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Review & Comparison, Last Update February 23, 2024
Poor inventory management can cost you thousands of extra bucks on fees and opportunity costs. So, if you want to increase your profits instead of losing them, a good inventory tool is a must. It can help you handle excess inventory, fulfill reorders timely, keep hot-selling products in stock, and improve your sell-through rate significantly. ...Read more ...Read less
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If you don't have an Amazon seller account, you can still research different products and explore sales potential. Great tool for those who are hesitating about starting their own Amazon business.


It doesn't offer repricing tools and FBA tools.


We could definitely recommend SellerLabs for new sellers and those who are just thinking about starting their own Amazon business. The SellerLabs software allows you to select only those tools you need, offering some of them totally for free. The trial period is also impressive.

detailed parameters

Cloud-based software, Chrome extension for keyword tracking


Ignite, Ignite Plus, Feedback Genious, Scope, Quantify


An online form, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Phone number


From $29 per month (limited Keyword Chrome extension is free)


30 days


It has a spy tool that lets you monitor your competitor’s prices and discover their top sellers. It also has hijacker alerts to notify you about other sellers attempting to steal your potential revenue.


Sellics costs increase as you grow.


Sellics is a complete all-in-one service that offers effective solutions for increasing traffic, tracking profits, managing reviews, optimizing rankings, monitoring competitors, and more. It's a global company that supports 8 Amazon marketplaces.

detailed parameters

Cloud-based tools


Profit Dashboard, PPC Manager, Amazon Ranking Optimizer, Competitor Monitoring, Product Research, Review Management, Inventory Control


An online form, Email, Chat


From $47 per month


14 days


The software allows you to gain and maintain total control of the inventory on multiple marketplaces, not just Amazon. Any changes are synced across all existing listings.


Reporting features need some improvement.


Sellbite is the multi-channel software that enables sellers to list their inventory from one central catalog to popular online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, BigCommerce, and more. Excellent service for those who want to expand to new sales channels.

detailed parameters

Cloud-based software


Multichannel Selling, Inventory Management, Listing Automation, Order Fulfillment, Fulfillment by Amazon, E-commerce Reporting, E-commerce API


An online form, One-on-one onboarding, Email support, Phone support, Success manager consultations


From $49 per month ($41 if registered per year)


14 days


The Forecastly service will give you super-accurate information about how many products you need to restock, thus helping you to avoid stock-outs and revenue loss accordingly.


No extra features. Just major FBA tools.


Forecastly can become the real crystal ball for FBA sellers. It delivers the on-demand forecasting that informs sellers about how many peculiar products they need to restock and when, which literally means no more guesswork, no more stock-outs, no revenue loss. 

detailed parameters

Web-based software


FBA Inventory Replenishment, FBA Analytics Dashboard


Phone, Live chat, Email, Help center support, Dedicated account support for premium users


From $99 per month ($80 if registered per year)


14 days


Shopkeeper has released a special application for mobile devices. This way, you can track your daily sales and profit margin right on-the-go.


The tools are rather limited. 


Shopkeeper is a relatively new software for managing your Amazon business. That's why it costs almost twice less than other big names. It offers not that many tools yet works on 11 Amazon marketplaces around the globe, adding no extra costs. 

detailed parameters

Web-based software, Mobile app


Inventory Forecast, Profit Tracking, Business Dashboard, Learning Resources


An online chat, Email


From $20 per month


14 days


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SellerLabs Quantify:

The Best Solution For Small Businesses

SellerLabs is probably the best Amazon software targeted towards new and small sellers, since it allows you to select only those tools you need the most, offering some of them totally for free. A remarkable advantage for those who've not had an Amazon seller account yet and only think about starting their own business is that the service allows for researching potentially profitable products, giving you the possibility to explore sales potential without spending a cent. A free limited version for keyword research is available for Chrome browser. You can simply test-drive the keyword module and thoroughly research products with no upfront costs. In reality, a majority of newbies start out just with this keyword tool and get other tools when their sales start rolling in. 

