Product Comparison: Midland 75-822 vs Cobra 75 WX ST

General Specifications
75 WX ST
About the Product
This two-in-one CB radio is portable and lightweight, and can be converted to a mobile radio with required accessories (sold separately). The 75-822 includes NOAA Weather Alert Radio and 5 memory channels.
The 75 WX ST is a super compact hide-away Remote Mount design full featured CB radio with weather channels, ideal for vehicles where space is a premium. Plus instant access to channel 9 and 19, Dual -watch and all channel scan to monitor incoming signals, 4-channel programmable memory locations.
Key Specs
Frequency Range From
26.965 MHz
26.965 MHz
Frequency Range To
27.405 MHz
27.405 MHz
Frequency Stability
0.005 %
0.005 %
Frequency Control
PLL Synthesizer
PLL Synthesizer
Input Voltage
12 V DC
12 V DC
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Midland 75-822 40 Channel CB-Way Radio
  • This radio is fantastic. I got this unit as a backup to my base unit mounted in my truck, but now find myself using this little guy more. With all of its features like dual channel monioring and a scan with adjustable sensitivity, this radio truly is my new favorite.
  • SWR Readings: I could not get a good SWR reading on channels 1 through 8. And i think the SWR was pretty poor between 33 and 40. But do not let that dissuade you from buying this radio; most people talk on 19 or on channels in the 20s.
  • All of the controls are easy to reach and are labeled clearly. The scan function is nice if you like to monitor activity on all 40 channels.
  • This Midland CB radio unit fits nicely into my hand and feels well made. Both of those are important to me. I am glad I bought this Midland 75-822 40 Channel CB-Way Radio (my hand held CB) and expect to get good service from it for a long time.
  • Might be a minor point - or a technical nightmare - but it'd be mad handy if the unit could be used with 12v power and the whip antenna..
Cobra 75 WX ST 40-Channel CB Radio
  • Small and compact. Has several different weather stations. 40 CB channels. Can do scanning of all channels.Can bounce back and forth between 2 channels.
  • The Cobra 75WXST has a channel scan mode that continually scans all 40 CB channels & stops on each channel that has an active broadcast.
  • Weather radio reception well, and channel scan and channel 9 and stored channel fast access work well. Good value for basic CB use.
  • Connection includes an ACC wire for when the ignition is on or in accessory position, and a standby power wire so the CB keeps your last selected channel when the engine is shut off and the CB powers off with it.
  • It has scan, dual channel watch, and best of all a speaker in the front. It does have other nice features too.
  • Minor drawback is that the microphone has to be be installed to receive anything; unable to just listen without having the microphone plugged in.
  • This is OK, but the squelch is poor. If you dial it down so that the static is tolerable during a scan, it won't stop on a channel that is being used. Perhaps my expectations are too high as I'm comparing it to a HAM system.
Size & Weight
9.9 in.
4.5 in.
7.5 in.
2.75 in.
2.25 in.
1.75 in.
1.5 lbs.
1.75 lbs.
Power Output (AM)
4 W
4 W
Frequency Tolerance
0.005 %
0.005 %
Power Output (USB/LSB)
12 W PEP
Frequency Response Min
300 Hz
Frequency Response Max
3000 Hz
What customers say about "Transmitter"
Midland 75-822 40 Channel CB-Way Radio
  • Adequate range on alkaline battery power and stubby antenna.
  • This little CB works fine. It is no powerhouse but with a good, name brand antenna you should be able to transmit a few miles. I tested it with a K30 magnet mount antenna with excellent results.
  • Cb is crystal clear transmitting and receiving. Very well made and love the fact that it can be powered by the cigarette adapter included.
  • The range isn't as good as a normal CB but an external antenna can help that
  • The small antenna and battery pack has very limited range, and is only good for use around a campsite. I doubt it will broadcast past 100 yards in wide open spaces with the small antenna.
  • I have no problem hearing others in my work site but no one can hear me when I transmit,I bought this same radio in the past and it worked great and lasted me 4 years
Cobra 75 WX ST 40-Channel CB Radio
  • Transmits far and receives clear. Functions are easy to use and the price point was good. Still wish it had a PA.
  • The recieve and transmit on this Radio works very well.
  • Transmits and receives clearly and well with a good antenna (don't use a cheap antenna - it can make any radio a piece of junk).
