Best Electric Nail Drills - Easy-to-use Machines for Perfect Manicure

Review & Comparison, Last Update September 17, 2018
Whatever we do today, we seek efficient means to speed up the process and manicuring is not an exception. If you want your hands and feet look gorgeous but you are not ready to spend a load of time or money on beauty salons, get a nail drill and treat your nails right at home. ...Read more ...Read less
BEST 2018
Manicuring is now easy with this ergonomic lightweight handpiece. Just turn a twist locking chuck to snap it open, replace the bit, and then snap it closed again. Efficient performance and intuitive controls ensure hustle-free nail drill operation.
It comes with 2 bits only.
As compact and reliable as it is, this nail drill is perfect for both acrylic and natural nails care. Designed to sit perfectly in hand, it boasts smooth and powerful operation. Professional manicure and pedicure are easy with Medicool electric nail drill!
detailed parameters
Variable speed control / max 20 000 RPM
6 x Sanding bands 1 x Free instructional DVD 1 x Handpiece holder
Full 1-year warranty
Portable and rechargeable, this MAKARTT nail drill is the perfect tool to carry around. An ergonomic charging indicator on the housing will tell you of the battery level.
You may need some time to get used to its twist lock.
Boasting a stylish design and excellent performance, this portable nail drill is perfect for polishing all nail types. It ensures an easy cuticle removing and nail buffing as well. You can also choose a white colored model.
detailed parameters
Variable speed control / max 30 000 RPM
1 x Charger 6 x Sanding bands 1 x Handpiece holder 1 x User's manual
Rechargeable (~3.5 hours charging is enough for 5-hour operation)
1-year warranty
Equipped with a silicone rubber heat-resistant sleeve, Belle Electric nail drill handpiece effectively prevents overheating and reduces vibration for the most comfortable and efficient nail care.
Sanding bands might slide off the bit at the maximum speed.
Perfect value for the money! With 6 bits and 26 sanding bands included, it is easy to file and buff your nails and remove cuticle. This power drill is perfect for natural, artificial, and even pet nails care. Select one of 4 available colors!
detailed parameters
Variable speed control / 4 000-30 000 RPM
1 x Handpiece cradle 1 x Foot pedal 26 x Sanding bands 1 x User's manual
6-month warranty
A variable speed control (500-35 000 RPM) ensures the comfortable use, excellent performance, and brilliant results irrespective of manicured nails type.
Some users would prefer it with a knob speed control rather than a sliding switch.
With this awesome nail drill, you will feel like a professional manicurist! Included high-quality diamond bits allow for the most effective nail drill performance, hustle-free operation, and long lifespan.
detailed parameters
Variable speed control / 500-35 000 RPM
6 x Sanding bands 1 x Handpiece cradle 1 x Foot pedal 1 x User's manual
2-year limited parts and labor warranty
As many as 7 interchangeable multifunctional sapphire-coated attachments ensure very gentle care of your hands and feet. Easy to use, PureNails nail drill delivers perfectly smooth results.
It has two rotating speed settings only.
This portable and easy-to-use nail drill is a wonderful tool for making a stunning manicure. A built-in LED grooming light works for accurate and perfect results.
detailed parameters
2 speed settings
1 x Premium carrying case 1 x User's manual
2-year warranty

Medicool 520

Health and Beauty

Attractive appearance is what we all strive for, and the way how our hands and feet look is a big part of it. With that said, it's not surprising that a machine manicure is so widely spread today. It's obviously one of the fastest and most efficient ways to make our nails look glorious. The Medicool Nail Filing System is a great representative of advanced manicure tools which can be used for at-home manicure either. The highest rotational speed at 20 000 RPM allows using it on all nails of different texture and thickness. Owing to the ergonomic design of the unit, it sits well in hand and doesn't vibrate as much during operation. A twist locking chuck guarantees hustle-free operation: just turn to snap it open, and snap it closed after replacing the bit. Another useful option is its forward and reverse rotation modes. The manufacturer has included 2 high-quality bits (a mandrel and a diamond cone) which are perfect for removing dead skin, cuticle, and calluses, as well as for cleaning under nails. Note that this nail drill is suitable equally well for treating both acrylic and natural nails.

All in all, with the Medicool Nail Drill, your nails will look fantastic after the first use! 

