11 Cool Gifts for Tweens

Last update February 19, 2019
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Let's face it, tweens are probably the hardest group of people to buy gifts for. In that tricky transition time when your kids are between childhood and their teen years, finding the perfect presents might be a rather difficult task. But with our comprehensive list of 11 gift ideas for any taste, your kids will surely be on cloud nine. Some of the picks are super trendy while others are timeless. No matter whether you’re looking for Christmas, birthday or back-to-school gifts for your tweens, this brief article will reveal cool toys both preteen girls and boys will definitely like. Your kids deserve the best!



Tricopters are ideal for young tech savvies. A tricopter is an unmanned aerial vehicle that can be controlled with a radio unit or even some smart gadgets like iPhones, Android phones, or tablets. This drone consists of the main body with two propellers and a tail with a motor for rotating the copter. Tricopters are a bit slower than popular quadcopters, and for this reason, they are usually chosen as gifts for children. They have also got the reputation as kids’ toys because they are very durable and lightweight. Therefore, this slow-paced flying toy can withstand numerous crashes and it can be easier to control. Some tricopters are made as RC controlled toys, while others may have some gimbals for cameras. So, in combination with cameras, tricopters can be excellent electronic gifts for those middle schoolers that like shooting and want to take their video experience to a new, professional level. Plus, flying tricopters by itself is an exciting activity that can get your entire family outdoors.

School Backpack


A school backpack is a great, versatile gift for any tween. It can reflect the personal style of your kids and show off their interests. A backpack is a thing that defines kids day after day and goes through their ups and downs. By giving your children a trendy backpack with nice design and comfortable fit, you're sure to get a smile from them.

Electric Go-Kart


Are you bringing up a future Formula 1 star? An electric go-kart can take the gamble out of gift-giving. It can entertain your little one and let them participate in a life-like racing. The beauty of go-karting is that it’s a fun fast-paced race driving activity for a whole family. It's open to one and all. Karting can teach your kids the basics of driving and give them a chance to see how quick they actually are.

Electric go-karts are absolutely pollution-free and emit no hazardous smoke. That’s why they are suitable for indoor use as well.

Handheld Game Console

Gaming console

Although almost all tweens own a smartphone with numerous apps and games installed, having a separate handheld game console for fun is always a good option. It has a generous memory and battery capacity, thus allowing your kids to play whatever they want and whenever they want. Handheld game consoles often come with more than 100+ popular games already pre-installed and provide the option to download more. The choice of games is vast - Arcades, Sports, Puzzles, Shooting games, Action games, Logical games, Racing games, Simulators, Fighting games, Adventure games, and more. Every boy and girl will definitely find the game for their taste and preference. Yet, a gaming console can not only bring more entertainment into the life of your little one but also improve their logical thinking, memory, reaction and hand-eye coordination. Moreover, the sports games that involve football, basketball, tennis, or skateboarding can push children to practice the same skills outdoors.



A skateboard is a great present that can break away your tween son or daughter from a mobile phone or a computer, and get them outside to enjoy this kind of “street sport”. And it’s not just a sport and an effective way to get from point A to point B, it’s an art form, a culture, and a lifestyle. Skateboarders are a unique breed - tweens, teenagers, and many adults have been drawn to it for decades. So, why not to try to present your active child a stylish skateboard? Indeed, skateboarding can bring much fun and health benefits. It improves flexibility, offers full body workout, increases physical endurance, teaches precision, improves coordination, boosts calorie burning, and provides stress relief. As you see, skateboarding can improve the overall health of your children and teach them consequences, practice, and patience. Furthermore, skateboarding skills can transfer to some other sports including surfing, snowboarding, and wakeboarding. Who knows, probably a simple skateboard can become the first step to growing a future champion.



A microscope can become a unique present for huge nerds, namely preteen girls and boys. The great thing about them is that most tweens are extremely curious about everything going around. And a microscope is one of those popular toys that can help kids teach the basics of biology, engineering, electronics, and more. A small kids’ microscope will be enough to provide an unbeatable introduction to science as well as show your kids this exciting world from inside and boost their investigating skills. With a portable, battery-powered microscope in their bags, they will be able to start their own investigations whenever and wherever they want. A microscope can help them explore the environment and get their first experience with scientific tools. So, if you want to inspire the appreciation of science, this gift idea is definitely worth your attention.

Today, most microscopes have nothing to do with cheaply-made toys. They have got the real glass optics allowing kids to see everything clearly. Microscopes for kids are smaller and simpler compared to adults’ ones, so they require less precise adjustments to suit developing fine motor skills. No worries! Young learners of age 13 and lower will be able to quickly get the hang of using a scope.

Drawing Set

Drawing set

A drawing set is a very creative gift for children of developing age. Most tweens really like drawing and are often engaged in painting. This hobby is extremely beneficial for both physical and emotional aspects. It fosters the development of fine motor skills, gives kids a chance to express their feelings through art, and increases overall emotional intelligence. The only thing to keep in mind when creating a portable art studio for your little artist is that all tools should be safe and age-appropriate. It’s better to choose a small set that's made of high-quality materials.

Some teens might be afraid to start drawing since they think that they don't have any talent. Try to find out what they really like to entice them to reconsider. For example, many teens will find 3D painting interesting and creative, while budding cartoonists will enjoy special books on drawing Anime characters. Also, try to find out what tools your kid prefer most: colored pencils, fiber-tipped pens, crayons, washable markers, or watercolor cakes. Try to create a super personalized back-to-school gift! You can even order a pad or sketchbook with his/her initials or photos using a photo printing service.

Gaming Mouse

Gaming Mouse

If you have a small gamer in your life, a gaming mouse is a win-win choice. Like other gaming peripherals (gaming headsets and keyboards), a special gaming mouse is a crucial element that can maximize the gaming experience. It differs a lot from a conventional mouse for everyday use. It provides the maximum comfort, hence, your child won't have any hand fatigue even after long gaming sessions. Usually, gaming mice have a jitter reduction feature to cut out shaky movements. So, investing in a dedicated mouse for games is a good option that will bring much excitement to your tween player. After all, any gamer uses a mouse like an artist uses a paintbrush.

Foosball Table

Fossball table

If your kid is one of those who prefer playing real games, a foosball table might be a go-to option. It can let your little one feel the thrill of a real football match without leaving their room and crashing the furniture around. A foosball table can bring fun and improve the reaction speed, agility, and brain's activity. It’s a perfect gift if your kid often invites friends to your place. By the way, adults can also benefit from such a purchase. Fun party hours guaranteed!



All avid readers should have one! Of course, there’s always something wonderful about gifting a paper book, but agree that the classmates of your kid are likely to read books on an e-Reader. It gives your child an opportunity to compile hundreds of books in one place. Compared to tablets or smartphones that aren’t designed with reading in mind, e-Readers don’t have color screens and are absolutely safe for eyesight. So, if you have a bookworm in your family or just want to encourage your child to read more, an e-Reader is a solid choice.



We bet you already know how comfortable Crocs are. A pair of Crocs is the gift of comfort and style for any child. These shoes are ideal for active tweens who can run around the playground or neighborhood all day long. Crocs shoes are extremely light, so your kid won’t experience pain or fatigue at the end of the day full of adventurous. Moreover, they allow your kid's feet to breathe, thus preventing perspiration and stinky feet accordingly. And the best part is that unlike most other flip-flops, Crocs offer some arch support for growing feet of children. Crocs are stylish, Crocs are comfortable! Your kid will be over the moon, and so will you.

Cool gifts for kids