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Review & Comparison, Last Update November 3, 2018
Do you feel like the audio editing options that your software has is not enough, and you need something more professional to work with sound effects on a higher level? Or maybe you are looking for your first music editor and wish to get your money’s worth? In this review, we have selected the five best audio editing and music production programs that can help you design music like a Pro. ...Read more ...Read less
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Suitable For
OS Compatibility
Editing Tools and Effects
Supported Audio Formats

With the 64-bit architecture and one-touch recording function, you can enjoy quick and efficient operation. And the 32-channel processing enhances your workflow greatly by reducing latency problems.


The installation process may seem a bit long.


The Sound Forge Pro 12 has everything a music designer may need for work. It supports the VST3 plug-ins, a lot of new effects, multifunctional operation, Spectra Layers Pro 5, and many more to make music creation process more pleasant.

detailed parameters
Suitable For

Recording, editing, sound design

OS Compatibility

Windows 7, 8, 10 (32- or 64-bit)

Editing Tools and Effects

Acoustic mirror, Amplitude modulation, Chorus, DeClicker/DeCracker, Delay/Echo, Distortion, Dynamics, Envelope, Flange, Gapper/Snipper, Noise gate, Pitch, Resonant filter, Reverb, Vibrato, Wave hammer, EQ and more

Supported Audio Formats



30-day free trial


The Adobe Audition CC offers you quite a lot of useful features to speed up your workflow. The sound remover will scan and fix your projects automatically, and you can send them to Premiere Pro and back to Audition CC while editing.


The free trial could be longer. 


This DAW is ideal for audio producers who often work with podcasts since it allows recording many voices simultaneously and then editing them either separately or all together.

detailed parameters
Suitable For

Recording, editing, mixing, restoration 

OS Compatibility

Windows 7 SP1, 8, 10 (64-bit)
Mac (64-bit)

Editing Tools and Effects

Amplitude and Compression, Delay and Echo, Diagnostics, Filter and EQ, Modulation, Noise reduction/restoration, Reverb, Special settings, Stereo imagery, Time and pitch, VST, VST3, Audio plug-in manager

Supported Audio Formats

AC-3, APE, AU, AVR, BWF, CAF (all uncompressed and most compressed versions), EC-3, FLAC, HTK, IFF, M4A, MAT, MPC, MP2, MP3 (including MP3-surround files), OGA, OGG, PAF, PCM, PVF, RAW, RF64, SD2, SDS, SF, SND, VOC, VOX, W64, WAV


7-day free trial


The program handles up to 7.1 channels and works well with lossless audio, guaranteeing professional mixing quality. It's also comparatively budget-friendly despite having as many features as some of the more expensive competitors.


There are very few changes from the previous version of the program so the upgrade may not be worth it to some.


The CyberLink audio editing software may be tough on new users but if you're willing to stick it out, the program will blossom and, underneath a clunky interface, you'll find a set of tools for deep audio mixing, mastering, and editing. It has some noise reduction and removal instruments that few competitors could match. Those that aren't afraid to spend some time getting the hang of the program will find many useful instruments.

detailed parameters
Suitable For

Editing, mixing, mastering, restoration

OS Compatibility

Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10

Editing Tools and Effects

Plosive Removal, Visual Repair, Noise Reduction, Hiss & hum removal, Click & clip removal, Noise profile presets, Boost & Fade, Trim Audio, Change Audio Speed, Auto-duration Adjustment, Reverse, Dynamic Range Control, Delay & Reverb, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus & Echo, Vocal Transformer, Equalizer, Stereo Expander-Radio, Phone, Noise Gate, Vocal Removal in Music, Surround Sound Panner, VST Plug-in Support

Supported Audio Formats



30-day free trial


The digital instrument and loops library is one of the biggest we've seen in any software of this kind and the music that can be created with this program will feel as real and natural as the tunes played on actual guitars and drum kits.


Being an Apple product, the program only works on Mac OS, excluding a good number of potential users.


