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Even Picasso and Monet weren't born holding a paint brush in their hand. Everyone has to start mastering the skill from scratch at some point. These amazing drawing sets will get you started on your laborious but rewarding journey as an artist. Purchasing one of these fabulous kits will be your wisest investment in your creative potential. ...Read more ...Read less
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Artist Materials
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The firm and sturdy aluminum easel will give you an opportunity to draw not only in the studio or in the comfort of your room, but also to capture on the canvas magnificent landscapes and scenery outdoors in nature.

The kit also includes a Color Mixing Wheel, which will tell you how to get the desired color or shade by mixing the available paints.


The set doesn't include the instructions on how to set up the easel.


Owing to a large variety of paints, brushes, painting pads and easels, this drawing set allows creating a full-fledged art studio. Overall, we believe this could be the ultimate dream of any artist.

detailed parameters
Best For

Kids, students, beginners, and artists

Artist Materials
  • 24 x Acrylic Paint Tubes
  • 24 x  Oil Paint Tubes
  • 24 x Watercolor Paint Tubes
  • 7 x Nylon Hair Brush Set
  • 10 x Artist Brush Set
  • 12 x Nylon Hair Short Blue Handle Oil/Acrylic Brush Set
  • 15 x Multipurpose Brush Set
Additional Items
  • 1 x Aluminum Field Easel
  • 1 x Wood Desk Easel
  • 12 sheet Acrylic Painting Pad
  • 15 Oil Painting Pad
  • 12 sheet Heavy-Weight Watercolor Pad
  • 30 sheet Spiral Binding Sketch Pad
  • 6 x  Canvas Panels
  • 2 x Stretched Canvas
  • 1 x Plas
For Storage

Carry Case


1 year


The drawing set from Royal & Langnickel includes not only all kinds of paints, oil, and soft pastels but also amazing watercolor pencils. These pencils are both durable and highly versatile in use. There are endless ways, tricks, and possibilities of applying the pencils to create mesmerizing watercolor effects on dry paintings.


Some users complained about the quality of brushes.


This set will be a real boon to the young artists who are still searching for their distinctive and unique style in fine arts. Owing to a plethora of materials to choose from, you will be able to experiment with all of them and find the one that suits you best.

detailed parameters
Best For

Kids and adults

Artist Materials
  • 12 x Acrylic Paint Tubes
  • 12 x Oil Paint Tubes
  • 12 x Watercolor Paint Tubes
  • 12 x Oil Pastels
  • 12 x Soft Pastels
  • 12 x Watercolor Pencils
  • 3 x Gold Taklon Brushes
  • 3 x White Taklon Brushes
  • 3 x White Bristle Brushes
  • 3 x Pale
Additional Items
  • 12 sheets of Mixed Media Paper
  • 2 x Canvas Boards
  • 1 x Wooden Palette
  • 1 x Ten-Well Palette (Plastic)
  • 1 x Sharpener
  • 1 x Watercolor Artist Pad
  • 1 x Eraser
For Storage

A convertible, two-drawer chest 


30 day returns from manufacturer


The set includes a very wide selection of color and shades for all art tools. The set includes 24 different colors of oil pastels, watercolor cakes, and color pencils.


The case does not seem to be very sturdy and durable.


This is a great set at a very affordable price. Thanks to a wide range of materials and beautiful color palette, your child will easily be able to find the colors and tools to his liking. 

detailed parameters
Best For


Artist Materials
  • 24 x Oil Pastels
  • 24 x Color Pencils
  • 24 x Watercolor Cakes
  • 2 x Paint brushes
  • 2 x Pencils
Additional Items
  • 1 x Kneaded Eraser
  • 1 x Sharpener
  • 1 x Sanding Block
For Storage



Amazon's 30-day return policy 


The art set contains high-quality washable markers, which boast smooth feel and slide softly on the paper, leaving intensely saturated colors without bleeding through a sheet. If a child accidentally draws on your favorite shirt or tablecloth with a marker, you will easily be able to wash the stain away.


