Best Facial Epilators to Make You Skin Perfectly Smooth

Review & Comparison, Last Update October 11, 2018
The epilation popularity reached its peak in the 1960s. And since then, the smooth skin has become a symbol of not beauty only but also the following the latest fashion. Choose the best face epilator to help make you look just like a star. ...Read more ...Read less
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The Braun Face epilator is very small and lightweight. It also has a protective cap, so you can take it along on your trips. In addition, there is a normal brush, an extra sensitive brush, an exfoliation brush, and a beauty sponge bundled.


It may pull out not all hairs in the contact area on the first try. 


The manufacturer combined a set of cleansing brushes and an epilator into one compact device. This solution gives you an opportunity to save your time and money and do several using a single device. Busy people will really appreciate it. In addition, this appliance is great for sensitive and delicate skin.


An ergonomic handle design makes this model very easy to use. This epilator is cordless and rechargeable. Thanks to the specially designed roller, tough and lifeless skin will be removed quickly and smoothly.


Some users claim it is a bit noisy. 


The Hangsun facial epilator is able to meet all your basic requirements concerning the skin care. And taking into account the fact that the model is waterproof and cordless, it is convenient to carry about. Using the massage function, you will get a really relaxing and pleasant experience.


The Emjoi Tweeze eRase e6 is a classic epilator that is capable of gently removing hair from any area of your body. It is cordless, which brings an obvious advantage. Thanks to the 3 disc system (international patent), your skin will be hair free for a long time after a single use.


The battery is not included in the supply package.


If you need a reliable and simple epilator for home use, the eRase e6 will be a perfect option for you. This model is a real find for those looking for a quality epilator without any irrelevant features. The e6 will detect and unroot hair automatically, so you do not have to put a great effort.


The manufacturer farsightedly included the battery in the set. Owing to that, you will have no need to spend extra money and time on buying the battery. The device performs its task pretty well even if you have really coarse hairs on your chin, upper lip, or neck.


It is more effective on the small areas. 


The EP1050CDN model performs exactly as advertised: removes the hair from the face. So, if you do not need anything extra, you can confidently purchase this model. It will become your helpful assistant anywhere. This is a truly reliable product for reasonable price. 


This model boasts an illuminator so that you can see the shortest and lightest hairs. Stainless steel blade and 10 groups of round clip make the epilator durable and effective. The grip is comfortable to use, which is very important for such devices.


The battery compartment is not marked, so you will need a manual. 


This modern bright appliance will be a perfect solution for active and energetic people. Thanks to great ergonomics and a thoughtful design, this cute device can be used literally anywhere. Touch-ups are not something special now. 

Braun Face 851

Great Usability

Braun is known all over the world for its quality products. This company has been in the product development since its foundation and always been doing its best to meet the needs of their loyal customers. Recently the company has manufactured a mini facial electric hair removal device for women. Women often use a lot of means to take care of themselves. Their arsenal includes different creams, oils, brushes, appliances, and often the attachments take up the entire space on the shelves. Luckily, this multi-purpose combines several features. Along with the primary and most important hair removing function, the device can make use of the 4 cleansing brushes included. Using all of that allows you to get a salon-like hairstyle at home. If you get used to doing all your facials and hair removal procedures in the shower, go ahead, as this appliance is water-resistant.

This device turns out to be a very practical and desired gift, doesn't it?


  • 100% waterproof;
  • Multifunctional;
  • Compact design.
Review of Braun Face 851 Facial Electric Hair Removal Epilator


Hangsun F410

Your Versatile Assistant

If you need an all-in-one personal care product, then the Hangsun Face Epilator is very likely to be one of the best and most useful appliances you have ever bought. First and foremost, it is a high-quality Facial epilator. However, it boasts some other useful features. To be more precise, it also offers shaving, hard skin removing and face massaging functions. Thanks to that, with this model you will be able to perform all the basic care procedures without any professional help. And, which is important, the device provides long-lasting results.

As a great plus, this appliance decreases the development of wrinkles. Which is a very welcome addition to the F410 functionality for every woman. With this multifunctional device, you get even closer to the appearance you wish to have.


  • Anti-slip switch;
  • Charge indicator;
  • Full range care.
Review of Hangsun F410 4 in 1 Facial Epilator


Emjoi eRase e6

Extremely Small

Using the eRase Glide Technology, you can enjoy the device gliding back and forth or in circles, making your skin really smooth and hair free. The whole procedure will take you no more than a few seconds. And while other tweezers can cause scratching, irritation or pulling, the Emjoi Tweeze eRase e6 Facial Hair Remover will be always gentle on your skin. You can safely use it for delicate areas on your face or body, such as underarms or bikini. The device has 6 tweezers, which cut your unwanted hair by the very roots with great accuracy.

This Facial Epilator boasts a safety feature. So, even if you press it too hard against your skin, this function will stop the cutting and prevent you from hurting yourself.


  • Extremely compact;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Keeps hair away for up to 6 weeks.
Review of Emjoi eRase e6 Facial Hair Remover

Additional Info



Remington EP1050CDN

On the Go

People who like to use bright and stylish gadgets will favor this facial epilator by Remington for sure. Being extremely compact and lightweight, this appliance can literally live in your handbag. You can easily carry it around just in case and, be sure, this tiny rosy epilator can come to rescue in case you need to do some epilation quickly. The manufacturer allowed for a protective cap in the supply package, so you should not be worried about damaging the device.

The Remington facial epilator uses 6 automatic tweezers, which provide a professional-grade and quick hair removing. Moreover, after a brief procedure, you will have a smooth and soft skin for a long time. Not bad for such a small device, don't you think?


  • The battery is included;
  • Affordable price;
  • Highly portable.
Review of Remington EP1050CDN Facial Tweezer System


Flend FD 190

Like a Lipstick

At the first glance, it seems incredible that this cute compact pink Flend epilator is such a potent and powerful device. In fact, you need to spend just a few minutes using this device to achieve truly amazing results. What is very important, the epilation speed does not come as a tradeoff for convenience with the Flend, thus you will feel no pain or discomfort during your epilation. With that, the device easily removes even the finest and shortest hairs. You do not have to press the device tightly against your skin or put much effort when you use it. After a single procedure, this epilator will leave your delicate areas (such as the upper lip, cheek area, chin, underarms, and bikini line) perfectly smooth for up to 6 weeks.

With all its technical prowess, just look at its extraordinary appearance! Indeed, it is unlikely anyone will even guess it is an epilator.


  • Stylish and ergonomic design;
  • Long-lasting effect;
  • It works painlessly.
Review of Flend FD 190 Cordless Lady Epilator


What Is a Facial Epilator?

People have put much effort to reduce the unwanted hair on the face for ages. Indeed, removing the unwanted hair is a problem that traces back to the ancient times. Even our ancestors who lived in caves are known to shave their faces. Over the time people have invented and improved different mixtures, masks, and means to epilate the face and body more conveniently.

Nowadays, professionals offer a lot of methods to get rid of the unwanted hair, especially on the face. You can choose to visit a salon regularly and perform this procedure, though it may cost you a lot. Or you can choose to epilate your face at home. In this case, you will need a special facial epilator. This device can remove all the unwanted hair and make the skin perfectly smooth almost effortlessly. All you need is to follow the instructions shipped with the face epilator. Having this appliance at home is very convenient if you have a tight schedule or need to get yourself epilated quickly. In addition, using an epilating device at home will save you a lot of time and money, which is a big advantage.

If you are going to a party and want to have a striking look, then you will probably need a hair dryer with a diffuser. It will help you do hair with no efforts and get marvelous curls.

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