CB Radio
Best CB Radios

What can replace a phone on the road or license two-way radio? Well, it's a CB radio. Our in-depth review of 5 best CB radios will be helpful for choosing the right model for your particular needs.

Best Handheld CB Radios
Despite the loss in popularity, a handheld CB radio is still the best solution for truckers, off-roaders, RV owners, motorcyclists, and all kinds of hobbyists that require instant and reliable means of communication.
Satellite Radios
Best Satellite Radios for Everyone
What can be better than listening to your favorite music or talk show when driving? Without annoying advertisements in the background and with clear sound, now you can enjoy your playlist choosing one of the portable satellite radios we've selected for you. Continue reading our review and make your choice.
Radio Scanners
Best Radio Scanners
Ever wanted to hear the thoughts of the people around you? While that may be a pipe dream, a radio frequency scanner can help you tap into any wave out there and listen in on previously unavailable radio stations, hear racecar drivers chatter, and much more.
Shortwave Radios
Best Shortwave Radios
Can't live without music? Want to be aware of the latest news even when being miles away from home? What about having an alarm and flashlight for the emergencies handy? If that sounds like something that you'd want, then one of these shortwave radios is what you really need.
Two-Way Radios
Best Handheld HAM Radios
Handheld HAM radios are versatile and adaptable communication devices that aid and support varying needs and applications, from security guards to rescuers to campers and radio enthusiasts. The best handheld HAM radios can be relied upon even during most emergency situations.