The set contains no sharpener for pencils.


This excellent art set with all the essentials will be a perfect gift of creativity and imagination to your little angel. Portable and convenient art case will allow your child to have a real art studio at his fingertips and use the art tools whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

detailed parameters
Best For


Artist Materials
  • 64 x Crayons
  • 20 x Short Colored Pencils
  • 40 x Washable Markers
Additional Items
  • 15 x Paper
For Storage



Amazon's 30-day return policy


It is a professional grade, 18-piece drawing set that will give a great start to any beginning artist. The convenient and reusable case won't let your pencils' leads break even if handled poorly. 


The case is hard to open.


We believe, this professional drawing kit is absolutely a must for any artist, from an enthusiastic beginner to an experienced professional.

detailed parameters
Best For


Artist Materials
  • 8 x Graphite Pencils
  • 3 x Charcoal Pencils
  • 1 x Scetch Stick
  • 2 x Charcoal Sticks
Additional Items
  • 1 x White Plastic Eraser
  • 1 x Kneaded Eraser
  • 1 x Pencil Sharpener
  • 1 x Charcoal Sharpener
For Storage



Amazon's 30-day return policy


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US Art Supply Deluxe Artist Painting Set

A Portable Art Studio

This artist set from the US Art Supply company will be an excellent gift for anyone who loves to paint, regardless whether it is a professional artist, a beginner, or a child. The art equipment is selected in such a way that can satisfy a variety of artistic needs. It includes all of the essentials and a lot more. Namely, on top of beautiful palettes of acrylic, oil, and watercolor paints, it offers several brush sets for various painting needs and purposes, painting pads for different types of paints, a sketch pad, canvas panels and stretched canvas of professional quality. Note, that the most notable elements of this set, like two jewels in the crown, are an aluminum field easel and an adjustable wood desk easel. 

In a word, this fantastic art set will allow you to set up your own small and portable art studio whenever and wherever the inspiration strikes.

Review of US Art Supply Deluxe Artist Painting Set

A Set That Can Inspire A Real Work Of Art

As we have already mentioned this art set features three types of paints: watercolor, acrylic, and oil. Each of the media has its own peculiarities that a beginning artist needs to know before taking a brush in his hand. 

Watercolor is a water-soluble paint that can be easily diluted in water and requires no additional solvents. Your art tools can be simply rinsed with soap and water after each use. It is mainly designed for painting on paper. When painting with watercolor, you may prefer to work on a flat horizontal surface, for instance, a desk or table. If you are an amateur, you may need the time to adjust to painting with watercolors and learn to control the amount of water and paint you apply. If you paint in a wet sloppy way and tilt the paper on an easel, the paint will be running down creating a real mess of your artwork. Once you are in control of the amount of water you use, feel free to get an easel. 

We need to add here, that watercolor paint is loved by many for its lightness and transparency. It is definitely preferred by beginners and amateurs. It can help the artist to create captivating effects of light and texture as well as convey the atmosphere of mesmerizing sunrise, hypnotic sunset, flowing water, and capricious sky. 

Acrylic paints first appeared in the 1950s and since then have gained an immense popularity with both beginning and professional artists. They have been widely appreciated for their versatility, since they can be used on a variety of surfaces - paper, canvas, wood, fabric, glass, ceramics, etc.  Moreover, the key feature of the acrylic paint is that the high quality of its pigments brings smooth texture and consistency to the painting, providing it with superb covering strength and excellent satin finish. One of the advantages of the traditional acrylic paints is quick drying time, which some artists may find disadvantageous. Firstly, slow painters can see their palette drying too fast, and other artists may not have the chance to blend the colors and use “wet in wet” technique (so popular in oil paintings). US Art Supply produces acrylic paints of outstanding quality that are free from toxins and leads and therefore can be safely used in colleges and schools.

