Best Infrared Heating Pads for Back Pain Relief

Review & Comparison, Last Update September 24, 2018
If you often suffer from pain in your back or tension in the muscles, purchasing an infrared heating pad will be your best decision. This small but incredibly useful device can help manage the pain of almost all kinds while bringing instant relief. If you can't yet decide on the product which is best for you, we gladly offer you to take a look at our selection of the best 5 infrared heating pads and choose the one that fits the bill. ...Read more ...Read less
BEST 2018

Thanks to the infrared technology, the heat produced by this pad penetrates deeply into the skin and provides the best therapeutic effect. Due to the pad design, it can be wrapped around almost any part of your body that needs heat treatment.


The power cord is not very flexible, which might slightly impede the pad's use. 


With this multifunctional, effective and easy to use pad, you'll be able to forget about all discomfort and pain in your body while enjoying its pleasant warmth for as long as needed every day. 


This soft flexible pad perfectly contours your body shape for greater comfort. You can maintain the level and intensity of the heat for as long as you need.


Stones built into the pad surface are rather solid; this may cause inconveniences while lying down on it. Also, the pad has no shut-off function.


This pad has all the functions and features needed for comfortable treating different parts of your body and massaging the aching body areas. 


This model features the Light Healing Support. This heating pad uses infrared heat and negative ions to deeply penetrate into sore muscles and joints. Has a versatile design, suitable for multiple uses. 


The pad cover isn’t removable. 


The pad size of 32” x 20” allows you to use it for treating quite large body areas such as lower back, stomach, legs, thighs, etc. Even though the price for this pad is lower by 30% than it is for most of the peers, it's loaded with useful functions for greater comfort and quick pain relief. 


Using FAR Infrared Technology, the TTS Platinum heating pad distributes the heat deep into sore muscles. It has two heating settings for varying warmth intensity with regards to the area that you need to treat. The pad is flexible and versatile and can be applied to almost any part of your body.


Some users find the high heat setting not hot enough.


The size and functions of this pad allow its versatile use - it can be used on any body part, including knees, elbows, shoulders, and neck, and it's convenient to take to go. 


Perfectly contoured and with Velcro straps, this UTK H10040N pad will stay firmly in place during the whole treatment session. The temperature settings can be adjusted to provide the level of comfort you need. Can provide quick muscle relaxation without causing burns or overheating.


Due to design peculiarities, this pad is good only for shoulders and neck area. 


If you suffer from pain or tension in your shoulders or neck, this U-shaped heating pad is your best choice. Thanks to 58 jade stones inside the pad, it doesn't move to the sides and the heat goes right to the aching spot. 

UTK UTK-H10020

Best Assistant for Heat Therapy

The Infrared Heating Jade Pad is a perfect solution to rid yourself of all kinds of joint pain and muscle spasms quickly and effectively. Thanks to the far-infrared heat with negative ions, this model guarantees quick pain relief. When the jade stones are heated, the far-infrared heat penetrates deeply into the skin without exposure to electromagnetic radiation (which is common for most conventional heat pads). This way, the use of the UTK-H10020 is totally safe and brings only benefits helping muscle relaxation, immune system straightening, and blood flow improvement. The emitted negative ions help mitigate stress and can even help suppress depression. The beauty about the UTK-H10020 is that it has a soft and flexible design which allows its use both on top of your body and underneath it. It contours perfectly to the lines of the neck area as well as to the shape of your sofa or couch. Use it for half an hour a day at home or in the office to relieve pain in the body area that needs treatment. The pad features a timer (adjustable by 15 minutes increments) and has an auto shut-off function that turns the heating off after the timer has counted down. 


• Timer, smart digital controller, auto shut-off and memory function;
• More solid construction, secure and sturdy;
• Minimal EMF and high negative ions.

Review of UTK UTK-H10020 Infrared Heating Jade Pad


Therasage HP0001

Ideal for Daily Use

Owing to its small size, the Therasage HP0001 heated healing pad is perfect for use at home, at work and even on vacations. Containing natural jade stones and featuring far-infrared technology with negative ions, this pad can provide quick temporary relief of pain associated with arthritis, help improve blood circulation, brush off tension in muscles, and relieve stress. The HP0001 has 60 natural jade stones, which provide maximum heat transfer and penetration into the skin, enhancing therapeutic benefits of the heat. These stones are quite big and solid, which means laying on them might not feel very comfortable. However, if you wrap the pad around your arm or leg or fix it on your neck area, they will help the pad stay hot longer for more effective treatment results. The HP0001 comes with a digital control and has 6 heat settings that can be adjusted to the level of comfort you need. The pad itself is made out of all natural and non-toxic materials and is absolutely safe even for allergic customers.