Despite the fact that it's not going to be available to all both due to the compatibility and the steep price, this is a truly excellent program. It has a huge array of tools at your disposal and the editing is easy to do even for beginners. Customize your music, mix it, record sounds, and design collages, all of that is possible within this one program. With the Logic Pro X, you only need a MacBook to become a one-man band.

detailed parameters
Suitable For

Recording, editing, mixing, sound design

OS Compatibility

Mac OS 10.12 and above

Editing Tools and Effects

Patches, Loops, Smart Tempo, Flex Time, Flex Pitch, Logic Remote, Multi-Touch Mixing

Supported Audio Formats

AIFF, WAV (BWF), CAF, SDII, Apple Lossless, eligible MP3, and AAC




The NCH Software WavePad features a Spectral Analysis (FFT), the function that allows a user to edit their projects by parts. This is a very handy option when you need to fix a short section of a track.


Effects processing might take quite some time.


This is a professional audio editing software that lets you work with almost any file format, extract audio from video files, and do this either on your computer or on a tablet (thanks to its compatibility with Android OS). 

detailed parameters
Suitable For

Recording, editing, restoration

OS Compatibility

Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Mac OS 10.5 and above
Android 2.3.3. and higher

Editing Tools and Effects

Batch converter, Create a ringtone, FFT, TFFT, Text to speech, Navigate speech, Surround sound, Special FX, Speed and voice setting, Noise reduction, Click/Pop removal, High/Low-pass filter, DC offset correction, DirectX, VST, Reverse, Compress

Supported Audio Formats



14 days money back guarantee 


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A New Level in Sound Production

Magix Sound Forge Pro 12 is an improved DAW for professional music creation both at home and in a studio. It combines all those well-loved features that older versions had with improvements that help take music creation to a new level.

You can still produce audio, mix and master it, but now, the process is much simpler and more efficient. With the 64-bit architecture and the one-touch recording function, you can forget about having tons of windows on your desktop while mixing and mastering. This edition allows you to process up to 32 simultaneous channels on the main screen without annoying latency issues. The import and export of Direct Stream Digital (DSD) audio files is another pleasant addition to Sound Forge Pro. It lets you work with PCM formats, Super Audio CDs, and archive your audio in higher quality. We also can’t avoid mentioning the full VST3 effect support that improves the performance of the program greatly. Though it was developed in the far 2008, not many DAWs can boast its availability today.

Editing is also a pleasure with this professional audio creating software. In addition to basic editing options, you get the SpectraLayers Pro 5 that lets you not just hear but also see the spectrogram of your audio track and edit every sound separately, repair damaged artifacts and many more. You also have the opportunity to edit a new audio file with the Sound Forge while your completed soundtrack is being processed and rendered. Quite a time-saving option, isn’t it?

For utmost convenience and, consequently, increased productivity, the manufacturer has made this software customizable. You can arrange windows you are working with according to your taste so that you could focus on the work only instead of switching between windows.

Review of MAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro 12 Suite

Find Your Individual Sound

In addition to a quite extended arsenal of effects that you get with the Sound Forge Pro 12, you can definitely benefit from the 3 new effects by SEQUOIA (DeHisser, DeClicker / DeCrackler, and DeClipper) and the Wave Hammer 2.0. The DeHisser will eliminate low-level “white” noise, DeClicker will remove clicks and similar digital errors from your old vinyl, while DeCrackler will clear more continuous irregularities; and DeClipper will help you improve recordings from live interviews and concerts.

As for the Wave Hammer 2.0, it gives you more control over your audio since it offers you 4 independent frequency bands that you can adjust to make the sound deeper, compress the peaks, maximize the volume, etc. You can also select from existing presets from the menu or save your own presets to use them in the future.

The Sound Forge Pro 12 is also equipped with the iZotope RX Elements (an independent audio editor and 4 real-time plug-ins inside the Sound Forge). It allows you to remove any unwanted background from your audio track effortlessly. iZotope Ozone 8 Elements plug-ins offer you 75 professional presets and the Mastering Wizard for better operation.

MAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro 12 Suite in the use

Professional Music Making

Obviously, the Sound Forge Pro is mostly created for music designers, the users who need not just conventional audio editing software, but a feature-rich program that can help them manipulate the sound in every sense of the word. It doesn't mean this DAW won't be helpful for music editors. On the contrary, we believe that making a ringtone or mixing several songs together may be pretty exciting work. Plus, a very intuitive UI allows even a novice to master this software with ease.