Review of Medicool 520 Professional Electric Filing System

Machine Manicure at Home

  • Remove your nail polish (non-acetone based remover is recommended).
  • Gently push excess cuticle from your nails with a cuticle pusher.
  • Remove callused skin around the nails (use a medium bit at low speeds).
  • If you have corns or calluses on your hands, remove them with the appropriate bit.
  • Use a cuticle cleaning drill bit to remove excess cuticle from your nails.
  • It is time to buff your fingernails. Remember, to smooth out nail surface, a gentle polishing is required.
  • We advise you to use a hand sanitizer after each procedure.
  • Do not forget to apply some moisturizer to your hands and/or feet. 

Medicool 520 Professional Electric Filing System in the use

More Products to Consider

It is a marvelous nail drill, but it comes with 2 bits only. If you are looking for a set of bits that can perform a greater variety of manicuring tasks, get some more nail drill bits optionally.

Detailed review of Medicool 520 Professional Electric Filing System

Additional Info


Medicool Pro Power 520 Electric Nail Drill


Anytime, Anywhere, For Anyone

Contemporary nail drill models allow ergonomic and hustle-free operation, and intuitive controls make manicuring as easy and comfortable as possible. However, most nail drills are mains powered, so their use is limited by outlets. Things are different with the MAKARTT portable nail drill. Requiring about 3.5 hours for recharge, the battery provides up to 5 hours of operation. In addition, it has a charging level (low, medium, and high) indicator. It is worth mentioning that the manufacturer has included 6 bits and 6 sanding bands, making it a decent set to take care of both fingernails and toenails. What we like even more about the MAKARTT nail drill machine is that it's suitable for use not only on natural nails but also acrylic, gel, and, if you need, even pet claws! Be careful when making your pet's claws for the first time, for it's difficult to predict how your dog may react to noise and vibration the nail drill produces.

Review of MAKARTT TP266 Rechargeable 30,000 RPM Manicure & Pedicure Set

Cuticle Care

Proper and delicate cuticle care is essential for the nails to look healthy and beautiful. Here are some useful nail drill manicure tips.  

1. Start with nail sidewalls. Get a cone bit and make sure it rotates in the opposite direction to your hand movement. It is advisable to use it at 10 000-12 000 RPM speed.

2. Using the same bit, move from the sidewalls to the bottom of your nail, gently pushing cuticle from the nails. Hold a headpiece just as if you held a pen in hand.

3. Gently remove cuticle with a small diamond barrel bit (use it at the 45° angle at 10 000 RPM speed).

4. Use a sapphire bit to remove excess cuticle. The recommended speed is 12 000 RPM.

5. Do not forget to apply the moisturizer after shaping, polishing, and buffing your nails.

MAKARTT TP266 Rechargeable 30,000 RPM Manicure & Pedicure Set in the use

More Products to Consider

To make a fancy manicure that won't be unheeded by anyone, you can use some pre-ready nail designs or beautiful shining nail powders.

Detailed review of MAKARTT TP266 Rechargeable 30,000 RPM Manicure & Pedicure Set


Belle NDW-000

Functional and Efficient

Professional manicure and pedicure can be done right at home with this wonderful Belle Updated electric nail drill! Thanks to its thoughtful design, buffing nails, removing excess cuticle, and many other things can be a really simple process! The ergonomic shape of the handle allows absorbing more vibrations when in use which guarantees much more comfortable operation even at the highest speed. For extra user's convenience and comfort of work, there's also a headpiece holder and a foot pedal.

If you've ever done your nails, you know how important it is to have all necessary things at hand. Speaking of the Belle electric nail drill, it includes six ergonomic bit holders to fit for different purposes. You will also find 26 sanding bands in the package which would last for quite a while before you'll need to get more for your manicure procedures. 


Review of Belle NDW-000 with Heat-resistant Handpiece

Manicure/Pedicure Tips

1. Before you start manicure or pedicure, make sure that your nail drill functions properly and all the bits have been previously sanitized.

2. Wipe your hands and/or feet dry.

3. Hold a headpiece at the 45° angle and move it from the center to the sides of nails.

4. If you are a beginner, we advise you to run the drill at low speeds. As soon as you feel more confident, you can gradually increase the speed.

5. It is advisable to give your nail drill a break every 5-7 minutes to prevent its overheating. Even if your nail drill was designed for longer operation, such breaks will let you increase the engine's lifespan. 