• Easy to use LED controller;
• Antibacterial material;
• Minimal electromagnetic fields;
• Perfectly contours your body.

Review of Therasage HP0001 Far Infrared Heated Healing Pad


HealthyLine 014BLight

Hot Therapy Relief

Designed to soothe aches and pain in different body parts, the HealthyLine 014Light Infrared Heating Pad is a must-have device in your medicine cabinet. This model is equipped with safe, natural jade and tourmaline stones to provide comfortable, soothing pain and tension relief. It heats up quickly and is ready to use within a couple of minutes. In addition, negative ions deeply penetrate into the targeted areas providing a great therapeutic effect. Along with a safety shut-off timer built into the surface of the pad, this heating pad comes with a built-in LED controller providing users with the maximum convenience of use. If you suffer from pain in your shoulders, neck, back, arms or legs, the HealthyLine heating pad is what you need. 


• EMF and radiation free;
• Built-in shut-off timer;
• LED temperature controller.

Review of HealthyLine 014BLight Fir Infrared Heating Pad


Thermotek TTS Platinum

Safe, Effective and Innovative

The Platinum Heating Pad is a great solution to provide infrared heat therapy to the back, shoulders, neck, legs, knees, wrists and elbows. The infrared thermal energy used allows the pad to distribute prolonged heat deep into the muscles, which helps to improve blood circulation, eliminate waste, and ease inflammations. The size of the pad is big enough to cover a large area of the body. It has a pillow-shaped format and features three individual heating elements to ensure better isolation of the treated area. Thanks to the flexible pad design and Velcro straps, it can be used almost anywhere on your body and stay firmly in place throughout even prolonged heating sessions. This TTS Platinum pad has a portable size, so you can always take it with you wherever you go. The working heat settings of the pad are adjustable and can be varied within the range of 40°C – 60°C.


• It is soft to touch;
• The pad is machine washable and dryer safe;
• FAR Infrared Technology;
• 2-power heat settings.

Review of Thermotek TTS Platinum Heating Pad with FAR Infrared Technology


UTK H10040N

Best Relief for Neck and Shoulders

This U-shaped UTK heating pad is your best choice if you often have pain in your neck, shoulders or upper back area. It has 58 individual natural jade stones that stimulate blood circulation to the brain and tackle different kinds of aches in the chest and neck area. With the pad like this one at hand, you will not only be able to eliminate discomfort and tension in your muscles but also relax and brush off fatigue after a long working day in the office. This neck and shoulder pad contours your body lines perfectly and stays securely in place throughout the entire treatment session, thanks to the velcro strap. This model comes with a smart digital controller and has a memory function enabling consumers to use the last heat settings they used during treatment. To ensure users' safety of use, the manufacturer equipped the pad with a 4-hour auto shut-off option and fitted it with a long 8.5-foot power cord for more freedom of movement. Furthermore, this pad is easy to fold and take with you on travels.


• LED time and temperature controller;
• Auto shut-off and memory function;
• Effective, safe, longer-lasting and deeper penetrating therapeutic heat;
• Extra-long cord.

Review of UTK H10040N Neck and Shoulder Far Infrared Heating Pad


What Is an Infrared Heating Pad?

Unfortunately today a lot of people who spend many hours at the computer suffer from pains in their lower back, shoulders, neck area, etc. And considering that very few of them might be ready to quit their jobs, there are certain measures that can be taken. One of the popular (and also effective) methods used for tackling aches and soreness in muscles and joints is a heat therapy. However, now, you don't need to undergo it at your therapist's. With the emergence of infrared heating pads on the market, everyone can enjoy the therapeutic effect of the heat in the comfort of their own home. These heating pads come in a variety of sizes and shapes, allowing their application on almost any body parts, including joints. Some of them can be wrapped around the neck and shoulders. Others are meant to be applied topically. Anyway, the choices are vast and you're free to choose the one that suits your needs best. We hope, our review of these five best infrared heating pads available on the market will help you make up your mind.

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