Product Comparison: Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher vs ZeroWater ZD-013

General Specifications
Water Filter Pitcher
About the Product
Aquagear removes 2000% more contaminants than the leading pitcher, including fluoride, lead, chlorine, chromium 6, and more.
With the ZeroWater Pitcher you can get cleaner, fresher water without tapping into your plumbing line, using bulky water coolers, and wasting your money on expensive bottled water. Thanks to an innovative five-stage filtration process, the ZeroWater Pitcher offers more complete water filtration than ordinary carbon filters. And for convenience, this pitcher neatly stores right in your refrigerator
Key Specs
8 cups
8 cups
Purification Method
3-Stage Filtration
5-Stage Filtration
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Fluoride and Lead
  • Yes, it's takes a little longer to refill due to the intensive filtering, but the larger capacity means you're refilling less often.
  • The construction and capacity of jug is impressive and solid and I have no complaints or improvements that I could suggest after daily use for 6 months.
  • Its large capacity, but still fits on the refridgerator door. Highly recommend the Aguagear Filter ptcher.
  • It's easy to use, has a good capacity, and you can actually taste the difference in your water. I also liked that Aquagear products are made in America AND they have a nifty recycling program.
  • This pitcher's top section's capacity is larger than the bottom holding tank, and the small fill opening in the lid gives no visibility into fill amount, so it is really easy to overfill it and have some still in the top section when you go to pour.
ZeroWater ZD-013 8-Cup Pitcher
  • The capacity is good enough for my husband and I, it takes 4 cups of water at a time for filtering, and takes about 30 minutes to filter it all.
  • The pitcher's capacity hasn't been a problem for our small family though, for four or more, it might not do as well.
  • Yes it's slow and the capacity is low, but it's worth it if you enjoy water at all.
  • I agree with some of the other reviewers - wish the pitcher had larger capacity.
  • The capacity is to small. It is to much trouble to use.
Size & Weight
10.9 in.
11.5 in.
10.9 in.
11 in.
5.5 in.
6 in.
2.5 lb
2.95 lb
Filtration Results
Remove fluoride (90.6%), Remove chlorine (99.9%), Remove chloramine (99.9%), Remove chromium 6 (99.4%), Remove lead (99.9%), Remove mercury (97.8%), Remove arsenic (99.8%), Remove over 50 VOCs
Reduce lead & other heavy metals, Removes 99.6% of Dissolved Solids
Filter Type
Lead/fluoride filter, Five stage filter with 2 micron pores
Coarse Filter Screen, Foam Distributor, Multi-layer activated carbon & oxidation reduction alloy, Dual Comprehensive ION EXCHANGE resin, Ultra-fine screen & non-woven membrane layers
Filter Life
150 gallons
40 gallons
Compatible Filters
Compatible with Aquagear filters
Compatible with Zerowater zr-017 filters
What customers say about "Filtration"
Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Fluoride and Lead
  • I have owned this water filter for about 2 weeks a now and there is no doubt that the Aquagear is the best water filter I have ever used.
  • The pitcher is useable and works fine if you're not expecting perfection. And I'm giving it 5 stars overall because the water is better than much higher priced filters, Berky (sp?) included.
  • I bought this filter to remove fluoride from the town water because I heard that it is bad for infants to eat formula made with water containing fluoride before their teeth come in. This filter states that it removes fluoride, with results posted on their website.
  • The filter is awesome, but the pitcher itself is horrible industrial design. You can't tell when the water is done filtering or how close to the top the water level is when filling the pitcher. And the pitcher is surprisingly awkward to pour from, it requires two hands to operate.
  • Thank you for making a filter and picture that are affordable that filters out the chlorine and the fluoride among other contaminants. I highly recommend this pitcher.
ZeroWater ZD-013 8-Cup Pitcher
  • Ok, first off i bought the cheapest pitcher i could find with this zerowater filter technology. with that being said, i am not going to hold it against the rating when grading this pitcher. clearly, i bought the entry level one as a test but would upgrade if given the opportunity to repurchase this.
  • This was the first water filter I have ever bought, and I really love it.
  • All I can say is wow, this thing is amazing. You can't argue with a water filtration pitcher that comes with a guage to let you compare your filtered water to tap water.
  • First it developed a smell of rotten fish, which I can only figure out to be algae in the clogged filter...
  • Although I credit ZeroWater for developing a filter that makes AZ tap water palatable, the filters do not last long enough to make it an economical option.
Open handle
Filter Life Indicator
Cleaning and Care
Hand wash
Hand wash
Water Quality Meter
Lifetime Warranty, 100% BPA-free, Recyclable
100% BPA-free, Sleek, Contemporary Design for Ease of Use, Battery-Powered Meter Makes it Easy to Test Your Water
What customers say about "Features"
Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Fluoride and Lead
  • The set up was fast and easy, including the flushing of the filter, all taking less than 3 minutes. I love the pour spout feature, which allows “hands free” filling up with water and the water tastes amazing.
  • I like the pour spout feature, which allows a hands free approach when filling up with water and the water tastes amazing.
  • It is so easy to use and refill. I love the "pour through lid" feature. Most of all, we all love the taste! We are enjoying the clean, crisp, great tasting water. So glad we found this!
  • The Aquagear filters are much more effective, and the pitcher is great. I love the convenience of the easy-fill feature.
  • The lid doesn't fit tightly, so it can come off, spilling water everywhere. You have to hold it with both hands - one for the handle and one for the lid.
ZeroWater ZD-013 8-Cup Pitcher
  • Another cool feature is the measuring device it comes with to see how many parts per million of stuff is in your water. Our tap was around 120, bottled water was around 50, and after filtration with ZeroWater it was 001 the first time. So that was pretty cool.
  • The cartridges are easy to replace, not cheaper, but still cheaper than buying bottled water and way more environmentally friendly...
  • The Zero also has a small tap with a push button to let you pour the already-filtered water while waiting for the rest to come through. The feature is a nice idea.
  • It did fit in my top refrigerator shelf, so it could be used with the spigot that is built in at the base of the handle.
  • The handle has a sharp chip in the plastic. Zerowater has obviously decided to change the manufacturing of their product to save a few cents.
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69.95 $
29.99 $

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