Finally, oil paints. This is perhaps one of the main types of paints since it has been used over the course of centuries and countless prominent masterpieces were created with oil paints by the Old Masters of Renaissance. The major advantage of this type of paint is a long drying time. It gives an artist ample time for working without rush, blending the colors, playing with shades and hues, glazing, and adding the modifications to the artwork as the color stays wet over a substantial period of time. Oil paints allow achieving maximum realism in paintings with rich, deep and intense colors, that don’t fade away even when the painting completely dries. Note that the brushes should be cleaned with a special solvent or dishwashing liquid after each use. We recommend developing your artistic skills with other media before starting to paint with oils, as this paint appreciates serious approach and requires special skills and techniques for painting.

US Art Supply Deluxe Artist Painting Set in the use

Art Tools For Professional Artist

By all means, we need to highlight the presence of other important tools in the art set, namely two easels. The first one is the tall lightweight aluminum field easel. This fantastic art equipment can facilitate the transition of an amateur artist into a fully-fledged professional one. Owing to the presence of sturdy and adjustable legs, it is possible to set an easel on a tabletop, as well as use it as a standalone piece not only indoors (in the comfort of your studio) but also outdoors to capture on canvas the whimsical nature or breathtaking landscapes. Spring Loaded Top Clamp can firmly and reliably secure your canvas in place so that it won’t fly away with the first gust of wind. You can adjust the easel to accommodate the canvases of up to 32 inches high. Storage and transportation of this easel will be a breeze, as it makes only 22 inches in a folded state and comes with a designated carry bag for your ultimate convenience. 

Another one is wood desk easel. It is designed to accommodate smaller canvases and prints of up to 11 by 14 inches. You can easily adjust the incline of the easel to four positions. The easel is equipped with a storage drawer with three convenient compartments to keep your brushes, tubes, or other essential art gear safe and organized.

Detailed review of US Art Supply Deluxe Artist Painting Set

Indispensable For Beginners Color Mixing Wheel

Even though the drawing set offers quite a rich original palette of various colors, you are encouraged to create even more hues and shades with the help of the Color Mixing Wheel. This neat and useful tool will tell you how to get the color or shade you need by mixing the available colors.

US Art Supply Deluxe Artist Painting Set application

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Last updated price $119.99
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Royal & Langnickel Artist Set

Everything You Need Is Included In the Kit

An artist set from Royal & Langnickel is an ideal choice for avid artists of various age and experience who enjoy experimenting with different art tools; art students who are still in search of their voice and unique distinctive style; or amateurs who continue exploring what type of materials they find most comfortable working with. 

This fantastic set from a reputable manufacturer includes various types of art media for painting: 

  • 12 colors of watercolor paint, 
  • 12 colors of acrylic paint, 
  • 12 colors of oil paint, 
  • 12 oil pastels 
  • 12 watercolor pencils

All tools are of excellent quality and will certainly surprise and please the most demanding artists. 

Among other things, this drawing set will spare you from the need and hassle to shop around for additional art tools and equipment. Everything you need is included in the artist kit. All that is required for you to start painting is provided immediately, including the appropriate paper, canvases, a sharpener, an eraser for pencils and a lot more.

Review of Royal & Langnickel Artist Set

Find Your Voice As An Artist

It is impossible not to notice the diversity and variety of tools that this incredible art set contains. Each of the materials has its own features, advantages, and possibilities for use, allowing you to unleash your real potential and reveal your hidden natural talent of an artist to the fullest. By experimenting with all of these materials, we believe, you will definitely succeed in finding your distinctive voice as an artist.

As we pointed out earlier, this kit features all three essential types of paints (acrylic, oil, and watercolor) as well as a set of wonderful oil pastels. 