6. Please keep in mind that you shouldn't use the nail drill on irritated skin or damaged nails. 

Belle NDW-000 with Heat-resistant Handpiece in the use

More Products to Consider

What else you may be interested in is a portable set of buffet blocks to keep in your purse and use on the go.

Detailed review of Belle NDW-000 with Heat-resistant Handpiece

How to use Belle electric nail drill from Bellehome

Vogue Professional 6700

Super Power

A variable speed control is a great feature of any nail drill. For example, 20 000 RPM speed is quite enough for DIY home manicure. However, when it comes to a pedicure, you need 30 000-RPM and higher. As for the Vogue Professional nail drill, it delivers outstanding performance reaching 35 000 RPM, which is more than enough to treat even thick toenails. At the same time, the minimum speed of 500 RPM allows handling delicate nail treatment such as removing excess cuticles of nails. With the high performance like that, the Vogue Professional nail drill is still quite lightweight and sits comfortably in hand. The rubber ring on handle prevents its slipping out of hand too. So, with the characteristics like these, we can safely recommend the Vogue Professional nail drill to all those users who'd like to do both manicure and pedicure at home yet do it in a professional way.

Review of Vogue Professional 6700 Latest Technology

The Benefits of Nail Drilling

Why do more and more people prefer using nail drills? Because they have a large number of undeniable advantages:

  • Nail drills can save you plenty of time! With a nail drill, you won't need to soak hands in soap water and remove cuticle with a cutter.
  • No accidental cuts. Using nail drill bits, you're unlikely to cut or damage your skin, as it sometimes happens with scissors. Hence, you will be protected you from any possible infections. If properly used, all bits are absolutely safe; besides, they ensure charming long-lasting manicure and pedicure.
  • Healthy cuticles. Cutting cuticle is not recommended by dermatologists: cutting not only can damage cuticle's growth but also cause infection and irritation. A good nail drill allows for easy and safe removing of the excess cuticle.
Vogue Professional 6700 Latest Technology in the use

More Products to Consider

To clean and brush off nail dust, make use out of a nail brush. The choice of brushes is immense today and you can choose the right one for your needs.

Detailed review of Vogue Professional 6700 Latest Technology


Pure Enrichment PureNails

Portable and Efficient

Most electric nail drills come prepacked with a nail drill machine itself, a handpiece, several drill bits, and a foot pedal. Yet, if you are looking for a more portable and user-friendly appliance, try the Pure Enrichment Manicure & Pedicure System. If has a handpiece with a long AC adapter and seven interchangeable attachments. Just select the needed attachment and start manicuring! As compact and easy-to-use as it is, this portable nail drill is a perfect choice for beginners. With two speed settings (high and low), its operation is simple and effective! Getting used to using this nail drill won't take you months, it's all as simple as ABC. On top of exclusive functionality and such a great package the Pure Enrichment nail drill features some useful extras such as a built-in LED grooming light for comfort of work in dim lighting, a vinyl travel case with ergonomic slots and a zippered closure for convenient and neat storage and transportation. The manufacturer covers its product with a two-year warranty which is also a nice bonus.

Review of Pure Enrichment PureNails 7-piece Professional Manicure & Pedicure System

Maximum Attachments for Comfortable Manicure

The PureNails nail drill is equipped with seven interchangeable attachments that are all sapphire-coated (but a felt cone). This kind of coating is softer compared to a diamond coating; the bits allow for filing even thick nails and rough skin. 

  • Filing Disk (Coarse) makes shortening of thick nails a breeze.
  • Filing Disk (Fine) ensures precise and safe filing and shaping of your nails.
  • Cone helps remove calluses and dry skin; good for filing thick nails.
  • Felt Cone is perfect for buffing your nails.
  • Callus Rasp was designed for removing dry skin from heels and soles.
  • Milling Cutter allows grinding too thick nails.
  • Flame Milling Cutter works efficiently removing ingrown nails.

Summing up, we can easily claim that this multifunctional nail drill is one of the best tools available to use for manicure and pedicure at home.

Pure Enrichment PureNails 7-piece Professional Manicure & Pedicure System in the use

More Products to Consider

When doing toenails, we often face a problem of nail polish sticking to the other toes. To avoid this problem, gel toe stretchers have been invented. Try one and you'll see how easy it can be to do pedicure at home.

