Product Comparison: Evamor 32 Fl. Oz vs Essentia Water 1-Liter

General Specifications
Essentia Water
32 Fl. Oz
About the Product
Evamor's rare alkaline source delivers the power of alkaline goodness in a smooth tasting, refreshing artesian spring water from a protected, rare aquifer. Now you can have the only naturally alkaline water with a pH of 8.8, from a domestic artesian aquifer. Try Evamor and taste the alkaline difference for yourself.
Essentia’s recyclable, BPA-free plastic water bottles invite users to drink up more of life while benefiting the planet. A case of 12, 1-liter bottles packaged in Essentia’s eye-catching black and white casing is a must for the team, organization, workplace or family that has an unquenchable thirst for life.
Key Specs
32 fl. oz
33.8 fl. oz
pH Level
Minerals & Components
Minerals, Electrolytes
Electrolytes, Minerals
Free From
Fluoride, Сhloride
Chlorine, Fluoride
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Evamor 32 Fl. Oz Natural Alkaline Artesian Water
  • I tasted this water against the usual purified water I drink and the difference was huge, the Evamor water is so much better.
  • It does make a difference with the way your body feels with regular use of this becouse this water contains a lot of minerals.
  • Hightest Ph NATURALLY alkalized water available. Highly recommended!
  • Electrolites help leg twitching while sleeping..actually stops it!
  • I know this is going to sound strange, but this water wasn't all that smooth. It was slightly metallic.
Essentia Water 1-Liter Ionized Alkaline Bottled Water
  • I work in a laboratory and have access to an actual clinical grade ph meter and decided to put this product to the test. I attached photographic proof, when I tested the ph of this water it came in at 9.65!!
  • It totally hydrates me, keeps my electrolytes up, and keeps my heartburn at bay!
  • The taste is awesome, does make you feel more hydrated upon drinking (electrolytes), and the very high pH level aids in bodily functions such as digestion.
  • I purchased ph strips to test this water. Tested two separate shipments and found that not one bottle had a ph of over 7, just about what my tap water is at.
  • My two cases were NOT 9+ pH (alkaline). The were 8 at best and usually 7.
Size & Weight
12 in.
12 in.
8 in.
10 in.
5 in.
7.5 in.
13.8 lbs.
28.7 lbs.
Pack of
No flavour
No flavour
Bottle Material
Recyclable Bottle
Naturally pHenomenal
Ionized alkaline water for better rehydration, Overachieving H2O, Unique ionization process
What customers say about "Features"
Evamor 32 Fl. Oz Natural Alkaline Artesian Water
  • This is the best tasting water I have drank in my life so far.
  • I like the flavor and smell of the water. It's earthy and loaded with minerals.
  • Love that it’s alkaline and from a fresh water source. Tastes very good. Also like the wide mouth opening; much easier to drink from.
  • I have heightened tastes due to neurological issues... my friends tell me they like the taste of the water. Enjoy!
  • Delicious... Smooth...does winders for my silent reflux I'm a happy Evamor Natural Alkaline water drinker. Please try it!!
Essentia Water 1-Liter Ionized Alkaline Bottled Water
  • Doesn't taste 'heavy' like other pH waters.
  • I really like the fact it is a bottled water without fluoride, it s high alkaline, BPA free and still contains minerals.
  • This water has a great taste...and it is a terrific way to replace the electrolytes that you lose during exercise without the added unnecessary sugar.
  • I love the taste of this water and it is so healthy for the body. BPA free plastic is a plus!
  • Design flaw in the bottom of bottles. When bottles are frozen, the bottom literally pops open.
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