Product Comparison: Samsung Galaxy Tab A (SM-T580NZKEBTU) vs Samsung Galaxy Tab E (SM-T560NZKABTU)

General Specifications
Galaxy Tab A (SM-T580NZKAXAR)
Galaxy Tab E (SM-T560NZKUXAC)
About the Product
The Galaxy Tab A’s vibrant 10.1" high-resolution screen makes everything come to life, whether you're watching movies or catching up on the latest news. The new Tab A 10.1" is your perfect entertainment companion. Make the most of your time with advanced multitasking tools. Easily open two apps side by side so you can chat with friends online while watching your favorite shows. Or check an email and play a game at the same time.
Designed with the whole family in mind, the Samsung Galaxy Tab E offers endless entertainment options. The multi-user and multi-tasking ability combined with expandable storage make this tablet easy to use and difficult to put down.
Key Specs
Internet Connectivity
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, VHT80
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n
Screen Size
10.1 in.
9.6 in.
Storage Capacity
16 GB
16 GB
What customers say about "Key Specs"
Samsung Galaxy Tab A (SM-T580NZKEBTU) (SM-T580NZKAXAR) 10.1-Inch 16 GB, Tablet, Black
  • This tablet is a very good deal and works well. only thing I could say bad is it only has 16GB of storage but that's probably why such a good deal but u can always add a Mini SD in these to add more. I put a 32GB one in it.
  • I love the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1. I put my other one in a safe place. So safe I can't find it. The new tab A has a more elongated screen. I think it's a good thing for watching videos
  • This tablet ended up being the perfect size, I can bring it to class easily, and the expansion capabilities on it are very impressive.
  • Always liked Samsung and this is no exception. Fast, reliable with a great display and memory options [up to 200gb micro sd card].
  • Handy item, yet for emails, it is seriously lacking.... and in a disorganized format and tiny words to read!!!!! Other than the weak WiFi reception near coffee houses.... it is a very nice unit.
Samsung Galaxy Tab E (SM-T560NZKABTU) 9.6 Inch Tablet
  • Perfect size and great for social media. Works well. in all aspects
  • Good size to work with. having problems finding the cover for it.
  • The size is great not too large not too small. Transferred my info from my phone easily. So glad I bought it!
  • Great storage and battery stays powered for a long time. Good camera and stereo sound. Perfect for teens.
  • The processing speed it wonderful, but I do wish it had a bit more storage.
Size & Weight
10 in.
9.5 in.
6.1 in.
5.88 in.
0.32 in.
0.37 in.
18.6 oz.
1.2 oz.
Display Type
Pixel Density
224 ppi
243 ppi
Screen Resolution
1920 x 1200
1280 x 800
What customers say about "Display"
Samsung Galaxy Tab A (SM-T580NZKEBTU) (SM-T580NZKAXAR) 10.1-Inch 16 GB, Tablet, Black
  • Brought this 2 months ago and it has been excellent. Color is sharp and it is very fast.
  • The display is vibrant and crisp at 1920x1220.
  • A crystal clear, brilliant display. Easy configuration and file transfer.
  • Something wrong with it screen goes black and not very touchy when trying to turn it off.
  • Display is not fully laminated to the glass
Samsung Galaxy Tab E (SM-T560NZKABTU) 9.6 Inch Tablet
  • I like the display, it is sharp and crisp. I've always liked Samsung products and this hasn't not dissapointed.
  • Great display when watching movies and playing games.
  • The display is stunning, not to mention the speed and functionality. Compared to the Asus tablets they had before, this Samsung tablet is great
  • The 9.6" display Is good to watch movies and TV shows and small enough to take on the go. Plus, you can record videos and snap photos
  • The sound isn't too clear and the picture/display quality could be better.
Front-Facing Camera
2 MP
2 MP
Rear-Facing Camera
8 MP
5 MP
Processor Model
Samsung Exynos 7870
Qualcomm APQ 8016
Number of Cores
Processor Speed
1.6 GHz
1.2 GHz
What customers say about "Processor"
Samsung Galaxy Tab A (SM-T580NZKEBTU) (SM-T580NZKAXAR) 10.1-Inch 16 GB, Tablet, Black
  • Gets VERY SLOW after 4 months of my use (note that i don't install much apps, only use it for social media and Netflix)
  • I have experienced a few lags but I think that's us getting to understand each other, outside of that, really fast processing
  • I'm impressed how fast the processor is on this tablet compared to my old tablet. I've had this tablet for almost 2 months, use it everyday, and have not encountered any problems with it. Great tablet and great price.
  • Very fast processor, great price and easily syncs with my Samsung products.
  • This processor Exynoss has a excellent performance, great tablet, fast and beutifull display.
Samsung Galaxy Tab E (SM-T560NZKABTU) 9.6 Inch Tablet
  • Fast processor. Great for streaming movies, awesome camera.
  • It is a great tab with good processor and ram also light weight
  • It's a well built device very smooth the screen is impressive does have a quad-core processor which is fantastic
  • Pretty low quality, many features that the processor nor the resolution can handle
  • The tablet is not the best for the money. My suggestion is - choose a tablet with HD screen and quad qore processor with at least 2 gb RAM.
Operating System
Android 6.0
Maximum Usage Time
13 hours
12 hours
Water Resistant
Stream Content to Samsung Smart TV, Ambient light sensor, Multi window, Kid-friendly
Accelerometer, microSD card reader, Smart Tutor, Child-friendly Functions
What customers say about "Features"
Samsung Galaxy Tab A (SM-T580NZKEBTU) (SM-T580NZKAXAR) 10.1-Inch 16 GB, Tablet, Black
  • One of the things the make me very happy is the long battery life
  • My old tablet gave out completely so I purchased this tablet because it was similar. I am happy with it especially because the battery life is much longer and it is faster.
  • Love this tablet, the storage is outstanding and the operating system is very nice with very little lag if any
  • Two bottom firing speakers only (easily covered by hands when holding in landscape mode)
  • The charger gets dangerously hot. I only used twice and stopped using after I discovered there was an issue.
  • The Operating System should be upgradeable. You shouldn't have to purchase a new piece of hardware in order to take advantage of the Android operating systems available.
Samsung Galaxy Tab E (SM-T560NZKABTU) 9.6 Inch Tablet
  • Works flawlessly. Very good battery life. Bright screen.
  • Charging port on the top makes it easy to use while charging.
  • It works great with my Bluetooth speaker for playing my music
  • We begin to wath a movie with the battery at 77% almost 1.5 hours later when the movie end the baterry was at 66%
  • Speakers are very quiet. Needs headphones or an external to watch movies.
  • Feels heavy in my hands, have to balance in order to be comfortable. Hard to find a suitable case for it.
NFC Technology
Charging Interface
Micro USB
Micro USB
Included With Unit
USB Power Adapter, MicroUSB Cable
Power Supply
Warranty / Certifications
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year(s)
1 year(s)
Other Information
279.99 $

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