Product Comparison: Jade Yoga Fusion vs Jade Yoga Harmony

General Specifications
Jade Yoga
Jade Yoga
About the Product
The Fusion mat is extra thick, and is great for restorative yoga, pilates, core fitness practices, and cross-fit! At 5/16” thick, the Fusion mat provides extra cushion for whenever you want, or need, that extra comfort.
Our most popular mat, the Jade Harmony Mat, is 3/16” thick- providing great traction and cushion while still providing stability for standing poses.
Key Specs
Best For
Restorative yoga, Pilates, Core fitness
General Fitness, Gym, Pilates, Yoga
74 "
68 "
7.6 mm
4.7 mm
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Jade Yoga Fusion 74-inch Yoga Mat
  • There was no unpleasant chemical smell. The long size is perfect for my height (5'8'').
  • Splurged and bought this for my yoga classes. I LOVE it. The size is nice, the color is great, and I don't slip.
  • The size and weight are great. I am a taller person and enjoy this longer mat.
  • The cushioning of the 8 mm mat thickness is wonderful for keeping my hands from going numb while holding positions (i.e. inversions, downward dog).
  • his is a very nice mat. Perhaps a bit thick for yoga though, almost a pilates mat.
Jade Yoga Harmony Yoga Mat
  • The surface looks like it would provide good traction and the size is both long and wide enough to practice on comfortably.
  • I really like this mat. It's a great color, great texture, and a perfect size!
  • Love the feel, size, weight and quality! Nice mat!
  • The size of this mat is perfect for me, my wife happy too!
  • It is just the right size, however, it is a heavy mat in weight.
Size & Weight
0.3 in.
0.18 in.
74 in.
68 in.
24 in.
24 in.
8.5 lbs.
5 lbs.
Natural rubber
Natural rubber
Non-Slip Surface
Open cell surface
Open cell surface
No PVCs or synthetic materials, Made with sustainable resources, Incredible grip and durability
Sustainable, Superior quality, PVC free, Great Grip
What customers say about "Features"
Jade Yoga Fusion 74-inch Yoga Mat
  • It is not breaking apart or showing the wear and tear I expected from this material. I still 100% recommend this mat.
  • The material is super non-slip for me even when I sweat a a ton. I don't use yoga towels.
  • Jade Yoga sells a quality custom bag on their website to accommodate this particular mat.
  • The smell is very strong and sharp and the smell is not related to rubber material.
  • Very comfortable due to the materials used and the thickness of the mat.
Jade Yoga Harmony Yoga Mat
  • I love how grippy it is, I love how after 2 years of practice the color remained vibrant. I love the smell of it - yes the smell.
  • Unsurpassable quality, grip and comfort.
  • Love that this mat is non-toxic, made in the US and is super easy to clean. Just toss in the washer and air dry.
  • The best aspect of this mat is you DO NOT slip and slide.
  • This mat has been the ONLY one that I find completely slip-resistant.
Other Information
134.95 $
79.95 $

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