Product Comparison: Uniden PRO520XL vs Cobra 19 DX IV

General Specifications
19 DX IV
About the Product
Automotive products that support you on the road and off. This compact CB transceiver incorporates state of the art microelectronics into a sophisticated Euro-styled 2-way radio. The integrated PA system allows you to connect an external speaker and use the CB to make announcements.
The 19 DX IV offers full 4-watts of power and convenience features such as RF Gain, Instant Channel 9 and 19 in a compact design. Also, a Dynamic microphone for loud and clear communication, an illuminated full-function LCD display, PA system and rugged construction.
Key Specs
Frequency Range From
26.965 MHz
26.965 MHz
Frequency Range To
27.405 MHz
27.405 MHz
Frequency Stability
0.005 %
0.005 %
Frequency Control
PLL Synthesizer
PLL Synthesizer
Input Voltage
13.8 V DC
13.8 V DC
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Uniden PRO520XL 40-Channel CB Radio
  • Awesome little radio. Purchased this to communicate vehicle to motorcycle on a beach trip. Worked perfectly. So small, was able to mount in the lower center console of my 2010 Dodge RAM. Add a magnetic K40 antenna, tune it, and it has great range.
  • For the money, it's O.K. Every time it is first powered up it is on channel 9, otherwise, 5 stars.
  • I like the form factor, nice and small, love that it doesn't change channels after you shut off the key, I love the looks.
  • From the product description "A bare-bones, ultra-mobile 40-channel CB Radio" They aren't kidding. There are no fancy features with this radio. If you just need to talk and be heard this is all you need.
  • This radio works well for my purposes, communication between work vehicles not more than a half mile apart on the road. I give the radio four stars because it jumps channels, though infrequently.
  • Very hard to see channel indicator in daylight. Also, squelch control is way too sensitive. Very small radio that would work for occasional use. The transmit audio is good, from what I was told.
Cobra 19 DX IV 40 channels CB Radio
  • Excellent value for money swr built in and more am/fm very good product.
  • Fantastic the best I've ever had, it's big very big good job I'm using it as a base station .Highly recommend
  • I wanted a CB unit to go in my 4x4 to supplement my hand held radios, I know CB is now not the cool way to communicate whic means the airways are clear. Great price very quick delivery.
  • Lovely looking radio easy to use but menu / channel changer felt really cheap the worse thing was the squelch doesnt switch in an out like it should sound really noisy , not sure if that can be ajusted.
  • First radio is really big and not recommend to small cars, second first radio stop working after month of use Amazon send me replace unit but still in the box.
Size & Weight
1.38 in.
1.8 in.
4.5 in.
6.75 in.
6.75 in.
6.8 in.
1.62 lbs.
3.25 lbs.
Power Output (AM)
4 W
4 W
Frequency Response Min
300 Hz
300 Hz
Frequency Response Max
2500 Hz
3000 Hz
Frequency Tolerance
0.005 %
0.005 %
What customers say about "Transmitter"
Uniden PRO520XL 40-Channel CB Radio
  • It works well. Hah, better than the "export" cb another driver has. Crystal clear transmit and receive audio all in a compact LEGAL package.
  • Though at the lower range of price, it is a great CB radio. Specially for beginners or if on budget. Clear transmit/receive and easy to use.
  • I installed in my 93 YJ for trails and even on the open road it pulls in and transmits for a long ways. The compact size is a great plus, it will fit almost anywhere.
  • It is extremely powerful with my 4ft Firestik antenna. I can easily transmit over 2-3 miles which is way more than I need in a jeep.
  • I am able to transmit and receive signals, but rarely. Most of the time I just hear static, noise, and garbled transmissions. When I turn up the squelch control to filter out noises, I rarely hear anything at all.
Cobra 19 DX IV 40 channels CB Radio
  • This radio feels pretty well built looks brilliant and I'm getting good feed back from friends and colleagues that I'm sounding loud and proud on air overall very happy and well worth the money.
  • It works fine, gets out well, reports tell me that i sound good so all in all Im happy.