SellerLabs is one of a few solutions on the market that offer you a-la-carte convenience (full-suite pricing is also available) and don't bundle everything into one software suite. You can choose one of four standalone modules to grow with you - Ignite, Feedback Genius, Scope, and Quantify. They cover such aspects as competition and listing research, inventory and sales management, feedback and review management, as well as Amazon campaign management. The SellerLabs software is cloud-based, and each tool can be set up in a matter of minutes. The interface is very user-friendly, and what we liked the most is that the Scope research tool offers a weekly webinar that can walk beginners through setup and use.

Another cool feature is the excellent customer support. By publishing their phone number on the website, the company took a step forward offering their clients live online assistance, so if you ever have any questions regarding the software you can always get in touch with the SellerLabs friendly team by phone. 

While all of these highlights are certainly great, if you're an FBA seller, you might find SellerLabs to be not such a great option. For one, it doesn't have repricing tools, and for two, it doesn't have FBA tools, which detracts somewhat from its great points. Still, it's one of the more powerful tools for fledgling sellers that can help in starting your own Amazon business and managing inventory in a more efficient way. 

Review of SellerLabs Quantify: Simplified, Comprehensive Profit and Inventory Reporting for the Amazon Marketplace

Going Deeper into Details

As we've already mentioned, SellerLabs offers four tools for Amazon sellers. However, we'd like to focus on its inventory tracking product, that is Quantify. This tool is quite unique. With its help, you can check out your sales health, see product trending, and evaluate your opportunities. Colorful graphs make it easy to understand weak and strong points in your business at a glance. The dashboard shows breakdowns on your revenue, profit margins, and forecasts. As for inventory management, Quantify provides information on product trends, promotional companies, seasonal sales, and more. By using this software, you can quickly optimize your income and see potentially successful sales strategies. Quantify offers:

  • FBA Integration
  • SKU-Level Data
  • Unlimited ASINs
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Unlimited Data Downloads
  • Pre-Built Reports
  • Organizational Tags
  • Custom Reports
  • Inventory Management
  • Historic Charts
SellerLabs Quantify: Simplified, Comprehensive Profit and Inventory Reporting for the Amazon Marketplace in the use

Pricing Options

SellerLabs has a long 30-day free trial on Quantify, Feedback Genius, and Ignite tools. However, note that the Scope tool has no trial period at all, just a 7-day money-back guarantee, which means you have only one week to evaluate whether it suits you or not. 

The SellerLabs software has five subscription options including Essentials ($59 per month), Startup ($149 per month), Growth ($249 per month), Premium ($499 per month), and High Volume ($899 per month). The main difference between these plans is the number of orders per month.

Detailed review of SellerLabs Quantify: Simplified, Comprehensive Profit and Inventory Reporting for the Amazon Marketplace


Sellics Total Management Tools Suite:

All-in-one Solution

Sellics is a fast growing German company that can help sellers get the most out of Amazon. Unlike a majority of other companies that sell tools separately for high monthly fees, Sellics deftly bundles numerous analytics tools in one neat package. It's one of the most complete services that offer effective solutions for increasing traffic, tracking profits, managing reviews, optimizing rankings, monitoring competitors, and more. In a single package, you get just about everything you need to increase your profits. However, take note that Sellics software doesn’t offer a-la-carte pricing and you can’t choose some specific tools additionally.

Sellics is a global company that supports 8 Amazon marketplaces: the US, the UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and Mexico. It's a cloud-based service and this means it can be set up in a matter of minutes and accessed from any gadget all over the world. The interface of the program is user-friendly and intuitive, and you can choose any of the tools through a dashboard. In case you have some questions, Sellics provides customer support service which you can contact by filling in an online form or sending an email. The team is responsible and you can expect to receive detailed answers to all your questions, though you may wait for a response sometimes even for a couple hours, which is something we wish they'd improve. Unfortunately, no other means of contacting the staff is available. That being said, given how informative and straightforward the interface of the software is, we doubt you'll need to recourse to the customer support service at all. The Sellics tool is an excellent choice for those who need a full suite of tools with a bunch of extra features such as a Pay-per-click manager and ranking tracker and who want this software to be easy to use and comprehend.
Review of Sellics Total Management Tools Suite: Always Reorder at the Right Time

Major Seller Tools

We would like to focus on the main seller tools Sellics delivers. This all-in-one business solution includes as many as seven features to help you manage and improve your Amazon business.

