Product Comparison: Sennheiser HD 280 Pro vs Audio-Technica ATH-M50xWH

General Specifications
HD 280 Pro
About the Product
The HD 280 PRO is a pair of closed, dynamic stereo headphones that deliver accurate, linear sound reproduction with ambient noise attenuation for critical monitoring applications. Optimum impedance ensures universal compatibility, from home listening to studio monitoring. The space-saving design features collapsible, rotating ear cups that are very comfortable to wear, even if used for long periods of time. The ear pads of the HD 280 PRO are made of a synthetic leatherette.
As the most critically acclaimed model in the M-Series line, the ATH-M50 is praised by top audio engineers and pro audio reviewers year after year. Now, the ATH-M50x professional studio monitor headphones feature the same coveted sonic signature, with the added feature of detachable cables. From the large aperture drivers, sound isolating earcups and robust construction, the M50x provides an unmatched experience for the most critical audio professionals.
Key Specs
Closed over-ear
Closed over-ear
113 dB
99 dB
Min. Frequency Range
8 Hz
15 Hz
Max. Frequency Range
25 kHz
28 kHz
64 Ω
38 Ω
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphone (new model)
  • Sound quality blows away most headphones in this price range.
  • Sound Isolation is quite fantastic for not being noise cancelling. You could seriously use these as earmuffs to block out sound even without any audio playing.
  • Balanced Sound, which is exactly what you expect for reference headphones. I love that these are able to produce crisp highs, clean mids, and healthy bass.
  • I find myself struggling to keep these on my head for longer than an hour at a time, and it is strictly due to the strength of clamping pressure they have.
  • Sound is becoming "tin-ey" after 2 months of light use specifically highs getting garbled, and bass will rattle, sound will cut out.
Audio-Technica ATH-M50xWH Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, White
  • My ears sweat easily and yet I can wear these for hours and remain cool or room temperature while doing so. The pads are soft and accommodate my large ears well.
  • All my other headphones have geared their sound towards the highs or bass but this set of cans definitely goes completely neutral while allowing me to hear every voice and instrument!
  • They dont need much to power them at 32ohms so its nice to use them with my phone but i prefer earbuds so i can lay down while listening to music.
  • These headphone are the first full size cans I've owned that actually sound excellent when played through something like a phone.
  • The ear cuffs are terrible. I have fairly averaged size ears but they sit on the top of my ears instead of over them completely.
Size & Weight
9.6 in.
11.4 in.
7.4 in.
10 in.
3.3 in.
4.1 in.
10.05 oz.
10.05 oz.
What customers say about "Size & Weight"
Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphone (new model)
  • Coiled wire makes is less cumbersome when managing the cable if on the go or in a shared office space.
  • Relatively portable. Can be folded up and easily stored away in a backpack.
  • Generally not a fan of the closed-style headphones due to the weight of the ear pieces, but these are not too bad - except for the cord.
  • The size is huge, and huger. I'd think twice before buying this product.
  • The worst part is how much weight it has in a small area because it's a very long cord.
Audio-Technica ATH-M50xWH Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, White
  • Plus earbuds fit in my pocket when im out and about. They also come with a bunch of different cords and a leather carrying bag so thats really nice.
  • Very portable due to having a detachable aux chord and folds up to a very manageable size.
  • The M50x is a geat headphone. Build quality is pretty good, sound reproduction is very good and they are fairly light for their size. They also fold up and cups rotate and fold 180 degrees.
  • They are small in size and lacks the cushiony feel I had with my HyperX Cloud's.
  • These headphones are also HEAVY. The top of your head will probably hurt from having to bear the weight of these.
Detachable Cable
Headband Material
Plastic / Soft foam
Cable Length
9.8 ft.
9.8 ft.
In-Line Remote
Tough, single-sided cable, Accurate, linear sound reproduction, High ambient noise attenuation, Jack plug 3.5 / 6.3 mm stereo, Ergonomic design
Interchangeable cables: coiled cable, 2x straight cables, Protective carrying pouch, 6.3 mm (1/4") screw-on adapter, 90° swiveling earcups, Sound isolation
Driver Diameter
1.77 in.
What customers say about "Features"
Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphone (new model)
  • Build quality is rock solid with added benefit of being able to be taken apart and replace parts in the worst case scenario.
  • Good sound, focused on Bass and Mids. Good design astethic, curly cord reduces slack length.
  • Very comfortable to wear for hours at a time. The soft earpads fit completely over my ears.
  • They fold up easily to fit in a case. I plan to hold on this pair for a long time.
  • This very well could be a personal issue based on head shape, but I find that these like to squeeze your head with the grip strength of a professional arm wrestler on steroids.
Audio-Technica ATH-M50xWH Professional Studio Monitor Headphones, White
  • The build quality is great mix of metal, leather and plastic. Feels completely solid in the hands and on the head.
  • Comes with a variety of audio jacks ranging from different lengths to different connections.
  • They also have a detachable cable which is great for portability. The fake leather on the headband and ear pads feel soft, but a bit cheap.
  • The benefit to having modular movement is the ease of folding them up, but when unfolding them, you can easily try to bend and rotate things in the wrong way and it can get annoying.
  • Obviously these are headphones, and not a headset, so they lack a microphone. If you are considering these, you may need to consider an external microphone in your budget.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
2 year(s)
2 year(s)
Other Information
99.95 $
149.00 $

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