Product Comparison: Uniden PRO505XL vs Uniden PRO510XL

General Specifications
About the Product
The Uniden PRO505XL 40 Channel CB Radio is perfect for those long days on the road. It features an instant channel 9 function where you can quickly set the radio to the emergency/channel 9. You can check the relative strength of incoming transmissions with the signal/RF power indicator. This CB radio has an external speaker jack that will let you plug in an external speaker for better sound as well as an external PA jack that allows connection of a PA speaker.
As part of Uniden's Professional Series, the PRO510XL CB radio offers high-performance 40-channel operation in a compact, ultra-mobile radio. This model operates on any of the 40 AM frequencies authorized by the FCC, and its S/RF meter and red-lit LED indicators help you monitor activity at a glance.
Key Specs
Frequency Range From
26.965 MHz
26.965 MHz
Frequency Range To
27.405 MHz
27.405 MHz
Frequency Stability
0.005 %
0.005 %
Frequency Control
PLL Synthesizer
PLL Synthesizer
Input Voltage
13.8 V DC
13.8 V DC
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Uniden PRO505XL 40-Channel CB Radio
  • I installed it today and it works great. SWR on channel 20 is 1.2, very nice. I don't know how far I am pulling in but my power meter shows 4 watts going out, very satisfied.
  • There is no static from the knobs while turning between stations, nor any "pops", it is very quiet. It picks up quick enough to where you can "roll through" the channels and it will still send out the audio when someone is on the channel.
  • Works well in the woods or on the highway...good radio easy to install and easy to read the channel numbers.
  • All 40-channels, decent mic, no crazy bells and whistles, only what you need to set your lips to moving. I liked that it came with an inline fuse and that's a plus because no one wants a burnt-down rig!
  • Installed in no time flat. Great sound output, simple to use and looks good in my black interior Jeep. I would give it five star but it doesn't have weather channels. Still a great product at a great price.
Uniden PRO510XL 40 Channel Compact Mobile CB Radio
  • Got this radio for road trips with my buddies. Easy installation, compact and works great. Fun and easy working with right channel radios.
  • Luckily this radio has a very good automatic noise limiter (ANL) which is very effective in reducing overall noise.
  • No beep-beep-beep crap unlike the big Uniden I have. No sounds when switching between channels or pushing buttons.
  • I got this radio about 9 months ago and it was a very good functioning radio until it broke. it does not transmit or receive any more signals. To me, it's not worth fixing up for the price.
  • Quality sucks I’ve tried to tune antenna to know avail and the lack of ANL is quite a bummer I bought the 510 to see if that one is any better.
Size & Weight
1.75 in.
1.38 in.
4.88 in.
4.5 in.
7.5 in.
6.75 in.
1.2 lbs.
1.56 lbs.
Power Output (AM)
4 W
4 W
Frequency Response Min
300 Hz
300 Hz
Frequency Response Max
2500 Hz
2500 Hz
Frequency Tolerance
0.005 %
0.005 %
What customers say about "Transmitter"
Uniden PRO505XL 40-Channel CB Radio
  • Speaker is very clear, it transmitts very well. I may get another one for my wife's Subaru.
  • I've been able to receive signals very well and transmit very far. I can honestly say daytime range is 2-5 miles. And night time even better.
  • I installed this CB radio on a Chevy Tracker with a K30 Antenna and it is transmitting/recieving about 3 KM (1.8 miles) with no modifications.
  • Like another poster said doesnt receive or transmit at all. This isnt my first rodeo with hooking up CB's. I hooked everything up checked SWR's they where within limits but no reception what so ever.
  • This is only good for transmitting a few miles in town and 3-5 miles outside of town, even over flat terrain. I get better performance with my 10 year old Radioshack handheld 21-1679, so I am not impressed.
Uniden PRO510XL 40 Channel Compact Mobile CB Radio
  • They're great, with much better transmission quality than the Nextels and no hassle of all-call bothering the folks who aren't driving trams, or remembering who is on what Nextel.
