Grill & Toast

Best Toasters to Start Your Mornings
The aroma of freshly baked bread can become an awesome start of the day. But what should you do if you’ve no time for baking? A good alternative will be to get a toaster! With a toaster at hand, you’ll not skip breakfasts anymore and will be able to savor crispy toasts whenever you wish!
Best Dualit Toasters That Make Your Bread Tastier
Toast is an integral part of breakfast for many Americans, isn't it? A good toaster will make a difference in how tasty and healthy your morning meal is. Dualit toasters are an accepted classic in the industry, known for their quality and reliability. Let's check out the range of the best ones to see if you find your own perfect model.
Electric Skillets
Best Electric Skillets

If you like spending time in a cozy little bungalow by a lake in the mountains, you still want to eat different delicious food. And spending money on a large stove makes no sense since you can use a small and handy electric skillet. We have chosen 5 best electric frying pans for you!

Microwave Ovens
Best Microwave Ovens

A microwave oven is an appliance most modern kitchens have. It helps us cook and heat food very fast, thanks to the effect of microwaves that penetrate food and heat it up from the inside. We have selected 5 best and most popular microwave ovens to make your pick easier!

Best Over the Range Microwaves
An over-the-range microwave oven is a smart 2-in-1 unit designed for installation over a range or cooktop. It combines a strong ventilation unit and a microwave oven in one compact body, allowing you to utilize your kitchen space as wisely as possible. It's a great solution for those who have a small kitchen but still don't want to compromise on super-quick cooking and reheating.
Solar Cookers
Best Solar Cookers

All fans of picnics and camping should definitely take advantage of the sun while being in woods or mountains. A solar cooker is a device specifically designed for cooking meals right in the sun. Consider our selection of the best models we've come across so far and make your choice.

Toaster Ovens
Best Toaster Ovens
Space-saving, energy-conscious and versatile, a toaster oven can be the best solution for cramped kitchens and small households. With the help of a toaster oven, you will be able not only to toast bread but also broil steaks and fish, bake cakes, defrost dishes and do a whole lot more. Below are five top-selling models currently available on the market as well as a helpful guide with tips on how to select the appliance that will be right for you.
Electric Griddles
Best Electric Griddles
Flavored grilled veggies and juicy barbecue is not gonna be a delicacy of summer season only with a decent electric griddle. And, though, the griddle might not produce that mouth-watering smell of smoke, it will surely make your diet way healthier by reducing the content of grease in fatty meals by times. Besides, don’t you really like an idea of having picnics indoors whenever you’re up to having one? We’ve selected some of the most popular electric griddles available in the market to narrow down your choice and help you choose among the best.
Waffle maker
Best Waffle Makers

If you adore crunchy baked waffles with a cup of tea, it's high time to choose one of the best waffle makers and enjoy delicious breakfasts every morning!

Best Commercial Waffle Makers
If you love waffles like we do and want to share your passion with your customers, you're in the right place. Our selection of the best commercial waffle makers can help you attract more clients and get your business growing. The reviewed professional waffle irons will help you serve delicious fluffy waffles that won't leave anyone indifferent.
Electric Grills
Best Electric Grills

Have no opportunity to set a gas or charcoal grill? An electric grill can become a solution to this problem! Hopefully, in our review, you'll find a suitable appliance to use during all your indoor and outdoor barbecue and grill parties.

Best Indoor Grills for Delicious Homemade Food
Nothing compares to charcoal grilling, but indoor grills have already come close enough. They can grill steaks to perfection just in a matter of minutes. Anytime! And no matter what it's like outside. So, if you want to enjoy grilled food all year long, keep on reading our comparison chart and take your pick.
Turkey Fryers
Best Turkey Fryers
Cooking a delicious Thanksgiving meal has never been easier than with a turkey fryer. The best turkey fryers can produce an amazing and succulent fried bird in record time, and are versatile enough to fry a variety of other dishes. Look through our tops picks and make your choice!
Built in Ovens
Best Double Ovens for Your Kitchen
Do you find your current oven not large or capable enough of handling all of the dishes that you are baking? If so, you could really benefit from having a double oven. Read on for our reviews of the 5 top models and find the best double wall oven for your kitchen!
Convection Ovens
Best Convection Ovens for Faster Cooking
Want to cook your pastries, pizzas, crusty roasts, and other homemade dainties faster and get perfect results time and again? If so, your kitchen arsenal definitely needs a convection oven. Wonder how to choose the right one? Check our overview that will help you make up your mind.
Pizzelle Makers
Best Pizzelle Makers
Want to add some traditional Italian waffles to your menu? With one of these pizzelle makers, you will be able to cook them with ease. Such a device will become a reliable assistant in any kitchen.