirable tastes and odors found in tap water. The electronic indicator reminds you when it's time to change the filter. With a large 10-cup capacity, the Brita Grand provides a convenient and cost-effective alternative to buying bottled water.
The PUR Classic 7-Cup Pitcher makes it easy to get clean, delicious water right from your fridge. Its built-in LED filter-life indicator lets you know when to change the MAXION® filter, ensuring your pitcher is always providing the cleanest water possible.
Key Specs
10 cups
7 cups
Purification Method
3-Stage Filtration
3-Stage Filtration
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Brita Grand OB36 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher
  • I like a lot of things about the pitcher. It's much larger capacity than the Slim, but still fit easily on the refrigerator door. It was well balanced.
  • I love this pitcher! It is elegant and extremely easy to handle. It pours perfectly and I'm very impressed with the capacity of water it can hold.
  • I have two of these and use them daily. They are easy to use and have excellent capacity.
  • Great large capacity water filter. I have not experienced any of the problems other reviewers have stated such as the lid not fitting or falling off.
  • Has a nice capacity of 10 cups (8oz each). This is just shy of a gallon which is 16 cups.
PUR CR-6000C 7 Cup Pitcher With Led Indicator
  • The pitcher is skinny. I suppose it being slim and oval shaped is a plus. This produces great tasting water in my opinion.
  • I love the design and the colour. The pitcher is very aesthectically pleasing. It looks very sleek and clean. It's almost like a fashion statement for my refrigerator. I love how the spout is thin so you get a nice thin stream of water instead of a waterfall.
  • Huge difference in taste (filter does its job quite well). It claims to filter many more impurities (than the nearest competitor Brita and just a notch below ZeroWater), value for money over Brita.
  • The top reservoir is too huge. I would rather have that water filtered and ready to go rather than hanging around up there, but as I stated, it takes far too long to filter.
  • Takes a LONG time to fill - the filter just doesn't allow the water to go through fast.
  • Pretty heavy when its full of water (lol), and you have to change the filters often.
Size & Weight
10.16 in.
11.3 in.
11 in.
10.8 in.
5.77 in.
4.6 in.
2.48 lb
2 lb
Filtration Results
Reduces chlorine (taste and odor), Reduces copper, Reduces mercury, Reduces zinc, Reduces cadmium impurities
Remove 95% of mercury, Reduces chlorine (taste and odor), Reduces 96% of trace levels of pharmaceuticals, Reduces 95% of certain Industrial Pollutants
Filter Type
Activated carbon, Ion-exchange resin, Built-in mesh screens
Premium carbon water filter, Multi-layer activated carbon & oxidation reduction alloy
Filter Life
40 gallons
40 gallons
Compatible Filters
Compatible with all Brita Pitchers except Brita Stream Pitcher
Compatible with CRF-950Z filter
What customers say about "Filtration"
Brita Grand OB36 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher
  • The filters can be purchased for a reasonable to cheap price if you are buying several. Some others have filters which cost much more.
  • I bought this about 7 months ago now and still have it. I can say the filtration system works great, however the design is a little faulty.
  • We have a Multi-Pure system and then run our water for coffee and cooking through a second filtration using the Brita pitchers. The Multi-Pure system has been rated to remove 93-95% of the Chloramines.
  • The best water filtration system i have even owned. Will definitely invest in this again.
  • The filtration process is very slow. It was so slow I questioned if the process stopped.
PUR CR-6000C 7 Cup Pitcher With Led Indicator
  • Great 2 stage filters leak less filter debris than other filters. The included indicator reminds you when to change filters. The capacity of the pitcher is better than I expected.
  • The filtered water tastes good. At first, I didn't detect much of a difference between my tap water and the filtered water but that was just the first batch of filtered water. I think the quality has improved now.
  • The water tastes soooo good, the jug barely has to be put together. to take off the top is easy to refill water. The water filters pretty fast, about 10 minutes for a full jug. and the led indicator light at the stop flashes green letting you know it's still not time to change the filter.
  • Overall, this is a good product. The water comes out tasting very fresh with no chemical flavor.
  • Filter life, or at least the LED indication of life, is short. I drink a good amount of water, but it seems silly to have to refill after less than 2 months.
Filter Life Indicator
Cleaning and Care
Hand wash
Hand wash
Water Quality Meter
Comfort Grip Handle, 100% BPA-free, Flip top lid for easy refilling
Easy-fill lid is thumb-activated for simplicity, 100% BPA-free, Recyclable, Includes filter life indicator, Comfort Grip Handle
What customers say about "Features"
Brita Grand OB36 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher
  • The filter status indicators are very helpful. Much better than hauling a lot of bottled water.
  • This is working as expected. I am able to pour a full to empty picture getting all the water out without any problems such as splashing, lid popping off, filter coming loose, etc. I saw some reviews with these being issues and wondered if I would end up seeing the same.
  • As for the cover not being sealed, I see it as a feature since it's easier to remove the cover to fill than try to position the flip-up lid under the faucet.
  • When full, the pitcher isn't that easy to hold as it gets heavy from the water and the handle design isn't very ergonomic.
  • I love this pitcher! It is elegant and extremely easy to handle.
PUR CR-6000C 7 Cup Pitcher With Led Indicator
  • The Led indicator will flash way to early, I recommend a total of 3 resets before the filter is completely depleted.
  • The filters last long enough, and with the LED indicator in the lid, it prevents changing them prematurely.
  • Ordered and arrived as expected. The LED was a bit complicated to figure out, but maybe it's because I didn't read the instructions closely enough. Works great and I have GREAT tasting water.
  • The lid is a pain to take off to refill. Seriously, I appreciate that it doesn't leak when the top reservoir is filled, but come on.
  • The LED on the lid has questionable battery life, mine came non-functioning with no way to replace it.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer warranty
1 years
Other Information
32.99 $

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