25 Ideas to Spend Your Summer

Last update April 21, 2017

Need some ideas for having fun on Summer holidays? Look here for inspiration.

Swap Your Bed for a Hammock and Lie All Day in There

Although entering a hammock might take some practice, lying in one is super relaxing. Also, spending time in it together with your SO can be incredibly romantic and help you bond with each other.

Stay Cool on Hot Days With Delicious Homemade Ice Cream

If you can never find the perfect ice cream taste just the way you want it, why not make one yourself? With an ice cream maker, you can let your imagination run riot and treat yourself and your family to the weirdest flavor combinations. Bacon with pistachio? Wasabi + vanilla? Or just ice cream with crispy chocolate? You are the cook!

Learn to Play Exotic Instruments

Buy yourself an ukulele or another unusual music instrument that is not too hard to master and impress your friends and family. Teaching yourself playing basic melodies or beats is easier than you can imagine. Who knows? Maybe, you even have a hidden talent for music.

Take Stunning Photos With a New Camera

Put away your phone and upgrade yourself to a DSLR camera for taking beautiful shots of things around you. It’s a great way to spend time both indoors and in nature by practicing and making creative family photos, portraits with friends or random strangers, and just capture anything that draws your attention with a camera.

Become a Tourist

Make your summer memorable by traveling abroad. Buy tickets, pack your stuff in a suitcase, and enjoy your vacation. The destination can be anywhere: from a trip around Europe to Cambodia, Sri Lanka, or Venezuela. There are some really inexpensive countries where your travels will be affordable and unforgettable.

Host a Sushi Party

Making tasty Japanese food is simpler than you think. Become a chief with a sushi-making kit to wow your friends with delicious seafood, rice and other ingredients, rolled into a majestic delicacy.

Change Your Hair Color

It can be a full-color change or just a new added tone. Maybe, you’d like to try on a fresh trendy hairstyle with a totally black color from roots to ends? Just grab a palette you like and give yourself a new look. You’ll thank us later.

Visit the Stars

With all the talk about potentially habitable exoplanets and manned missions to Mars, it’s the right time to get into space yourself. For the very least, on a visual level. A telescope can offer you almost limitless possibilities for exploring our place in a vast place known as Universe. The summer time, when the sky is usually clearer, rather than not, is the best period for stargazing.

Plan a Perfect Picnic

Instead of eating at home, call your friends, grab a blanket, pack the food, and go have a cool picnic in the nearest park. Or you can design a hiking route to a peaceful place with a wonderful scenic view to spend a romantic evening with your second half.

Get Over Your Ex

No, really. The summer is a perfect time when you can find tons of activities to get away and get over your relationships with your ex. Meet your best friends or find new ones, read books, stay healthy, and enjoy your single life!

Get Ripped Abs

There’s still time before the beach season starts to get yourself into shape. Eat healthy food and workout with the accent on your abdominals to define your six-pack. Remember, crunches alone may not do the trick, so do some core training exercises to speed up the process

Send a Kite High in the Air

Flying a kite is extremely fun and can be a great family-bonding activity. As it requires some open space, you can combine it with other sports or camping to spend some quality time outside with your relatives as you learn or teach each other new tricks.

Spend All Night Playing Party Games

You don’t have to be an MTG die-hard fan to play table games. There are lots of options with simple rules for a group of people to play together. Whether it is a strategy-like Monopoly or infamous dark-humored Cards Against Humanity, card and board games can be an awesome solution to make the time fly by.

Make Your Own Makeup

Creating your own cosmetics is easier than you could guess. There are a lot of DIY kits for preparing various makeups. You can start with a lip balm. Usually, it is very easy to make and hard to spoil during the process. Therefore, it’s also a good choice for spending time with your kid.

Find out More About the Birds Around You

Birdwatching is a rather popular activity for wildlife enthusiasts during the warm season. During the morning and evening, they get especially active, so you can observe them with binoculars in all their beauty. The best part is that this can be done without even leaving your house: if you live near the forest or there are several trees in your yard, then you are almost guaranteed to have at least some birds sitting there during a day or night.

Create Festive Mood With Chinese Lanterns

Launching sky lanterns can be associated with different occasions. But you don’t need a good reason to create a romantic atmosphere. Just try to find eco-friendly lanterns to avoid littering.

Change Your Look With Curly Hair

Bring out your inner goddess with a new hairstyle this summer. Grab a curling iron and experiment with your look: from making disco hairstyle or cascading wavy barrel-curls to corkscrew or unfuzzy twist ups. The choice is up to you.

Set up BBQ Party

Prepare the decoration and hang lights for the evening, store up the ingredients, organize some games and invite some friends and neighbors to your barbecue party in the backyard. Enjoy the grilled meat and veggies, talk to others, and celebrate the summer.

Learn a New language

Going to have a lot of free time at your disposal this summer? Spend it on something really useful. The knowledge of a foreign language can open the doors to many new possibilities, help you find more friends, and just challenge your mind. Self-studying Chinese is extremely hard. Therefore, we’d recommend you to start with the Spanish - the second-most spoken language in the world.

Glam up Your Camping Trip

Turn your camping into a luxury resort with such a simple item as a comfy air mattress and, maybe, a cot frame for the elevated position. There are other glamping accommodations that can help you perfect your outdoors recreation to make you feel at home or even better.

Spend Days Watching Netflix

When it’s too hot to get outside, close the doors, turn AC on, and rewatch all your favorite movies or get up to date with the missed shows on Netflix all day long.

Play Badminton Outdoors

Organize a picnic or camping and bring a badminton set along. You can set up a net and play volleyball there too. Or just play without a net almost anywhere. Safe, fun, and simple.

Grow Your Own Gourmet Garden

If you’d like to grow your own food but can’t stand weeding out or have no time to keep up with the watering schedule, then buy an aerogarden that can control the cultivation process of herbs and vegetables for you. No soil, no dirt, no weed. Only fresh and natural plants for you and your family.

Go Fishing

The serenity of fishing, the adrenaline rush when the fish takes the bait, and you start to reel and pull the fishing rod - it’s hard to explain if you've never experienced this. However, fishing, just like hunting, is our primal habit. Yet, you don’t necessarily have to kill and eat it now. Especially, if it’s a small fish. Your goal can be the feeling of accomplishment by catching the one. Then, you can set it free back into the water.

Learn to Ride a Bike

By riding a bicycle, you kill two birds with one stone. First of all, it is a good way to quickly get from point A to point B, ignoring the traffic jams or public transport schedule. The second benefit is that it can help you get into shape and stay fit. Also, unlike cars and other vehicles that exhaust fumes, bikes don't contribute to the air pollution.  If you already know how to ride one, then try to master new tricks, i.e. hands-free cycling.

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