Detailed review of MAGIX SOUND FORGE Pro 12 Suite


Adobe Audition CC

Your Trustworthy Assistant in Audio Creation

Indeed, there are very few people out there who haven’t heard about Adobe. The Adobe Photoshop is rightfully called the world’s best imaging and design app, not mentioning their Adobe Acrobat Reader that is installed on every other PC to work with PDF files. But these programs are only a drop in the bucket in comparison to the variety of options this company offers to its customer. It actually doesn’t matter what your goal is, whether you need to create an audio or a web page, Adobe has professional software for any taste.

This review, though, is focused on audio so we would like to give the most of our attention to the Adobe Audition CC. This is a great DAW with a comprehensive arsenal of audio mixing, recording, and mastering options. In other words, there isn’t much this audio editor won’t do.

If you often work with different podcasts, a multitrack recording will be quite helpful for you. It allows recording several voices at a time and then leveling and editing them individually with EQ. You can also apply the necessary effect to the whole audio track or to an individual audio clip. With the latest Audition CC version, you also get the dynamics effect. It includes an expander, compressor, noise gate and limiter for more professional and time-saving editing.

Review of Adobe Audition CC Audio recording, mixing, and restoration.

Improved Audio Processing

Among all the helpful features that Adobe Audition CC supports, it provides the user a sound remover, preview editor, Noise Generator, Pitch Manager, roundtrip editing workflow, and ITU loudness metering.

These features may seem not the major or the most important developments, yet they definitely improve the working process. For instance, the sound remover will scan your audio track and fix it for you automatically. You can check all the modifications in a multiple file section and make a quick change before saving the final version if the need be.

The roundtrip editing will also optimize your workflow greatly. It lets you send your projects from Adobe Premiere Pro to Adobe Audition CC while editing it. As for the ITU loudness metering, it is a radar panel that displays your audio tracks in a visual manner so that you could find those passages that need to be fixed and lower their volume level.

Adobe Audition CC Audio recording, mixing, and restoration. in the use

Benefit from the “All Apps” Package

The Adobe Audition CC is a monthly paid program that will cost a user $20 a month on an Annual Plan. At the same time, the company offers customers its Creative Cloud for only $50 a month on an Annual Plan. This is quite a bargain, isn't it? This package includes all the Adobe programs for audio, video, image, and website creation. That is to say, if you use video editing software, Photoshop, and other content creating software, buying the all-in-one package, you buy at a profit.

By the way, the good news is you don’t have to pay straight away. You can install Creative Cloud and try the programs you are interested in for free. Such a trial will differ with the type of software you choose. Adobe Audition CC offers 7-day free trial. This is not all that much, true, and you will probably have not enough time to explore the app far and wide but a week is more or less enough to decide if you at least need a further subscription.

Detailed review of Adobe Audition CC Audio recording, mixing, and restoration.


CyberLink AudioDirector 8

Restore and Rejuvenate

Those that frequently work with audio and music from the old days know that noise and click removal is a large part of the process. Few programs can honestly say that they cut out the unwanted noise without damaging the track itself. However, the CyberLink AudioDirector 8 certainly joins these honored ranks as it has a powerful array of tools specifically for restoring damaged audio.

For example, you could take an old cassette, rip the audio to your PC and, with the help of the CyberLink AudioDirector, remove hisses and hums that are pretty much expected from older recordings. The slight imperfections in quality may be endearing in music but those who need to decipher old interviews or audio-diaries will be glad to know that the program cuts out any external noise quickly and effectively.

We do expect more than just noise removal from our music editing software as many people use these programs to write their own music. Sadly, that’s quite obviously not what the AudioDirector was designed for. The program does have a sample library and some loops and tools to mix new tracks. However, these instruments are sparse and seemed aimed more towards fixing pre-existing tracks rather than making all-new creations.

Review of CyberLink AudioDirector 8

Join the AV Club

At some point in your experience with the CyberLink AudioDirector 8, you’ll probably realize that the program seems to offer quite a few tools for a specific purpose: working with video tracks. The software definitely gives a broad choice of options for syncing audio with the picture, adding new audio tracks to the video, and more. One of the more useful things you can do is adjust audio levels across different parts of the video so that your family isn’t woken up by loud explosions when you decide to watch an action film in the middle of the night. Since CyberLink has had a long-standing focus on video editing tools, this aspect of the program is no surprise but it does make it feel a bit sidetracked instead of streamlined for audio editing.