Detailed review of Pure Enrichment PureNails 7-piece Professional Manicure & Pedicure System



Comparison of Electric Nail Drills - Easy-to-use Machines for Perfect Manicure

What is a Nail Drill

Nail drill manicure becomes more and more popular these days, and for a good reason. This procedure requires no time-consuming manipulations with scissors and nail nippers. A nail drill is a manicuring machine with a handpiece and replaceable bits. It allows easy and comfortable care of your nails by applying rotating bits to nails, sidewalls, and cuticles. As a result, you get perfect manicure and pedicure in less than no time! Don't spend a fortune on beauty salons any longer, get a professional grade manicure to use right at home!

To dry gel nail polish more quickly, consider getting one of these awesome nail dryers. A callus remover will help remove rough skin and calluses off your feet making them look perfectly smooth.

Best Nail Drills

What Features to Compare

How to choose a suitable nail drill? First of all, you should consider the rotational speed, measured in RPM (revolution per minute). A broad range of speed settings and a variable speed control ensure electric nail drill's efficiency and functionality. However, it is not advisable to work at the maximum speed until you get used to the device. As soon as feel confident operating your nail drill, you can switch it to run at high speeds safely. 


Most manufacturers include auxiliary bits for users to perform a great number of manicuring tasks. If you get such a multifunctional tool, you'll be able to shape and buff nails, remove dead skin and cut cuticle, some bits allow for removing calluses and ingrown nails either. The bits may differ in shapes and sizes but you will still recognize what exactly they've been designed for by their look.


In addition to the bits, some manufacturers broaden their supply package with some extras like for example sanding bands which come in helpful when you need to treat artificial nails or remove minor calluses. What you need to remember, though, is that all sanding disks can be used only once and then must be disposed of. A special holder or a cradle are designed for holding your handpiece when it's not in use. An ergonomic foot pedal allows for a speed control. An included nail drill carrying case enables convenient storage and transportation of the unit.


Electric nail drills are either mains or battery powered. If you are looking for a nail drill that you could carry around and use on a trip, consider buying a rechargeable one. Such drills are more portable and can boast up to 5 hours of wireless use. Yet, if you need an efficient tool to use at home, a mains powered electric nail drill would be the right thing.

How to:


Q: I have never used a nail drill before. Do I need to take a special course to start working with it?

A: Yes, it will be great if you take at least an online course. Although an electric file is easy to use, it’s vital to know how to apply it to nails without causing any harm. 

Q: Is using a nail drill safe for my nails?
A: Using a nail drill itself is safe. The only thing that threatens your nails is lack of knowledge and misuse of an appliance. 

Q: I feel pain and burning sensation while doing manicure with an electric file. Is it OK? 
A: No. There shouldn’t be any unpleasant feelings while treating nails with an electric drill. If you feel pain, it means that you (or your manicurist) do something wrong and possibly, apply more pressure than needed. If your manicurist does your nails, tell her/him immediately that you have pain in order to avoid serious damage.

Q: Do drill bits need special care?
A: Of course, they do. The first and foremost thing to take care of is their sterility. Keep in mind that bits should be disinfected after every single client. If you work in a beauty salon, there is no need to mention that bits should be sterilized in a special solution, rinsed, and dried well before the next application. 

Q: Do I need to change drill bits? If so, how often?
A: Drill bits should be changed regularly if you want them to work correctly. In general, the service life of a bit that you use on a daily basis varies within the range from 2 to 4 months. It’s impossible to predict how long this or that bit will work but it’s quite simple to find out they aren’t effective anymore. As soon as you notice that a bit doesn’t perform its function fast and properly, it’s time to replace it. 

Q: Are electric files suitable for doing pedicure too?
A: Yes, nail drills handle toenails as effectively as fingernails. 

Q: Is it better to buy a nail drill with or without a foot pedal? 
A: Opting for a model with/ without a pedal is up to you since it’s nothing more, nothing less than a usability issue. If you find it more convenient to control the speed of the machine with a foot pedal, feel free to buy a device with this accessory. If manual speed control is what you’re seeking for, this option might be unnecessary. 

Q: Can I use an electric nail file to do manicure for my daughter/ son?
A: No, you don’t want to do manicure for your kids with a nail drill. Since children’s nail beds are very soft, there is a great risk of damaging them.


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