Watercolors perfectly convey the effects of lightness, airiness and subtle color transitions. Acrylics dry fast and once dried can be easily painted on top of the underlying layers without disturbing the colors. In thin washes, they resemble watercolors, but when used thickly – oils. Oil paints help to project realism in the paintings and in general, it is one of the oldest media for painting, which has been appreciated by world-known masters and used in the course of many centuries. Unlike the acrylic paints that haven’t been in use long enough to give us a chance to judge their durability, oil paints have definitely passed the acid test of time. So, if you want to create art masterpieces to delight the eye of multiple generations to come, we recommend sticking to oils.

Oil pastels, as the name suggests, have an oily structure but dry immediately. Mix and blend the colors right on the paper by mastering some of the essential techniques for oil and soft pastels. With gentle and delicate strokes, you will be able to fill your artwork with vivid, vibrant, and intense colors. When using the pastels, no additional tools are needed, and hence there will be no brushes to clean after their use. Besides, with no water required for diluting the pastels, they can be conveniently used outside the art studio. Note, the oil and soft pastels included in this set are perfect for the artists who have just started mastering this media. 

Royal & Langnickel Artist Set in the use

Discover The Artist Within You

It is also worth paying attention to a set of watercolor pencils. In our opinion, this is a fascinating tool to work and play around with. It resembles an ordinary pencil but is able to deliver the watercolor pigment in a distinctive way. It is considered to be an essential instrument in the mainstream watercolor techniques. Certainly, its precise and solid tip allows an artist to draw very fine lines and elements in the paintings. You may increase the color intensity by applying the pencil more thickly. They can be used both on dry or wet paper as well as blended with water. There are numerous ways and tricks of using these pencils, and we can share with you some of them: 

  • drawing on dry paper and washing over the whole painting or only some of its parts; 
  • drawing on wet paper (better to use with watercolor paper)
  • dipping in water the tips of the watercolor pencils before applying them to dry paper;
  • refining the artwork already created and drawing on top of it to better articulate the fine details; 
  • joining the pencils with crayons together with brushed on pigment

In a word, with a gentle stroke of a wet brush on any pattern made with these truly magical watercolor pencils, you will be able to obtain mesmerizing watercolor effects on a dry painting. 

Discover the artist within you and allow your creative genius to indulge in playing with endless possibilities of the watercolor pencils.

Detailed review of Royal & Langnickel Artist Set

Super Case And More

We would like to say a few words about a convenient, functional, as well as aesthetically pleasing hinged and latched wooden case, in which the drawing set is delivered. This convertible, two-drawer chest boasts excellent quality and nicely opens to expose the third tray of materials. This storage chest holds all the essential tools you need for sketching, drawing, and painting safely in place. In addition, the wooden case opens and easily converts into a sturdy and reliable tabletop easel with the mast and holders easily assembled or dismantled for storage and transportation. Owing to the fact that a wide assortment of materials can be neatly fitted into this portable and convertible case, it can be taken with you wherever you go. 

This artist set also includes a wide selection of different drawing and painting tools, such as nylon brushes, plastic palette knives, canvas boards, a wooden palette, a six-well palette and more.

In short, if you are in search of your own unique artistic style, you are open to bold experiments, and willing to try various media and materials, then this artist set from Royal& Langnickel is an excellent choice.

Royal & Langnickel Artist Set application
Last updated price $81.36
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Darice Deluxe Art Set

Great Art Set At A Bargain Price

Sometimes when looking for a set for painting and drawing, the customers find themselves financially constrained and would happily settle for the most budget-friendly option. Unfortunately, there is always a risk, that at a low price you can get only the low-quality product. In this respect, the Deluxe Art Set from Darice favorably differs from many other drawing kits available on the market. It provides a great variety of quality tools and materials at a very attractive price. The art set includes an amazing palette of oil pastels, color pencils, and watercolor cakes. In this set, you will also find paint brushes, pencils, an eraser, a sharpener, and a sanding block. The only thing you will need to take care of is purchasing the appropriate painting and drawing pads separately.