  • Inventory Control. Of course, we would like to start with Inventory management tool. It lets you know exactly when it's high time to place a new order. You can just upload the lead time for your products and this tool will automatically define the best reorder date according to the sales velocity and chosen time. You'll know exactly when the products run out of stock and place 90-day reorder pipeline to plan your resources wisely.
  • Profit Dashboard. It tracks your Amazon profit in real time. This feature is extremely useful for tracking your P and L. It also tracks results of price tests, cost trends, sales trends, etc. as well as calculates your real profit.
  • PPC Manager. It tracks Amazon-sponsored campaign profitability and allows for "hands-off" management. And as you won't need to spend time on monotonous and math-based tasks, you can completely focus on increasing your margins.
  • Ranking Optimizer. The Amazon product ranking tool enables you to track keywords that might lead your products to higher ranks.
  • Competitor Monitoring. The spy tool allows you to monitor daily sales volume, prices, and keyword rankings of your competitors. It also provides you with the information on the highest and the lowest prices for similar products. This way, you can define the real sales volume and never run a risk of investing in low-selling products. And the best part is that this tool sends you a "Hijacker alert" if anyone tries to “attach” to your products at cheaper prices.
  • Product Research. It provides you with data on keyword and competition analysis. You can find out what products are the most profitable on Amazon.
  • Review Management. When somebody reviews one of your products, you will be notified about that. It also helps you sort the reviews by their impact on the star rating. It's always good to get a quick info on what review rating you've got, for what product, and when. This function can also help you write intelligent review responses with keywords.

Besides these core features, Sellics offers an extended package for bigger teams - Amazon Vendor Central. This edition delivers advanced user management and is available for the US and Europe Amazon.

Sellics Total Management Tools Suite: Always Reorder at the Right Time in the use

Reasonable Pricing

Sellics has flexible monthly pricing ranges that vary between $47-$317 depending on your subscription and annual sales on Amazon. You can choose among a Monthly subscription plan, Biannual plan, or Annual plan. With the Annual plan, you can save $240 a year. The Amazon Vendor Central edition is more pricey and starts at $149 per month. If you want, you can get a 14-day free trial after a quick signup.

Detailed review of Sellics Total Management Tools Suite: Always Reorder at the Right Time


Sellbrite Inventory Management Software

Not Just for Amazon Sellers

Sellbrite is the excellent Amazon inventory management software for small and medium businesses that are looking to expand to new sales channels. The best thing is that it allows sellers to keep track of inventory on multiple online marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Rakuten, BigCommerce and many more. From one simple interface, sellers can manage multi-channel listings, sync inventory, and fulfill orders. Sellbrite easily solves the problem of switching between multiple e-commerce sites with the intuitive web-based platform. You'll get a fantastic opportunity to combine and manage different stores using one central catalog. Moreover, the integration with ShipStation allows you to get a grip on the shipping process.

All information is easy to list with various custom-made templates from one simple interface, and all updates are provided on the dashboard in real time so you can quickly get yourself familiarized with all recent changes. The interface of the program is rather easy to understand, though some less tech-savvy users might find it to be somewhat busy and need a couple of weeks to get used to it. In case you have any problems with either understanding or navigating the software, you can contact their support team via automated onboarding or by phone. And for extra fee (available for Premium users only), you can even get a one-on-one consultation or speak to success managers. 