Still, nobody’s stopping you from using the available tools for audio manipulation. For example, the voice modulation instruments are pretty broad and could certainly find good use in experimental music genres even if full compositions may be a bit finicky to put together due to the program’s complicated interface, which definitely seems to be aimed at professionals. But those that stick it out and master the software will indeed dig up some really cool tools that will spice up your music and audio-editing capabilities. We acknowledge that it may be too much for beginners but few audio editing programs are that amateur-friendly in the first place.

CyberLink AudioDirector 8 in the use

Good Old AudioDirector

It doesn’t really feel like the CyberLink AudioDirector 8 has that much improvement to show over the previous version (or two, for that matter) but it’s reached the level of a good audio editor a long time ago and remains quite adequate for the job. Sure, the sample library is a bit more modest than in other programs and the toolset seems aimed more towards editing pre-existing audio tracks and mastering them. But if you’re not a beatmaker and just want a solid piece of audio editing software, the CyberLink AudioDirector 8 is certainly a pretty reasonable choice, especially at the current price point. It has great noise removal tools and voice modulation instruments as well as the syncing and cutting capabilities for soundtrack purposes. Definitely one to watch out for.

Detailed review of CyberLink AudioDirector 8


Apple Logic Pro X

One Man Band

You might already know this but many popular music producers use Macbooks to create their beats. And we can’t say for sure but it does feel like they might prefer the Mac OS system because it’s the only one where the Apple Logic Pro X is available. This exclusive program may be limited in OS compatibility but its tools are not limited by a thing.

The program has instruments that span all genres of music so you can create a wonderful medley without taking your hands off of the keyboard. For example, the software uses emulators to reproduce the sounds of different musical instruments including particular guitar brands. You can be sure that your music will have that warm, natural feel that usually can only be received by actually playing the instrument. Of course, keyboards and synthesisers are included as well and the program has one of the widest sample libraries we’ve seen.

One particular instrument that we just have to cover separately is drums. The program’s Drummer kit lets you build a virtual setup and drum to your heart’s content, layering hi-hats and kick drums to create a percussive section that you might simply be unable to play otherwise.

All these instruments make the Logic Pro X great professional audio editing software but that’s just one side of the program and we’re going to look at a few other points that make it stand out now.

Review of Apple Logic Pro X

The Great Library of Loops and Beats

Those who prefer electronic genres will be able to use a library of nearly 8,000 loops to mix, match, and create fresh sounds unlike any you’ve heard before. You can add new samples as long as they’re in the right format. That condition should be easy enough to meet since the Logic Pro X is compatible with a pretty broad set of formats including the popular WAV, MP3, AAC, and lossless. The latter is going to be particularly important to those who value sound quality.

Even if you don’t feel like the huge tool set is big enough for you, the program lets you take parts of other software and build onto the existing base of the Logic Pro X. However, it’s only compatible with a particular audio unit format and you will either have to find a converter tool or settle for limited choices.

Last but not least, that kind of library of samples, musical instruments, and more would usually be pretty inconvenient to navigate. Thankfully, the Logic Pro X boasts a simple interface with a refined search function that lets you dig up loops based on their tempo, instruments used, genres, etc. This is going to be particularly useful as you master the program and take advantage of its plugins to add effects to your music. After all, you’ll have access to over 60 equaliser tools and sound manipulators that add depth or distortion or modulate vocals. We could go on and on about the capabilities but it’s best to leave some surprises for later.

Apple Logic Pro X in the use

King of the Hill

While the limited compatibility can be a problem for some, those who launch the Logic Pro X and take a deeper look at its toolset will be overjoyed. The program offers plenty of instrument to help you create layered compositions or edit preexisting ones. It’s compatible with a pretty good range of formats though we have spotted some troubles with the AAC one. The program also integrates with plugins from other software, though you’d have to find them in the right format which can be problematic. If you don’t mind paying the reasonable but not exactly low price, the Logic Pro X is sure to satisfy any musically-inclined mind.

Detailed review of Apple Logic Pro X


NCH Software WavePad Audio Editing Software

The Best Audio Editing Software

If you are looking for a comprehensive audio editor, feature-rich and reasonably priced, then WavePad is right up your alley.

