Product Comparison: Uniden Bearcat 980SSB vs Cobra 29 LX

General Specifications
Bearcat 980SSB
29 LX
About the Product
The Uniden Bearcat 980 CB Radio brings advanced feature in a modern design. The large digital S/RF / SWR meter lets you check your levels with a glance. Also including 7 different back lights to custom the right color. The Bearcat 980 CB Radio is equipped with all the important features: integrated SWR meter, noise canceling mic, RF gain control, NOAA weather alert, ANL/noise blanker, automatic noise limiter, 40 channels, and more.
The 29 LX features a modern aesthetic design with a selectable LCD Dot Matrix display in red, green, blue or amber to compliment the interior of any cab. The display also has customizable night and day settings to enhance readability in both very bright and dark conditions. Based on the 29 LTD Classic platform with added features: A 4-color display where the user can program any one of four colors, radio check diagnostic to allow the operator to monitor the vehicles antenna system, the voltage system and the radio's RF output power.
Key Specs
Frequency Range From
26.965 MHz
26.965 MHz
Frequency Range To
27.405 MHz
27.405 MHz
Frequency Control
PLL Synthesizer
PLL Synthesizer
Input Voltage
13.8 V DC
13.2 V DC
Frequency Stability
0.005 %
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Uniden Bearcat 980SSB 40- Channel SSB CB Radio
  • I purchased this for both off-roading and highway road trips, and it's been great so far. Using with a Firestik Firefly 4' antenna mounted on the tailgate of my truck.
  • The upper and lower sideband really make this radio stand out, more output gets your voice to go farther.
  • Solid CB mobile radio although the documentation Uniden provides is weak. Every function has performed properly. We have used both AM and SSB with no problems.
  • I've operated ALL kinds of radio's CB, ham, CB free band and all that, but if you want a clean, clear audio signal on a CB only rig this thing is it! NO drift, rock solid frequency on SSB and clear audio with the supplied stock mic at that!
  • This little radio will get out about 8 miles I was Abel to get a 1.00 srw that vary good I will bye another to put in my personal truck what ever you do bye a good antenna spend the extra money that will kill the performance of any radio
Cobra 29 LX CB Radio with Instant Access Weather Stations
  • The reception is excellent, people say it sounds clear, and it pretty.
  • Works really well channel scan option is great the color changing display is really cool you can have it match any interior or color of your truck or close to it it works great with my astatic 636l microphone.
  • I paired it up with a Firestick Firefly and after tuning my antenna I got a 1.5 on channel 1 and 40. Which is as good as I could get it. Any higher and my channel 1 SWR would be too high.
  • It was so good that I had to order one for myself. 40 channels with scan are nice and radio is clear with a decent antenna. Have it hooked to a 25 watt pa speaker under the hood and does everything expected.
  • Okay so I just got this CB radio and opened it up and I find out my cb Mike button is pressed in and won't come out. So another words it's stuck in the talk position.
Size & Weight
2.25 in.
2.49 in.
7.25 in.
7.6 in.
7.5 in.
8.6 in.
2.2 lbs.
4.5 lbs.
Power Output (AM)
4 W
4 W
Power Output (USB/LSB)
12 W PEP
Frequency Tolerance
0.002 %
0.005 %
Frequency Response Min
300 Hz
Frequency Response Max
3000 Hz
What customers say about "Transmitter"
Uniden Bearcat 980SSB 40- Channel SSB CB Radio
  • The readout is clear and easy to read. It transmits clear and receives strong signals with ease.The weather bands are useful in case of rain or snow and allows time to plan accordingly.
  • Sounds nice and clear receiving as well as transmitting. Easy to use along with nice lighting day and night. They did get rid of the beep after you transmit that I read about in other reviews.
  • Transmits and receives great, farthest I've transmitted so far is about 8 miles with a local base station.
  • The radio needed a power microphone for use on SSB as modulation level is low. The stock mic would only drive the SSB transmitter up to a few watts.
  • The transmitter suppresses both the carrier and one sideband which theoretically allows all the power output to be transmitted in one sideband thereby theoretically tripling the power output because it is not shared among two sidebands and a carrier.
Cobra 29 LX CB Radio with Instant Access Weather Stations
  • Ive had a few cb radios and the is by far one of the best ones ive had there are a lot of people that complain about the on off switch but if your carefull with it you wont have any problems. I like it and it transmitts like a champ I give it 5 stars for quality and use.
  • Transmits and receives from really far away. I also like the calibration features for the antenna.
  • The transmit and receive in all the cobra 29s are the same. the exception is all the other things each model has to offer. the key is you have to have the radio peaked and tuned to get any kind of perfomance out of any brand name.
  • The Radio itself seems nice, but the unit had a dead transmitter on arrival. I would like to add that I did NOT fry the transmitter on a bad antenna setup. Everything was connected properly, and all grounds/connections were tested with a multimeter.
