Grill & Toast

Best Toasters

The aroma of just baked bread can become an awesome start of a day. Most people wouldn’t deny the fact that baking is often associated with fuss. However, not anymore, with invention of a toaster. Due to the cutting edge technologies, it's become possible to spend just a few minutes in the kitchen and soon after enjoy a crispy  hot toaster on a plate. Here in our review we've selected some of the most popular toasters in the market, so you can choose an ideal fit. Hopefully, our recommendations and tips are gonna be helpful!

Best Electric Skillets

If you like spending time in a cozy little bungalow by a lake in the mountains, you still want to eat different delicious food. And spending money on a large stove makes no sense since you can use a small and handy electric skillet. We have chosen 5 best electric frying pans for you!

Best Microwave Ovens

A microwave oven is an appliance most modern kitchens have. It helps us cook and heat food very fast thanks to the effect of microwaves that penetrate food and heat it up from inside. We have selected 5 best and most popular microwave ovens to make your pick easier!

Best Solar Cookers

If you are a fan of picnics you’ll definitely do justice to the benefits of cooking right in the sun. Solar cooker can quickly prepare a delicious meal just like the one cooked in a traditional oven. In our solar cooker review we’ve selected some of the best 5 solar cookers.

Best Toaster Ovens

A toaster oven is a versatile appliance that can replace a full-sized conventional oven and a microwave. With its help, you can bake, broil, toast, and defrost dishes. But, a toaster oven uses a lot less energy! We have selected 5 different toaster ovens to make your choice easier.

Best Electric Griddles

Flavored grilled veggies and juicy barbecue is not gonna be a delicacy of summer season only with a decent electric griddle. And, though, the griddle might not produce that mouth-watering smell of smoke, it will surely make your diet way healthier by reducing the content of grease in fatty meals by times. Besides, don’t you really like an idea of having picnics indoors whenever you’re up to having one? We’ve selected some of the most popular electric griddles available in the market to narrow down your choice and help you choose among the best.

Best Waffle Makers

If you adore crunchy baked waffles with a cup of tea, it's high time to choose one of the best waffle makers and enjoy delicious breakfasts every morning!

Best Induction Cooktops

If you need a portable energy-efficient kitchen appliance, try cooking on an induction cooktop! Owing to innovative technologies and a sophisticated design, you will cook your favorite meals faster and easier than ever!

Best Rotisserie Ovens

What is the best way to cook healthy and delicious chicken? Is there any appliance that can roast poultry with golden crust and yet fat-free? You might be surprised but there is. Find one of the best rotisserie ovens in our review and come up with your favorite meals just as you like them. 

Best Electric Grills

Have no opportunity to set a gas or charcoal grill? An electric grill can become a solution to this problem! Hopefully, in our review, you'll find a suitable appliance to use during all your indoor and outdoor barbecue and grill parties.

Best Turkey Fryers

Cooking turkey for Thanksgiving has never been easier than with a turkey fryer! Look through our review of 5 best appliances to make your choice! And be sure, your family will give plenty of praise to the chef!

Best Electric Smokers

The art of cooking is so diverse that there is always something new to experience. If you haven’t discovered electric smokers yet, we are ready to represent them. Check out 5 best models and choose the one to treat your dear people with perfectly smoked meat, poultry, fish or vegetables.

Best Charcoal Smokers

Smoked foods lovers, take your heart! If you are looking for an affordable and advanced smoking device, a charcoal smoker will meet all your needs and demands. Now you can recreate the tenderness and explosive flavor of smokehouse foods!