Product Comparison: Eton FRX1 vs Eton FRX2

General Specifications
About the Product
The American Red Cross FRX1 is a rechargeable hand turbine AM, FM and weather radio, complete with LED flashlight and glow-in-the dark lining to easily find at night or during a power outage.
The American Red Cross FRX2 is a solar and hand turbine powered AM, FM, weather radio with a USB smart phone charger. Its LED flashlight and glow-in-the-dark locater guarantees you’ll always have access to light.
Key Specs
Frequency Range
FM: 88 ~ 108MHz, AM: 520 ~ 1710kHz, NOAA
FM: 88 ~ 108MHz, AM: 530 ~ 1710kHz, NOAA
Tuning Methods
Manual Tuning
Manual Tuning
Flashlight button, Volume control, TUNING knob, FM/AM/WB Select Knob
FM/AM/WB Select Knob, TUNING knob, Volume control, Flashlight button
Antenna Type
External telescopic antenna
External telescopic antenna
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Eton FRX1 Hand Turbine AM/FM Weather Radio and LED Flashlight - White
  • FM radio signal is not poor, when you live in a big city.
  • This radio is a good buy, easy to tune in to NOAA weather alert station.
  • Good product & design. Radio reception is fine.
  • Picked up a good signal on all bands, including NOAA. Not a super heavy duty radio, but that's what I was looking for.
  • The AM band doesn't work. Can't get a single station on it, though it picks up lots of FM stations.
Eton FRX2 The American Red Cross Emergency Weather Radio
  • Excellent value for the money. Works great. Receives the NOAA stations as well as AM and FM.
  • It gets FM, AM, and the weather bands. Control for volume and station selection are good.
  • Reception for the weax bands were WEAK. AM/FM was fine, but the weather wasn't very clear.
  • AM and FM stations are weak this model has an analog tuner. Of course, the speaker is small and sounds very tiny.
  • Hard to tune. Dial does not indicate true frequency.
Size & Weight
5.4 in.
5.4 in.
2.5 in.
2.5 in.
2.53 in.
2.5 in.
0.54 lbs.
0.56 lbs.
What customers say about "Size & Weight"
Eton FRX1 Hand Turbine AM/FM Weather Radio and LED Flashlight - White
  • The min size of unit is perfect fit in your hand as well as any size emergency kit.
  • I purchased it because it's small, can recharge independent of power and its multi-functions.
  • It is really great little unit. It wind up easy, have a clear radio with decent volume - and a place for headphones.
  • Great little radio, works as advertised, so glad we purchased it.
  • I like the fact this one is light, easy to hand, easy to power up by crank in an emergency.
Eton FRX2 The American Red Cross Emergency Weather Radio
  • This is the survival radio you want when the lights go out! Great size and weight for backpacking or bugging out!
  • This is a good, small-sized, all-in-one emergency radio.
  • Small, light-weight emergency radio with the ability to charge my cell phone.
  • Your emergency kit will be incomplete without this in it. Lightweight but durable and reliable.
  • It is medium-weight for a device its size, and feels sturdy.
Display Type
Audible Alarms
Speaker(s) Type
Internal speaker
Internal speaker
Mobile Charger Ability
Integrated Flashlight
Accesories Included
Mini-USB cable
Wrist strap, Mini-USB cable
USB 5V DC-IN jack, Headphone Jack
Headphone Jack, USB 5V DC-IN jack, USB Output
Hand crank allows you to recharge radio, Glow-in-the-dark locator, Battery Indicator
Hand crank allows you to recharge radio, Solar panel, Glow-in-the-dark locator, Battery Indicator
What customers say about "Features"
Eton FRX1 Hand Turbine AM/FM Weather Radio and LED Flashlight - White
  • The radio sounds fine, and the flashlight is bright.
  • The sound is good on both the weather band and FM Bands.
  • Love this guy. Portable with quality sound. Holds a charge.
  • The glow light works really well. The flashlight is enough to find your way through a dark house.
  • This flashlight is very bright and as good as most led flashlights.
Eton FRX2 The American Red Cross Emergency Weather Radio
  • Sound quality is fantastic given its size. Flashlight is bright enough.
  • This is really a great little radio and has a surprisingly good sound.
  • The flashlight is great! On a pitch black night, I think it would be just fine to use, not super bright, but plenty enough for an emergency.
  • The LED flashlight is handy and it is good for close up lighting but not of much value for distance.
  • Solar panel is great, just leave it by the window to make sure it's always ready to go.
Power Source
Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
Built-In Charger
What customers say about "Power"
Eton FRX1 Hand Turbine AM/FM Weather Radio and LED Flashlight - White
  • Has long battery life, only 3 hours for full charge.
  • The crank seems to hold power for a really long time.
  • I like simple to use, long battery, and crank power life and glow in the dark feature.
  • Recharges well by crank or any USB port. Holds a charge for a long time.
  • 1 min of cranking gave me 1 hr of use before volume started to get really low, reception was still good and sound clear.
Eton FRX2 The American Red Cross Emergency Weather Radio
  • I like that this unit can only solar battery powered.
  • This radio holds a charge for quite some time. I like everything in this radio.
  • The Battery life is amazing on this radio. The led flashlight is super bright.
  • The battery life is very poor and good luck charging your cell phone with this.
  • The battery last 2 to 3 hours, and then recharging it using solar was a waste of time.
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year(s)
1 year(s)
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