  • What a fantastic CB great range and always loud and clear in my opinion does not need a power mic as the cobra one is great.
Sensitivity for 10dB (AM)
0.5 µV
1 µV
Image Rejection
80 dB
60 dB
Audio Power Output
7 W
4 W
What customers say about "Receiver"
Uniden PRO520XL 40-Channel CB Radio
  • CBs all put our the same power and the main difference is the selectivity which cuts back on off-channel noise. The selectivity is much better that some cheaper ones I have owned and it does not jump back to Channel 9 when turned off or when power is lost like some cheaper ones.
  • Wanted a CB for OTR travelling. Mostly listening regarding traffic tie-ups, etc. Receives well, reasonable transmission.
  • Great radio. Long receive.good TX to. Never even pluged in that little mic so i cant comment there, i use a road devil power mic barley on,mostly just for noise canceling,very clear sounding and way too much power cranked up.
  • Very strong signal both transmitting and receiving.
  • Perfect size for what I needed to mount onto my Jeep TJ. Broke fairly early. Will not transmit or receive any more.
Cobra 19 DX IV 40 channels CB Radio
  • Neat and small - does the job with no fuss. great range and reception. ideal for the mobile user.
  • This is the only unit ive used over the years which has a functional built in SWR meter, coupled with delta tune for a 12.5 khz channel shift either side on am band, channel search on am , uk fm or cept.
  • Built in SWR meter quite reliable is good enough to keep you out of trouble. I get a range of about 15 to 20 miles and I have it set up in car. plus I am from North Yorkshire so wide open spaces to broadcast suppose that helps.
LSD Display & Signal Strength Meter
LSD Display & Signal Strength Meter
ANL Switch, PA Switch, CH9 Switch, Volume Control, Squelch Knob, RF Gain Knob, Channel Selector
Channel 9/ NOR/Channel 19 Button, CB/PA Button, On/Off Volume Control, Squelch/ RF Gain Knob, Channel Selector Knob
Weather Alert
Front Mount Microphone, Backlit LCD Display, Built-in automatic noise limiter and auto-squelch, Connect external speakers and use PA/CB switch for use as a Public Address system
Illuminated LCD display, Instant channel 9/19, Dynamic Microphone, Electronic tuning
What customers say about "Features"
Uniden PRO520XL 40-Channel CB Radio
  • It's a small unit with many useful features. ANL, Gain, volume and squelch controls on the front and a PA outlet on the rear.
  • This is about as perfect of a CB as you could ask for. I really like the dip switch idea for quick changing to external PA or emergency broadcast channel 9.
  • The unit has a internal speaker that is very loud and is whisper quiet when tuned to filter out static so you can leave it on without listening to garbage the whole time.
  • The stock mic is cheaply made with passable modulation. The mic cord is very short, but I can live with that. Since linear amps are a 'No-No' get a decent power mic if you want to be heard.
  • It works fine as a CB. What I do not like is the PA function. When I turn my PA on, I have to change channels and turn the squelch up so that the channel I am on doesn't play through the PA speaker.
  • Very low frills unit. There is a PA function, but that's about it. The Power, squelch and Up/Down channel buttons are not lit and can't be seen in the dark. There is no "scan" feature. The internal speaker sounds pretty thin.
Cobra 19 DX IV 40 channels CB Radio
  • Brilliant CB radio, it's got all the gadgets and gizmos you could ever want and top quality bit of kit, i am very very pleased with it.
  • Brilliant radio it's only my second radio so I'm not going to talk about frequencies and all that jargon I simply chose this radio because I was getting annoyed at a blaring blue backlit screen of my old old TTI in the cab.This radio has brilliant personalised functions.
  • This turned out to be a good radio for an absalute beginner. It was easy to get started. Instructions were nice and clear. Loved the inbuilt swr metre.
  • Works exactly as it should, easy to use, easy to change country settings. Best surprise is the heavy duty mic, nice to hold and use.
  • Worked great for 8 months. Then screen goes blank one day (Has back light but no scree & ribbon us ok) & that's it, no more!
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
2 year(s)
2 year(s)
Other Information
49.95 $

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