  • I've been using 510's for 15 years. Best bang for the buck. Works great, sounds great. Others always think I'm running a high dollar radio.
  • have roughly a 7 mile range with this radio, the signal is great regardless of what else I have on in the vehicle.
  • If you want a reliable 40 channel CB radio that broadcasts well and receives well this is the radio for you. It is is rated at the same output power as any full size radios, but is small enough to be mounted in tighter locations.
  • It worked great - for a few weeks. Now I can't transmit at all, nobody ever hears me and yes, I had the antenna tuned. Also the output ports in the back are on the fritz.
  • Well I gave this guy a run for its money. It lasted about 18 months in an open top rock crawler. It gave up the ability to transmit on my last run. I tried to fix it. No dice.
Sensitivity for 10dB (AM)
0.8 µV
0.5 µV
Image Rejection
65 dB
80 dB
Audio Power Output
3 W
7 W
What customers say about "Receiver"
Uniden PRO505XL 40-Channel CB Radio
  • It receives and transmits very well. A solid unit for a low price.
  • This radio transmits and receives as well as any I have used over many years. It does not have a bunch of extra whistles and bells that are never used. When you pick it up it looks and feels like a piece of quality equipment.
  • This is a really well built/solid littl CB. Audio is clear/loud and transmit reports are good.
Uniden PRO510XL 40 Channel Compact Mobile CB Radio
  • Use this radio in a few Jeep Wranglers, holds up well, good reception and loud speaker!
  • he radio get very good reports from truckers out on the highway, even with the tiny little microphone it comes with.
  • These are still some of the best radios for reliability, ruggedness, and receiver/transmit capability.
  • Wanted a CB for OTR travelling. Mostly listening regarding traffic tie-ups, etc. Receives well, reasonable transmission.
  • Installed Radio not receiving, tried to get a radio check, cannot raise anyone. Cannot hear anyone talking on the unit even with the squelch turn down. Hopefully the new unit will work properly.
Backlit LCD Display
LSD Display & Signal Strength Meter
CB/PA Switch, Volume/ Power, CH9 Switch, Channel Selector, Squelch Knob
ANL Switch, Volume Control, Squelch Knob, Channel Selector
Weather Alert
Public Address (PA) Function, Instant Channel 9, External Speaker Jack, External PA Jack
Backlit LCD Display, Microelectronics Integrated Into A Euro-style 2-way Radio, Front-positioned microphone with extra-long, coiled cord for convenient use
What customers say about "Features"
Uniden PRO505XL 40-Channel CB Radio
  • This radio is a classic choice for off-roaders because it's simple and works great! Don't expect a tuckload of features with this unit - you get automatic noise limiter, squelch control, volume, and channel-changing knobs (that's it!).
  • Plenty of power line length to install to whatever the application. I like this little thing.
  • The size of this compact Uniden radio is exactly what we needed to use inside the fairly small cabin of the Jeep. Additionally, the Squelch, RF Gain and ANL features work surprisingly well.
  • I really like this radio and am very happy with its performance and compatibility with the other gear in the rig.
  • Have had this radio for a about half a year now with no issues. I don't use it too often but when I do it works, I like the features on it such as the CH.9 button and the option to add a PA speaker.
Uniden PRO510XL 40 Channel Compact Mobile CB Radio
  • This is my first CB and I loved it. It's very easy to set up. The sound is amazing, it fits right into the glove box of my jeep. It is a very straight forward product and gets the job done.
  • I also like the fact that channel selection uses knobs instead of buttons -- no risk of bumping it and getting off-channel when you are busy.
  • The controls are fairly sand/weather resistant. The 510XL is light in weight which is important in a sport where every pound saved accounts for better performance.
  • It has an amazingly clear speaker for being such a tiny size. The controls are solid and sturdy, not loose and wiggly. When you change channel you feel a nice solid "click" so you know your moving the knob.
  • Old school LED display is hard to see in the daylight...excellent at night tho.
  • Speaker power out could be a bit better with some type of tone control.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
2 year(s)
2 year(s)
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