Review of Darice Deluxe Art Set

For Youngest Artists

This kit has been specially designed for the youngest artists but it is not advised to be used by children under 6 years of age. Thanks to a wide range of materials, your child will easily be able to find the colors and tools to his liking. If you notice your child’s interest in painting grow over time, then you should certainly consider purchasing a professional set with an easel, acrylic or watercolor paints, as well as a better selection of brushes.

Darice Deluxe Art Set in the use

Raise A Smart Kid

Every little human being bursts with creativity. Children love art and expressing themselves through painting, drawing, dancing, singing, playing music or acting in the theater. Making art is an excellent creative endeavor and an essential part of your child’s cognitive development. While at school they mostly focus on training the logical and analytical thinking, as a parent you must balance your kid’s development by offering him the possibilities for improving his creativity and imagination. Only the combination of these opposite yet complementary types of training will enable your child to realize the full potential of his mind. 

In particular, the New York Center for Arts Education has indicated the following benefits of exposing a child to arts in general and painting in particular: 

  • a kid learns to think out of the box;
  • a kid develops a creative and open-minded approach to solving tasks; 
  • kid improves his or her communication and social skills;
  • a kid learns to analyze, observe, and describe the events or feelings;
  • a kid improves problem-solving and critical-thinking skills; 
  • a kid builds confidence and boosts his emotional intelligence.
In a word, the benefits to painting are endless, but the most important thing we believe is that your child will be given a chance to find and lose himself at the same time when being involved in the most divine activity such as making art.

Detailed review of Darice Deluxe Art Set

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If you are a happy parent of a baby girl, then we believe your child is very likely to fall madly in love with one of these amazing and colorful dollhouses. She will freeze in awe and admiration as soon as she sees one and will lose herself for many hours on end in the fascinating play. Note, that you can always complement your gift with other accessories such as play kitchens and play dishes, that won’t fail to catch your daughter’s eyes, stir her interest, arouse curiosity and fascination.

Your son will definitely be ecstatic and simply over the moon with joy if you surprise him with one of the fantastic toys with remote control. You can choose one of flying RC helicopter, racing RC cars, speeding RC boats, or maneuvering RC airplanes for your kid's entertainment. Start collecting the RC vehicles today and let it turn into an exciting family hobby, as we believe each and every family member will have real fun playing with RC toys.

Darice Deluxe Art Set application

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Crayola Inspiration Art Case

A Great Start For A Young Artist

Drawing is one of the most favorite children's activities. For this reason, every child must necessarily have a set of the essential art tools and materials. This Inspiration Art Case Set from a reputable and well-known manufacturer, Crayola, is an excellent example of the kit that includes everything your child needs for his or her artistic development. As the name suggests, this set comes in a special portable and convenient art case that contains an impressive number of 140 pieces of art supplies, including 64 crayons, 20 color pencils, and 40 markers. This incredible variety of tools will occupy your child, providing him with means of unleashing his creativity, projecting his inner world on canvas, developing his artistic skills, and nurturing his natural talent. And who knows, maybe in time a casual child's hobby will become a lot more than that. This set can become a truly worthy start for your children that could lead in the future to a fantastic career of an artist, designer, or an architect. Whatever path your little ones will eventually take, the painting will definitely help them excel and realize their potential in any field they set their hearts on.

Review of Crayola Inspiration Art Case Set of Kids Art Supplies

The Best Gift For Any Occasion

The art set comes in a colorful case, that will certainly catch the eye of your growing artists and heighten their interest in its contents. Your kiddos will definitely be pleased to carry this colorful case around. Even if you go on vacation to the sea or countryside, or simply decided to spend a lovely summer afternoon in the open air by the lake or in the park, this set will always be easy to take along and let your kiddos have an opportunity to occupy themselves with their favorite pastime, engage in drawing, and create their masterpieces even in the open air. All tools and art supplies are securely fixed inside the case and will be kept in place during transportation. 

Thanks to its convenience, portability, high-quality art supplies, and beautiful engaging appearance, this art kit will make a great gift for your child’s birthday or Christmas.

