Best Ionic Foot Baths to Remove Toxins From Your Body

Review & Comparison, Last Update August 28, 2020
Good health is one of the key aspects to be happy. Modern technologies offer the way to stay healthy and improve the general condition without leaving home – an ionic foot bath. In our review, you will find the 5 best models and will be able to choose the product that will suit your personal requirements. ...Read more ...Read less
BEST 2020

Using this foot bath, you will be able to enjoy multiple health benefits, relieve numerous respiratory diseases, and elevate your mood. There are no age restrictions and all your family members can safely use it. 

Quite expensive. 

If you use the Ionize Me ionic foot bath at least for a month, you will certainly feel the difference. It can be used both for personal and for professional needs, which is a great plus.


A rich set of accessories (2 arrays, 1 wrist wrap, 1 far infrared bamboo waist belt, 1 power cord) expands the options of the bath use. An ergonomic aluminum case incuded enables convenient transportation of the appliance.  


There are no directions and tips on the device use. 


This product is a true value for the money. Considering this ionic bath is designed for professional use, it comes at a very affordable price. Can be purchased for home use just as well. 


The device is ideal for reducing arthritic pains. It's also good for personal care (e.g. therapy pedicure). This foot bath is durable and will serve you for a long time. 


The cord is not that solid. 


Intuitive-to-use and long-lasting, this foot bath is just what you need for personal use. Even though it might lack some functions of professional models, it's still a great choice for domestic use. Your family will enjoy the benefits of ionization. 


The Cell Spa syk66 uses modern methods to detoxify your entire body. The generator produces positive and negative ions to improve your general physical and mental state accordingly. And the opportunity to listen to your favorite tracks while enjoying a detox therapy will help you relax.


It comes without a basin. 


This compact appliance is a great thing for home use. It will not take up too much place and you will be able to store it even under your bed.


The manufacturer provides extremely informative and clear brochure and booklet. Due to that, even newcomers in detoxing can quickly figure out how to apply it. It is very easy to set up and no special preparation is needed. 


The unit does not heat water. You need to fill it with warm water.


Having such a detox foot spa machine at home, you will save your money on visits to professional salons. And your time, too, as you will not need to commute anywhere. This ionic foot bath will let you experience professional results in the comfort of your own home. 

HEALTHandMED IonizeMe Elite

For Your Well-being

This ionic detox foot bath will impress you with a rich set of high-quality accessories that include two long lasting and durable ionizing arrays for detoxing. Taking into account the fact that normally, there is only one array in the set, it is a nice bonus to get the second one. As for the operation, the unit runs almost noiselessly in spite of being a very powerful machine. With the HEALTHHandMED detox foot bath spa machine, there's no need to use any wrist straps. Unlike most detoxication systems using straps, this one was designed with a customer's convenience of use in mind.


  • DVD instruction;
  • Free phone consultation;
  • Grounded 3-prong power cable.
Review of HEALTHandMED IonizeMe Elite Detox Foot Bath Spa Machine with Accessories


Cell Spa Professional detoxification system

Like In the Salon

This professional detox system is perfect for your home spa treatments. It will remove toxins from your body, improve your health, elevate your mood, and kill many other problems. This machine is able to provide your natural system with balance and therapy through negative ions released in water. If you suffer from insomnia, for example, and start using this cleanse machine regularly, you will feel the perceptible effect of detox therapy after already a couple of sessions. And even though you're very unlikely to see a huge change in your health in a first week, systematical procedures will surely help improve your general condition in the near future. Moreover, using this detoxification system with ionization is totally safe. Only if the machine starts sending off the alarms signals will you need to worry. If this happens, turn the unit off and check whether you've done everything correctly (put the right amount of salt, etc.) 


  • It is easy to operate;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Quality thick cord.
Review of Cell Spa Professional detoxification system Ionic Detox Foot Bath Aqua Spa Cleanse Machine


Kendal SI-FBD608

Out of the Box

If all you want is a simple and straightforward appliance for at-home use, this ionic detox foot bath is the right product for you. As it has only one on/off button, it is so easy to use that even your child will handle it. The bath provides several treatment periods (for five, ten, fifteen, twenty, and thirty minutes), allowing you to figure what treatment time works better for you. The array from the set is made of stainless steel and ABS plastic and fit for frequent use. With the Kendal All-in-one Ion Ionic Detox Foot Bath, you will quickly forget about the pain in joints and muscles and will feel your body coming back to its normal state. 


  • Double row coils (conventionally they are single);
  • Durable array;
  • It is simple to adjust.
Review of Kendal SI-FBD608 Ionic Detox Foot Bath SPA Machine


Cell Spa syk66

Treatment and Fun

This Cell Spa syk66 foot cleanse machine is perfect for couples who want to experience the benefits of ionization in the comfort of their home and do it together cuddling up and enjoying the company of each other. By purchasing this unit, you get 2 arrays, 2 wrist straps, and 2 ear phone plugs. Yes, that's right. This foot bath has an MP3 feature, making it more enjoyable for users to undergo therapies and immerse themselves into a deeper state of relaxation. In addition, the Cell Spa syk66 comes with a carry box, which makes it a good solution for people who often travel, and a detailed instruction book. Just a few minutes of reading and you will figure how to use it.  


  • A portable device;
  • MP3 function;
  • A cost-effective product.
Review of Cell Spa syk66 Dual Ionic Detox Foot Cleanse Machine


Better Health Company Regain Health & Vitality

Use Out of the Box

If you don't like waiting too long for something to happen (well, most people don't, anyway), then this new improved ionic cleanse detox foot bath from Better Health Company will be the perfect choice for you. It comes ready to use out of the box and doesn't require you to buy any stuff or accessories additionally. The unit includes 25 liners, sea salt with minerals, laminated instructions, a foot spa detox brochure, and even a 16-page informational booklet. Moreover, it comes fully pre-programmed, and you can have your first 30-min detox therapy right away after you unpack the box. All that you'll need to do is fill the bath with warm water, add some salt and push the button. As you do this, you will feel the pain in your body slowly melt away.


  • Free extra double coil;
  • Free foot basin;
  • Free technical support.
Review of Better Health Company Regain Health & Vitality Detox Foot Spa Machine


What is an Ionic Foot Bath?

Environmental pollution, unhealthy food, alcohol, and cigarettes do us no good. More to that, when being accumulated in big amounts, they start to clog our system with harmful toxins and as a result, force our bodies to spend more energy than we'd normally do, to break them down and function properly. An ionic foot bath was designed as one of the medical alternatives to this problem. It can pull out toxins out of the body in an effective and relaxing way through feet. You just need to immerse them into the bath. The detoxication will help lower your detox pH levels and you will feel much better very soon. Ionic detox is considered to be useful for everybody without age restrictions. It stimulates the blood flow and works exceptionally well for people with various skin conditions, GI disorders, cancer, fungal or yeast infections. However, if you have some open sores or diabetes, it's recommended that you go consult your doctor first before using an ionic foot bath.

For a greater state of relaxation, you can also consider buying a foot bath massager. This device will become your first aid, especially if you often spend many hours a day on your feet.

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