CB Radio

Comparison of Dual Band Mobile Ham Radios

Best Dual Band Mobile Ham Radios

Most of the regular radio stations are too weak to be used inside the vehicle. When standard models struggle with various interferences, a dual band mobile ham radio would be a more appropriate choice. To help you narrow your search we have picked the top mobile ham radio models out there to make your radio calls quick and effortless.
Comparison of Handheld CB Radios

Best Handheld CB Radios

Despite the loss in popularity, a handheld CB radio is still the best solution for truckers, off-roaders, RV owners, motorcyclists, and all kinds of hobbyists that require instant and reliable means of communication.
Comparison of CB Radios

Best CB Radios

What can replace a phone on the road or license two-way radio? Well, it's a CB radio. Our in-depth review of 5 best CB radios will be helpful for choosing the right model for your particular needs.