Review of Sellbrite Inventory Management Software Made Easy

Powerful Inventory Management

Sellbrite boasts a very powerful inventory management for merchants of any level. The inventory is automatically synced to your sales channels. The software runs 24/7.

Centralized Inventory Management. It can help you gain control of your inventory across every channel no matter how many products you sell. The easy-to-use interface allows you to make changes using the Excel-like bulk editor.

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) Inventory Management. It's great for FBA sellers. It lets you sync not only your FBA quantities but also merchant-fulfilled quantities all over your channels.

Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management. You'll get an opportunity to track your inventory and route orders for fulfillment. The tool also enables you to prioritize your warehouses and automate order routing. The automation is the key to growing.

Inventory & Orders API. It allows you to integrate with the platform and automate different tasks.

Sellbrite Inventory Management Software Made Easy in the use

Pricing Plans

Sellbrite offers 3 pricing packages and a 14-day trial period. What we especially admired is that the service doesn’t require your credit card information. And it's nice to see that Sellbrite doesn’t try to trap you in by charging you immediately after the free trial runs out.

Sellbrite has tiered subscriptions. The prices vary according to the orders per month. For 0-50 orders, the Starter plan costs $49 per month or $41 if you're registered per year. The Standard plan is $79 per month or $66 if you get a year subscription. The Premium plan will cost you $129 per month or $108 if you choose annual billing. The difference between plans lies in the number of available channels, data sync frequency, some features, and the number of users. Also, the pricier the plan, the better the support.

Detailed review of Sellbrite Inventory Management Software Made Easy


Forecastly Inventiory Tracking:

Your Very Own FBA Crystal Ball

Any FBA seller or reseller knows how important it is to run their business smoothly and never let their customers down. With an accurate forecasting and inventory management tool, you'll be able to achieve that exact goal and grow into a successful merchant, not gaining the reputation of "ghosted" on the Amazon market.

Forecastly is the perfect analytics tool which can help Amazon FBA sellers (wholesale resellers and private label sellers) to increase their sales and optimize their FBA inbound process. In a single tool, Forecastly can give users extremely accurate information about the health of their business. It delivers the on-demand forecasting informing you about how many products you need to restock, thus helping you to avoid stock-outs and revenue loss. The software will notify you about reordering at the most optimal time. This way, you'll always keep your buy box position with uninterrupted sales and their high velocity. What we also liked about this ingenious platform is that it will tell you which products (and how much) you need to order for a hot selling season. No more guesswork! Plus, the service gives you an ability to gain more keyword exposure to further improve your Best Seller rank. In a word, Forecastly can help you forecast all possible sales and minimize the chances of losing the revenue owing to an inactive listing.

Review of Forecastly Inventiory Tracking: Start Saving Time & Increasing Profits Today

Will It Suit You?

Forecastly offers the following tools for both wholesale resellers and private label sellers:
  • FBA Inventory Replenishment. You won't experience lost sales any more thanks to the inventory stock-outs. Knowing your stock-outs can boost your sales significantly. You will no longer lose out on sales and get negative reviews. Knowing when it's time to replenish your inventory is vitally important for any successful merchant. And this very tool can help you figure out how much to buy and when. Just rely upon the Forecastly proprietary algorithm and relax. Smooth restocking is guaranteed!
  • FBA Analytics Dashboard. If you find yourself unsure about what product line to launch next, the smart FBA analytics dashboard can deliver you all historical data on the required products. And if you doubt how to reprice your products for increased sales and still stay competitive, the Forecastly service can help you make the right decision by predicting future sales and inventory issues. The powerful analytics tool can supply you with the historical sales rank, orders, and buy box data.
Forecastly Inventiory Tracking: Start Saving Time & Increasing Profits Today in the use


The subscription plans depend mainly on the orders per month. The more orders you get, the more dollars you pay. It's also worth mentioning that the company gives users a good discount (20% off) if they register for a whole year. This way, the Pro plan with up to 3,000 orders will cost you $99 per month or $80 if billed annually. The Expert plan with up to 15,000 orders is $199 or $160 per month, and the Small Enterprise plan with up to 25,000 orders is $299 or $240 per month accordingly. For VIP users, Forecastly offers Larger Enterprise plan - you will discuss pricing and further details one-on-one. We would like to point out that one sight difference between the Pro plan and others is that the Pro plan subscribers can't contact the support team via the phone.

