Product Comparison: Tecsun S-2000 vs Grundig Satellit 750

General Specifications
Satellit 750
About the Product
The Tecsun S2000 Desktop Radio is the ultimate desktop listeners radio combining all of the features of the Tecsun radio range and more. The Tecsun S2000 Desktop Radio will allow you to listen to AM, FM, shortwave, longwave and VHF Air Band broadcasts all on the one radio.
With over 7 decades of Grundig heritage and quality engineering, the Satellit 750 delivers the same excellence with its radio reception and audio quality. It has the classic looks and styles to match its outstanding performance.
Key Specs
Frequency Range
FM: 76 ~ 108MHz, FM: 87.5 ~ 108MHz, MW: 522 ~ 1620kHz, MW: 520 ~ 1710kHz, AIR: 118 ~ 137MHz, LW: 100 ~ 519KHz, SW: 1711 ~ 29999KHz
FM: 76 ~ 108MHz, FM: 87 ~ 108MHz, LW: 100 ~ 519KHz, MW: 522 ~ 1620kHz, MW: 520 ~ 1710kHz, SW: 1711KHz ~ 29999KHz, AIR: 118 ~ 137MHz
Number Of Station Memories
Tuning Methods
Auto Tuning Storage, Auto-scan tuning, Jog dial manual tuning, Direct keypad entry of a frequency
Auto-scan tuning, Auto Tuning Storage, Manual Tuning
Clock setting, Timer a on/off, BASS Adjusting knobs, TREBLE Adjusting knobs, VOLUME Adjusting knobs, BW selector, Single Side Band, FM Stereo, DELETE, MEMORY button, FM button, MW/LW button, SW button, AIR button, SETP/FAST-SLOW/LOCK button, TUNING knob, Memory Page, Memory mode/ Frequency mode, RESET button, SSB BFO knob, Squelch control, RF GAIN, Antenna Attenuator, Sleep Timer, Power button
Power button, Sleep button, Antenna Attenuator, RF GAIN, SQUELCH, SSB BFO knob, Tuning Adjust Buttons, Page Button, MEMORY button, Volume Knob, Memory mode/ Frequency mode, FM button, MW/LW button, SW button, AIR button, BW selector, SSB Button, FM Stereo, DELETE, BASS Adjusting knobs, TREBLE Adjusting knobs, Timer a on/off, Clock setting, TUNING knob
Antenna Type
External telescopic antenna
External telescopic antenna
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Tecsun S-2000 SHORTWAVE Radio Dual Conversion PLL FM MW SW LW SSB Air Band
  • I love this radio. It performs fantastic on all bands. Sound is great.
  • This is my FAVORITE Shortwave Radio! This radio has the BEST reception with just it's built in collapsible antenna.
  • This is an outstanding FM radio whether using the included speaker or stereo headphones.
  • This is a dynamite AM radio. The S-2000 has an excellent built-in antenna.
  • Excellent radio BUT you must be extremely careful with the whip antenna! If you turn it the "wrong" way it may snap off as my radio.
Grundig Satellit 750 Ultimate
  • FM performance is outstanding. Will pick up weak FM stations.
  • The AM(MW) and FM bands sound good. I was able to do some MW DXing with the radio's rotating built-in AM antenna.
  • The FM band works awesome. I tuned in tons of stations with just the whip antenna. I'm not sure I even need an FM antenna after logging in over 30 stations but probably will anyway.
  • The FM and AM bands are excellent, and scrubbing through the longwave band can sometimes yield surprising late night contacts.
  • This radio is crazy good on picking up AM and FM stations, much better than any other radio I own.
Size & Weight
7.2 in.
7.24 in.
14.65 in.
14.65 in.
6.02 in.
5.75 in.
5.95 lbs.
5.25 lbs.
What customers say about "Size & Weight"
Tecsun S-2000 SHORTWAVE Radio Dual Conversion PLL FM MW SW LW SSB Air Band
  • This is an amazing little radio. Set up is easy.
  • The radio is a great size for traveling, is extremely easy to tune and move between bands.
  • The radio feels really solid and has a good weight to it.
  • I liked the size, weight, and easy features. I have had many portable and table radios over the years and it's the best.
  • It's built well and has a very solid feel like there's no empty space in this unit anywhere, good heft but not too heavy.
Grundig Satellit 750 Ultimate
  • This is a very good looking radio. The size and looks of the radio is great.
  • I like the size and bulk of the 750. It is a genuine table radio and not a portable.
  • The 750 has a great size and feel for a portable RX only rig.
  • I like the size and appearance. The profile, ergonomics, fit and finish are all good.
  • The issue I noticed is that the radio is very heavy for its size.
Display Type
Audible Alarms
Speaker(s) Type
High-quality 2W speaker
High-quality 2W speaker
Mobile Charger Ability
Integrated Flashlight
Line-out jack, IF Output, SW external antenna jack, Earphone jack
Line-out jack, IF Output, Earphone jack, SW external antenna jack
Dual Conversion for LW, MW and SW, Single Side Band with Upper Side Band and Lower Side Band, 360 degrees rotatable MW antenna
Digital Tuner, 2 Alarm Clocks, 360 degrees rotatable MW antenna
Accesories Included
AC Adapter
What customers say about "Features"
Tecsun S-2000 SHORTWAVE Radio Dual Conversion PLL FM MW SW LW SSB Air Band
  • This radio has the best display of any radios its size. Big easy to see and push buttons.
  • The speaker nice. For its size its very rich and clear sound.
  • The screen is stunning. It is really big and it lights up really bright.
  • The sound quality you get from the speaker is simply amazing. It sounds very crisp and warm.
  • The sound is clear but, like most small speakers, sounds a bit tinny. That is to be expected in a radio with a small speaker.
Grundig Satellit 750 Ultimate
  • The lighted display is very bright and clear. The speaker quality is very nice, very clear and with no distortion even at high volume.
  • Good and loud sound quality from the speaker. Overall very happy with this purchase.
  • This is a large portable radio that is not heavy and has excellent reception and sound on all bands.
  • The build is solid, the sound is superb, reception is without interference.
  • The display window is nice and large enough but does not have sufficient lighting. The volume knob is a bit too small and poorly located.
Power Source
4D alkaline batteries (excluded)
4x UM1 (alkaline)
Built-In Charger
What customers say about "Power"
Tecsun S-2000 SHORTWAVE Radio Dual Conversion PLL FM MW SW LW SSB Air Band
  • I only use it with batteries I'm in the us and dont have a 220v outlet to plug into. The batteries last me several days and this radio is on about 8 hours a day.
  • Well built. I like the option of rechargeable or standard batteries.
  • Very nice radio. Works very well. I love that you can use rechargeable batteries in the unit and with the radio plugged in to the electrical outlet it will charge the batteries.
  • The only feature I liked was that it charged the batteries when plugged in.
  • It only stays on for about 15 seconds when running on battery.
Grundig Satellit 750 Ultimate
  • The batteries hold up pretty well and I was afraid this large of radio would drain them but I am pleased with how long they last.
  • Batteries last forever. FM and AM are very good.
  • Nice radio. Some of the front knobs are a bit flimsy. Good battery life.
  • The battery life is great I have bin using the radio quite a lot and the battery gauge is still reading full battery.
  • Sound sounded pathetic and the batteries went flat at a alarming rate.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year(s)
1 year(s)
Other Information
357.14 $

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