Crayola Inspiration Art Case Set of Kids Art Supplies in the use

The Art Tools To Fuel Creativity

It is worth saying a few words about the art tools themselves. What makes this drawing set stand out is an incredibly large selection of crayons with a beautiful range of colors and shades. The Crayola crayons are used not only by little amateurs but also by experienced artists. The Crayola crayons are widely used at creating wonderful pieces of fine art and appreciated by many professionals for their excellent color saturation and superior quality.

Colored pencils behave differently than crayons and therefore require different techniques for their application. They are ideal for drawing contours, fine lines, small details, faces, and shadows. Due to their thick and solid design, children will feel comfortable using them. Moreover, thick pencils are harder to break; a mishap that can accidentally happen to any child using thin and fragile tools.

The quality of Crayola washable markers is also outstanding. They are comfortable to grip and hold, hence they won’t jump out of child’s slippery hands. These vibrant markers boast a versatile tip that will allow a child to draw both thick and thin lines. At the same time, any artist will appreciate the fact that the intense and saturated colors will neither bleed through paper nor leave prints on other sheets. If your little Picasso unintentionally leaves stains on his body, clothes, or wallpaper, you will always be able to mitigate the damage and simply rinse it off.

Detailed review of Crayola Inspiration Art Case Set of Kids Art Supplies

More Products To Consider

Every child seeks a place to hide, a comfortable spot or a secluded shelter. Give your little ones a chance to have a cozy private place of their own to hide and play with one of the best playhouses. These wonderful homes for little kids come in a variety of designs that resemble princess quarters, castles, or summer cottages. Have a look at our review to find the right model that will perfectly blend with your backyard or house interior.

Crayola Inspiration Art Case Set of Kids Art Supplies application

Additional Info


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PRO ART Sketch Draw Pencil Set

Best Companion For An Artist

At times drawings made with a simple graphite or charcoal pencil amaze with their delicate beauty and fine details not less so than the artwork painted in bright, intense, and saturated colors. A pencil is generally considered to be the most important tool and best companion of an artist. Many professional artists believe one cannot touch the paints until he mastered to perfection drawing with a pencil. The colors distract and take one’s focus away from important techniques, such as perspective. So, it is not unusual for beginning artists to spend a year or two learning to produce sketches with an ordinary pencil. 

Therefore, if you set your feet upon the laborious but such a rewarding path of an artist, you need to arm yourself with the essential tools of professionals – graphite and charcoal pencils. Regardless whether you are an amateur, a beginning artist, or someone who decided to challenge the limits of his creativity and imagination, this kit from PRO ART will definitely be your wisest investment into your creative potential. Besides, this priceless kit comes at a bargain price. We guarantee that there is no better or cheaper solution for a beginning artist who wants to get started than a pencil, an eraser, and a piece of paper.

Review of PRO ART Sketch Draw Pencil Set

Beauty In Simplicity

The set contains8 graphite and 3 charcoal pencils of different hardness, 1 sketch and 2charcoal sticks, a pencil and charcoal sharpeners, 1 kneaded and 1 white plastic erasers. Each of these tools is designed for certain purposes and has its advantages. 

Graphite pencils are more suitable for drawing small and fine details; with their help, you can draw detailed objects, produce clear and refined lines, as well as create fabulous shading transitions. On the other hand, the charcoal pencil with smooth and soft-like-velvet strokes is a darker, looser, more intense powdery medium which is perfect for large and broad sketches. You can achieve greater intensity and saturation in your drawings owing to the fact that charcoal is much denser than graphite. But it is worth taking into account that it is very difficult to erase and it will be hard to correct your mistakes. 

When using this fantastic set, we believe you will have a chance to learn and master a lot of advanced drawing and shading techniques, but also will simply enjoy working with these professional tools.