Detailed review of Forecastly Inventiory Tracking: Start Saving Time & Increasing Profits Today


AMZPing Shopkeeper Business Dashboard

New and Creative

Shopkeeper is a relatively new profit dashboard for Amazon sellers, which is rapidly gaining popularity among shopkeepers worldwide. The main benefit is that it supports as many as 11 marketplaces through different countries including the USA, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, and India. What is notable, it requires no extra cost for all of these marketplaces, meaning you can sell around the globe and check all the information (sales and inventory data) in one report. And the sales data will be displayed in the preferred currency. No Excel calculations, no guesswork.

The software is available for both desktop and mobile devices. Although the mobile app isn't as comprehensive as computer version, it lets you track your daily sales and your profit margin on-the-go. As for the PC software, it doesn't look like busy spreadsheets so that you'll be able to catch everything at a glance. Also, it boasts some informative widgets on the dashboard. For instance, it shows your inventory value, record sales or daily profit. As a very creative touch, the service offers a button that can hide the product information and display Origami images instead. And there are more fun surprises by this company. The Shopkeeper team is creative and uses a very unusual approach. It offers 24/7 chat and e-mail support.

Review of AMZPing Shopkeeper Business Dashboard for Tracks your Sales, Calculates Profit & Forecasts Inventory


Shopkeeper offers the following Amazon seller tools that can help you increase your revenue and always stay competitive in this huge market:

  • Inventory Forecast. This tool will help you make the right decision on how many products to reorder and when. It's smart enough to take seasonality into account.
  • Profit Tracking. It automatically calculates your revenue, margins, including PPC campaigns, FBA fees, taxes, and all other additional expenses.
  • Business Dashboard. It has a very intuitive interface with widgets that show such important metrics as best-seller products, growth curve, overall profit, and inventory value.
  • Learning Resources delivers you information about the major Amazon software tools and Amazon podcasters.
AMZPing Shopkeeper Business Dashboard for Tracks your Sales, Calculates Profit & Forecasts Inventory in the use


Like the majority of Amazon seller platforms, this one offers a 14-day trial yet requires no credit card info. When you're on trial, you can get historical data up to past 3 months. But when you become a paid customer, you'll get incredible 3 years of historical data.

The service offers four different plans to choose from: Novice plan with $20 monthly charge (up to 250 orders), Intermediate with $45 monthly charge (250-1000 orders), Master with $90 monthly charge (1.000 - 5.000 orders), and the premium plan with fanciful name Ballin' Outta Control with $250 monthly charge and unlimited orders.

Detailed review of AMZPing Shopkeeper Business Dashboard for Tracks your Sales, Calculates Profit & Forecasts Inventory


What Is an Inventory Tracking Tool?

Amazon is a huge market with over 170 billion of annual sales. It's a very competitive marketplace and it's pretty difficult to grow a successful business without proper Amazon seller tools. That's where comprehensive Amazon inventory management comes into play. Good Amazon inventory management = Amazon FBA success. It can help merchants manage the inventory and various operations for quick growth. With real-time inventory tracking, you’ll always know the status of your orders to get your business into a better shape. Thanks to a powerful Amazon inventory management tool, you'll be able to prevent stock-outs, avoids costly long-term storage fees, and increase your Amazon Fulfillment Center storage space allowance.

However, Amazon inventory system tools are spreading like wildfire in the e-commerce industry today and it's pretty difficult to choose the one that will be tailored to your needs perfectly. That's why we have researched only the most efficient and cost-effective inventory management software. Get one, and finally start saving your time and increasing your profits.

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