  • I have had nothin but problems with this cb. Half of the time the people cant hear me... It just doesnt transmit, or the other half they are breakin up so bad
Sensitivity for 10dB (AM)
0.5 µV
1 µV
Sensitivity for 10dB (USB/LSB)
0.25 µV
Image Rejection
80 dB
80 dB
Audio Power Output
3 W
4 W
What customers say about "Receiver"
Uniden Bearcat 980SSB 40- Channel SSB CB Radio
  • I've hit 14 miles verified from my front porch and the receiver was surprised I was running barefoot since it was such a strong signal.
  • I didn't intend to go hunting for skip on the road but the receiver is incredibly good!
  • I was not impressed by the receiver sensitivity or the instruction manual. The receiver in my old Uniden 810E is 10 times better than this one.
  • The output on the receiving end has very low volume. Everyone tells me they have to turn me way up to hear me, which makes everyone else too loud
  • WX receive not working at all, in any mode. CB seems to be working OK, AM and SSB.
Cobra 29 LX CB Radio with Instant Access Weather Stations
  • Very happy with this purchase. Installed the CB in a Jeep Wrangler JKU with a Firestik attenna. I get a very strong signal receiving and transmitting.
  • Fantastic radio. Looks great in my truck. With no modification and a Wilson 1000 antenna I can transmit and receive at least 6 miles loud and clear, probably more depending on terrain.
  • My favorite feature is the built in receiving capabilities for the weather radio, as being a full out weather nerd, as well as a degreed meteorologist, and a storm chaser, this is just flat out cool!
  • What's to say. Set up with center loaded antenna. Transmits and receives well. Pretty clear. Loud.
  • Sound is weak so is receiver range. Pulled it out n replaced it with a $40.00 ,15 year old Uniden which has loud sound and better reception .
7-Color LCD Display
LSD Display & Signal Strength Meter
Volume Control knob, Squelch Knob, Talkback Button, RF Gain Button, MIC Gain Button, Weather Button, Channel Selector Knob, S/RF/CAL/SWR Button, CB/PA Button, MEM/SCAN Button, 9/19/NORM Button, ANL/NB Button, Clarifier
On/Off Volume Control, Squelch Control, Dynamike Knob, Menu/Enter/Channel Selector, RF Gain Button, Delta Tune, Talkback Control, SWR Calibration, Dim/Escape Button, Channel 9/Channel 19 Button, Scan/Memory Scan Button, CB/WX Weather/PA Button, NB/ANL Button, S/RF SWR CAL Button
Weather Alert
Wireless Mic Compatible, PA/CB Switch, Noise Cancelling Microphone, Radio Diagnostics
Selectable 4-Color LCD Display, 10 Weather Channels, Weather Scan, Emergency Weather Alert, Memory Channels, Radio Check Diagnostic, Heavy-Duty Dynamic Microphone, Front Panel 4-Pin Microphone Connector, Switchable Automatic Noise Limiter & Noise Blanker, Adjustable Dynamike Boost
What customers say about "Features"
Uniden Bearcat 980SSB 40- Channel SSB CB Radio
  • CB performs outstanding with good audio from the stock microphone. Built in SWR meter is a plus. CB noise blanking feature eliminates power line interference along roads.
  • Good radio right out of the box. It works well and is on frequency for SSB use. This CB becomes very unique with the purchase of the wireless microphone option also made by Uniden (BC906W)
  • It matches well with the modern vehicles and I enjoy the multicolor options. It performs well. If you're into modding these cb radios I'm not sure what you can or can't do with these.
  • I don't mind the beeping noise every time you push a button, but the display screen gets scratched very easily, so I recommend leaving the manufacturer's plastic on the face as long as possible.
  • The display is somewhat difficult to read even when in "Day" mode at the brightest setting when bright sunlight is present.
Cobra 29 LX CB Radio with Instant Access Weather Stations
  • This radio has everything a CBer could want in features. It even gave a "check antenna warning" when installing my antenna and the SWR was very high.
  • I really like the scan feature on the CB and weather frequencies. Cobra has been around a long time and still make a quality product.
  • A bonus is the 10 channel weather stations. I live in socal, so knowing what the weather is gonna decide to do is a plus! The microphone that it comes with is good quality for the price.
  • The biggest selling point was the fact the radio would turn on if a weather alert was transmitted in your area. The second day on the road we came out to the car after dinner to find the radio on and transmitting a weather alert.
  • The two outside knobs are really small in diameter. Someone with big fingers might not like them.
  • Display light stopped working 3 month after install. Now can't see info. Lasted just long enough to get outside of return and replace time.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
2 year(s)
2 year(s)
Other Information
215.99 $
139.95 $

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