This is not a DAW, so you won’t be able to actually produce music. It does support a bunch of needed tools and effects to transform an audio track to professionally-sounding music, though. Being designed primarily for editing, this program does the job perfectly.

In addition to the basic tools (cut, auto-trim, compression, and many more), you can level audio with one of the many editing effects such as EQ, reverb, envelope, amplifier, normalizer, etc. You can also work with voice recordings by changing speed, pitch, or by applying a telephone effect; plus, this audio editor allows you to record streaming audio and audio files. Besides, the WavePad supports the DirectX and VST plug-ins that offer even more useful tools and effects.

The creator has also thought about more demanding users and added some more complex features. For example, the spectral analysis (FFT) lets you analyze and fix separate parts of an audio file. Voice changer and speed synthesis (text-to-speech) give you more options on voice audio editing. There are no limits to specific types of file formats either, so you can work with almost any format including M4V, MOV MP4, MPG, DIVX, DV, WMV, etc. Plus, it can extract audio data from any video file with ease.

The WavePad isn’t designed for a PC only, though it works on Windows 10 and earlier versions as well as on Mac OS x 10.5 and above. The app lets you process your music right from your smartphone, thanks to the compatibility with Android 2.3.3 and higher. That is to say, your WavePad audio editor is always at your hand wherever you are.

Review of NCH Software WavePad Audio Editing Software

Mix with Ease

Without a doubt, in audio processing, the opportunity to work with several tracks at a time is a pretty valuable option. Every DAW, as well as most of the audio editing software, allows for that. With the WavePad, if you are going to mix several audio files into a soundtrack for your video or jogging playlist, you will need to use the MixPad Multitrack Recording Software. It allows you to record and edit multiple tracks simultaneously without switching between windows. You can also produce your own beats with the beat designer or apply one of the thousands of effects from the music library. Or you can switch to VST plug-in. The latter gives you plenty of studio effects and instruments, by the way.

After your masterpiece is ready, all the changes are done, and you are pleased with the result, it’s time to select the file format for your soundtrack. And frankly speaking, you’ve got plenty of options here, too. You can choose any file format starting from MP3s to WAV files with studio quality. If you wish to share your project, the software allows you to upload it to Google Drive, Dropbox, or SoundCloud.

NCH Software WavePad Audio Editing Software in the use

Your Personal Software Library

When you install the WavePad you get something on top of it – the NCH software suite. This is a software library that includes a bunch of different programs for video and audio editing, graphics design, and more. As we have mentioned before, you get MixPad Multitrack Mixing Software, Tone Generator Software, and SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder in addition to your audio editor, all in one package. In case you wish to expand your opportunities, you can get any program from this source instead of searching it on the Internet. Quite handy, right?

All in all, the WavePad is a pretty good audio editor that can help users of just about any skill level to complete a set of particular audio editing tasks. It offers not only editing options but also a lot of advanced features that can be quite interesting for both novice and professional users.

Detailed review of NCH Software WavePad Audio Editing Software


What Is Audio Editing Software?

Audio processing is accessible for everyone today. Seriously, it was a long time ago when recording an audio track and processing it afterward was available to a few. Today, it doesn’t matter whether you are a music enthusiast or a professional audio and video editor, you will find a lot of good-to-go editing programs to meet your requirements and taste.

Just think about it, only 30 years ago, a novice audio producer had to buy a mixing console, audio converter, control surface, data storage, and a lot of other expensive equipment for music production. Now, you just need your laptop, reliable software, and a pair of high-quality headphones to get yourself started. Of course, you can still opt for professional audio creation equipment, but this is more like an optional decision than must-have hardware, especially for a beginner.

If you have just started to explore the world of audio processing, you might get confused by the variety of programs and the differentiation between audio editing software and digital audio workstations (DAW). The main difference between them is in the number of options they offer. Music editors support basic options for audio processing such as voice setting, noise reduction, trimming, etc. A DAW, at the same time, is a more complex piece of software that allows you to not just edit but also produce audio on your computer by using your mouse and keyboard as input devices or with the help of an external MIDI control lab. You can also mix multiple tracks and master your soundtrack afterward with a DAW.

The good news is that as well as all DAWs have basic editing options, all professional music editors offer their user various DAW-like functions. On this account, the best audio editing software for you will mostly depend on your personal needs and workflow.

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