Computer Components

Best Solid State Drives
It is impossible to imagine a modern gaming or multimedia PC without an SSD drive. The most important advantages of SSDs are high performance, minimum power consumption, and the high rate of read/write speed. Here is the list of the most popular solid-state drives you can buy.
Best M.2 Solid-State Drives
Are you looking to upgrade the overall speed of the data performance on your computer? If so, you should take a look at purchasing a new m.2 Solid State Drive to replace the slower hard drive in your system. Read our reviews of five of the best m.2 SSDs available.
Best CPUs

Does a PC have a heart? Sure! And it's called a central processing unit (CPU). It performs the processing of all the input data and maintains the concurrent and effective operation of all the PC components. We’ve reviewed the best CPU models to help you make a right choice!

Best Gaming CPUs
Choosing the best CPU for gaming is a task that requires careful analysis. The gaming processor should as far as possible meet all your requirements in order to make your game as enjoyable as possible. Just check our reviews.
Best Motherboards

What is the key element of any computer, holding and connecting all essential hardware? A right choice of a PC motherboard will let you set up a computer of your dream for the best gaming experience. Select one of the best motherboards and reach a new level in your PC performance!

Best Gaming Motherboards
Do you enjoy putting together the ultimate gaming PC? If you are a hardcore gamer who wants the latest in gaming computer technology, then take a look at our reviews of five of the best gaming motherboards to give your gaming PC the upgrade it deserves.
Graphics Cards
Best Graphics Cards

The majority of PC users know that any PC needs a specialized device for displaying a picture on the screen and this device is called a graphics card. A powerful graphics card is a must-have for playing PC games and watching high-res videos. Check our graphics cards review to pick the best one!

Best Gaming Graphics Cards
Regular graphics cards just don't have much of the computing power that is needed for gamers as well as for engineers and video editors. Thus, high-end graphics cards for gaming are your best bet when it comes to performance and multitasking. With an enormous number of different gaming GPU models available, one should consider a lot of aspects to choose the right one. Hence, we encourage you to take a look at our reviews and decide which one suits you best.
CPU Fans
Best Computer Fans
A CPU is a digital heart of any modern PC or a laptop. Just like any power-hungry PC component, it requires cooling. We highlighted the most important parameters and features of CPU coolers to help you choose the optimal one among the top 5 models we've reviewed.
Best CPU Liquid Coolers
If you want your PC to serve you longer and reach its maximum potential, a good CPU liquid cooler is a must-have purchase. Take a look at our top 5 picks and get ready to open up a whole new world of your computer's capabilities.
Thermal Compound Pastes
Best Thermal Paste
Thermal paste is a cheap difference between the graphics card and the processor working as intended and frying out under the lightest load. The best thermal paste will even able to support ambitious overclocking endeavors (assuming that the hardware and the fan also support that).
RAM Memory
Best DDR4 RAM Kits to Upgrade Your PC
When it comes to partial upgrading a PC instead of purchasing a completely new one, the RAM update is the first thing to come to mind. The newest DDR4 RAM kits are better in many ways than their predecessors and we are here to try and help you choose the one satisfying your specific requirements.
Computer Cases
Best Computer Cases
Many computer enthusiasts not only like to get the best performing hardware for their computers, but also the best looking. If you want your computer to look out of this world, take a look at our reviews of five of the top-end computer cases available!
Best Tempered Glass PC Cases
A dull-looking metal PC case is not something gamers would be proud of. Modern problems require modern solutions so a transparent tempered glass PC case is the optimal option. Simple in their design, these glass cases provide users with a great view of all hardware pieces, all while remaining as secure as most aluminum models. To make your pick easy, we have selected the best tempered glass PC case options available today for our reviews.
Sound Cards
Best Sound Cards
Many computers come with bare minimum sound capabilities, which just doesn't work for those who need to work with audio. For cases like this, a sound card is needed. If you need to install a new sound card in your computer, read our reviews for five of the best sound cards available.
Best USB Sound Cards
Nowadays most people tend to favor laptops over stationary PC models as they're more convenient for work and traveling. However, laptops rarely can produce the kind of volume you want for watching movies or listening to music so an external sound card is needed. We've chosen the 5 best USB sound card models available on the market today.
Power Supplies
Best Computer Power Supplies
No matter how good of a graphics card you've got or how powerful your Central Processing Unit is, they won't do you any good without an equally impressive computer power supply to provide them, as well as the other components, with enough power output. So choose one of these models and enjoy all of the advantages of a nice, powerful rig.
Case Fans
Best Case Fans
Not only humans suffer from heat and overheating. Think about your ever-working assistant that holds your entire life under its cover. Don't let your desktop PC 'melt', cool it down with a new silent but effective fan.
Best 140mm Case Fans
140mm case fans are a little less compact than standard 120mm models but they're also more effective and efficient. The best 140mm case fans can keep the most powerful computers cool without producing noticeable noise.
Arduino Starter Kits
Best Arduino Starter Kits
Are you looking for a good way to immerse yourself into the world of electronics and programming? If so, a great way to do this is by using an Arduino starter kit. Read on for our top 5 picks of the best Arduino starter kit models on the market, and choose the best one for yourself!
Raspberry Pi
Best Raspberry Pi Starter Kits
Raspberry Pi starter kits are these flexible little computers that cost less than most toys and are able to do almost everything that full-fledged PCs can do. The best Raspberry Pi starter kits let you easily build the most flexible, adaptable, and versatile platform to perform various tasks and complete different projects.