Product Comparison: Sony ICF-P26 vs Sony ICF-P36

General Specifications
About the Product
This compact, vertical AM/FM radio is the perfect fit for rooms where space is at a premium. It features a new LED battery status indicator and runs on two AA batteries — so whether you’re listening through the built-in speaker or via the dedicated headphone socket, you’ll always be able to enjoy great sound.
Powered by two AA batteries and featuring a built-in hand strap for enhanced portability, this compact, horizontal AM/FM radio is the perfect travel companion. Whether you’re listening through the built-in speaker or via headphones, you’ll always be able enjoy great monoaural sound – anytime, anywhere.
Key Specs
Frequency Range
FM: 88 ~ 108MHz, AM: 530 ~ 1710kHz
FM: 88 ~ 108MHz, AM: 530 ~ 1605kHz
Tuning Methods
Manual Tuning
Manual Tuning
Volume control, TUNING knob, Band Selection
Band Selection, Volume control, TUNING knob
Antenna Type
External telescopic antenna
External telescopic antenna
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Sony ICF-P26 Portable AM/FM Radio
  • This radio receives AM and FM signals well. I was able to tune at 16 AM stations.
  • The FM telescopic antenna is 14" long, which helps a lot in improving the FM signal.
  • The FM is great for me, and picks up even better with headphones on.
  • The AM/FM reception is great and the sound quality is clear and loud.
  • What I didn't like was the telescopic antenna placement. It feels very uncomfortable to carry when in its stowed away position.
Sony ICF-P36 Portable AM/FM Radio - Black
  • It pulls in the FM and AM stations very well, and they come in clearly.
  • Radio has really good AM and FM reception! The sound quality is what you'd expect for the price.
  • The telescoping FM antenna seems to work great, at least for all the stations I've tried to listen to so far.
  • This one disappointed me. Only fair performance on AM. FM reception wasn't good either, and FM selectivity was terrible.
  • The tuning control is recessed so much you can't turn it properly.
Size & Weight
4.68 in.
2.74 in.
2.58 in.
5.18 in.
1.5 in.
1.71 in.
0.42 lbs.
0.48 lbs.
What customers say about "Size & Weight"
Sony ICF-P26 Portable AM/FM Radio
  • I've found the volume to be adequate, tuning is good, size is handy to use.
  • Its size is pretty good and has a nice long stripe to hold while walking around.
  • Perfect size to put under my pillow for listening to late night talk radio. Good reception and nice tone.
  • Good value for the price and compact size is very helpful and not bulky.
  • This is perfect. The right size and good sound quality.
Sony ICF-P36 Portable AM/FM Radio - Black
  • Size and shape is perfect for keeping on my night stand, the horizontal orientation stands well with out falling over.
  • Nice size, reception and sound quality. Totally pleased.
  • It is a very small compact radio. I like the size.
  • Great size, very easy to handle. Good reception both am & fm.
  • A bit clunky in its size, and the controls seem built more for a table-top use than pocket use.
Display Type
Audible Alarms
Speaker(s) Type
0.1W speaker
0.1W speaker
Mobile Charger Ability
Integrated Flashlight
Accesories Included
Hand Strap
Hand Strap
Earphone jack
Earphone jack
LED tuning, Battery status indicators, Built-in hand strap
LED tuning, Battery status indicators, Built-in hand strap
What customers say about "Features"
Sony ICF-P26 Portable AM/FM Radio
  • Full rich sound, no tinny sound like small radios often have.
  • As advertised, the sound is clear and crisp. Pulls in FM stations I have found hard to find a strong signal.
  • This radio, while lighter and more modern appearing, does not hold the frequency well, sound as good, or have easy operation via the redesigned control switches.
  • Very simple to use and has great sound with big numbers. Very durable product.
  • I really like this little radio -- the stations come in clearly, and it has a carrying strap and a headphone jack.
Sony ICF-P36 Portable AM/FM Radio - Black
  • The sound quality is very good. Music, and talk sound very clear, not "Tinny" as some small radios can sound.
  • It is a sleek and satisfying little radio and the sound is excellent for something its size.
  • The sound quality is also good for such a small radio.
  • The sound is a little tinny, but I can't expect much more on a small radio.
  • It just doesn't sound good. It's tinny, clearly utilizing the tiny and underpowered speaker that's inside a plastic enclosure.
Power Source
2x R6 / 2x LR6
2x R6 / 2x LR6
Built-In Charger
What customers say about "Power"
Sony ICF-P26 Portable AM/FM Radio
  • You get great sound, reception and battery life.
  • I like analog radios for their longer battery life and longer life in general compared to digital radios.
  • Good thing is that this radio uses 2 AA batteries, which you can easily buy at stores. And if you use rechargeable AA batteries like the Panasonic Eneloop, battery life goes a long way.
  • It will last 100-110 hours of run time on a set of batteries. I like battery compartment that is very easy to install batteries.
  • Surprisingly, it is very good on battery life too and I use inexpensive dollar store-type batteries.
Sony ICF-P36 Portable AM/FM Radio - Black
  • Good build quality and battery life. Quite small but sound is good and loud.
  • It's long battery life since it would be playing for 10 hours or so per day.
  • Battery life is unbelievable which is the norm for a Sony radio.
  • Speaker is fine for the price. Antennae picked up most signals well, and battery life was good.
  • The battery life is great and sound quality is what you'd expect.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year(s)
1 year(s)
Other Information
19.99 $

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