  • Sound Tracker Tecnoligy isn't what a good NB and ANL switch can do. The unit performs well enough as far as transmit and recieve as long as the engine isnt running. The inbound signal is almost completely covered by the static. Car is a 2011 Jeep, no points here.
  • Stopped working after 6 months, it transmits but can't receive signal.
  • Just got this installed... Went to tune the radio and antenna and the radio does not transmit.... Would like a replacement as I am not happy that it is not working... It acts like its transmitting but my SWR meter shows it is not transmitting properly...
Sensitivity for 10dB (AM)
0.7 µV
1 µV
Image Rejection
50 dB
50 dB
Audio Power Output
4 W
4 W
What customers say about "Receiver"
Midland 75-822 40 Channel CB-Way Radio
  • Startling clarity. A fellow 4 wheeler asked me what unit I was using, that he wanted to buy one for a backup / handheld.
  • I really like this CB. It has the ability to transmit quite well with a dedicated whip. If you like this sort of thing like I do you will really enjoy its compact size and features. Technology is a trip.
  • Paired mine with a Midland 18-2442 3 foot antenna and I can transmit about 2 to 3 miles and receive from up to 50 miles away.
  • I use this when wheeling in the Jeep to stay in contact with other drivers. It works, just not sure about how far it may transmit and receive.
Cobra 75 WX ST 40-Channel CB Radio
  • Poor signal discrimination. It picks up lots of noise from the environment that comes out as static. You can stop a lot of that with a filter on the incoming power.
  • Purchased this for my Jeep since most off road clubs require a CB in ever vehicle. Transmit and receive range is ok. Not as good as a Cobra 29 but for the size one can't complain.
  • I used the Cobra on my first long highway trip last week and was impressed with its range on receive and transmit. My first radio check call got me a callback from 35 miles away.
  • Easy install, Both transmitting and receiving is fare at best. It also needs a external speaker, which I bought at a local truck stop and added.
Backlit LCD Display
lluminated LCD Display
CH Up/Down buttons, Backlight Button, Last Channel Recall, Push To Talk, Dual Function Button, Memory Channels/H/L Power, Squelch Control, On/Off Volume Control
SoundTracker® Key, Memory Key, Channel 9/19 Key / Memory Location 1 Key, Dual Watch / Memory Location 2 Key, Scan / Memory Location 3 Key, CB-Weather Channel / Memory Location 4 Key, On/Off Volume Control, Lock Key, Squelch Control, Channel Selector, Push To Talk
Weather Alert
Built in ANL, NOAA Weather Radio, Instant channel 9/19, Last Channel Memory, Flexible, Removable Antenna with BNC connector
Remote Mount System, SoundTracker® System, NOAA Weather Radio, Illuminated LCD display, Instant channel 9/19
What customers say about "Features"
Midland 75-822 40 Channel CB-Way Radio
  • It can be used similar to a walkie talkie. Access the 10 NOAA weather radio channels.
  • Comes with everything needed to be functional, short of batteries and a fixed mount antenna.
  • More than adequate battery life. I did 2 day-long trips before I was tempted - not forced - to change batteries.
  • When using an external antenna, this unit works as good as any other modern budget Chinese made CB radio with the same features.
  • Access the 10 NOAA weather radio channels.
  • Cord isn't very long which could make it more difficult for bigger trucks/cars.
  • The transmit button is next to the channel change buttons. Once in a while you may accidentally change channels when you think you are pushing the transmit button.
Cobra 75 WX ST 40-Channel CB Radio
  • Easily mounted in cramped vehicles like a Jeep Wrangler. You can mount the junction box under the front seat then adjust your channels from the handset.
  • The Cobra 75WXST has every necessary feature right in the palm of your hand. Many vehicles (other than semi's) simply do not have the space to conveniently mount a traditional CB radio chassis under the dashboard. This unit completely solves this dilemma.
  • The unit also quickly accesses any 1 of 10 National Weather Stations (I believe there are actually 7 National Weather Stations presently available). This feature is invaluable for checking regional weather conditions including temperature, precipitation, and wind conditions.
  • The coiled wire is pretty strong. If it's stretched even a little it pulls it back. I can't keep it on my lap when offroading.
  • The built-in speaker is useless. You'll need an external speaker.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
3 year(s)
2 year(s)
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