PRO ART Sketch Draw Pencil Set in the use

Let A Spark Of Talent Turn Into Flame

As already mentioned, almost all children like to draw as well as express themselves through art in one way or another. But as a parent, you need to appreciate the fact that some kids have an innate gift or talent that should be noticed in time. Every little spark of talent in your little angels must be fueled in time to turn into a real flame. Naturally, at a very young age, many basic skills are not yet well developed in little children. They cannot hold a pencil properly, control the pressure they apply, draw simple lines and stay within contours of the image. But this is not a tragedy; all of these skills will be naturally acquired with time as long as your little artist keeps practicing. Having mastered these basic skills, he will gradually learn to project and express his ideas on paper and gradually he will learn to do it with more and more confidence. And if your child has a natural talent for fine arts, he will definitely benefit from joining a specialized art school.

Detailed review of PRO ART Sketch Draw Pencil Set

Sky Is The Limit

The artworks created with an ordinary graphite or charcoal pencil can strike you with their realism and refined pure beauty.

PRO ART Sketch Draw Pencil Set application
Last updated price $9.32
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What is a Drawing Set

Painting and drawing are not simply a delightful and enjoyable pastime or hobby for both adults and children but a stimulating activity that brings a myriad of health benefits. When creating an artwork, one explores the depth of his creativity and stretches the limits of his imagination. No matter whether you are an analytical (left-brained) or artistic (right-brained) type of person, the drawing will not only promote further development of your creative skills but also enhance your problem-solving and communication skills. Children of developing age are especially encouraged to engage in painting and drawing as it fosters the development of their fine motor skills, gives them a chance to communicate their feelings and emotions through art, makes them more prepared for academic work, improves their memory, and increases overall emotional intelligence.

With the help of these finest drawing sets that we have selected for your consideration, you will be able to start expressing yourself through art right away once the package is delivered at your doorstep.

If you are looking for suitable ways to stimulate the cognitive development of your children, activity cubes will not only keep them entertained but also stimulate their visual and motor skills, promote thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as effectively enhance shape recognition.

What Features to Compare

Best For

To choose the most suitable artist set for drawing and painting, it is necessary to take into consideration some simple factors. First of all, you need to think of the person who is going to use this art set. The packaging usually features the age limit, which you need to take into consideration when buying a artist kit. 

The fact is that the art supplies for young children are specially designed to meet the needs of younger individuals and are definitely more convenient and safe for them to use. For example, the art sets for children would normally feature wider brushes for painting, special art tools for drawing and painting etc.

Art Tools For Painting And Drawing

When purchasing an artist set for drawing and painting, you are essentially hoping for an all-in-one solution to your artistic needs and getting all the essential art tools packed in one box. Therefore, the matter of primary interest to you would be what kind of art supplies the set actually contains. 

If you are looking for a portable art studio for your little artist, then you might expect to find the following tools in the set:

  • Colored Pencils
  • Crayons
  • Washable markers
  • Watercolor Cakes

When choosing a painting and drawing set, it is worth paying attention to the color palette or color range of these tools. The bigger the variety of colors, the easier it will be for your toddlers to artistically express themselves and have real fun creating their masterpieces.

If you noticed a spark of talent in your little angel, don't hesitate to add some fuel to it and allow it to turn into a real flame. Growing artists should be given an opportunity to unleash their creativity, explore the limits of their imagination, and develop their art talent through painting. Have a look at what type of paints the kit includes. For instance:

  • Watercolor paints
  • Acrylic paints
  • Oil pants

There are certainly pros and cons to different types of paint, but it is very common for beginners to start developing their artistic skills with watercolor or acrylic paints, and only having mastered the painting techniques with the easier materials, we would recommend to go on to oil media of painting.

Additional Art Materials

Since we are talking about the art set as an all-in-one solution, you have the right to expect to get not only the essentials but also supplementary materials for hassle-free painting. For instance, a good art kit should definitely include the following art equipment: 

  • Brush sets
  • Painting pads
  • Canvases
  • Pencil sharpeners and erasers 
  • Canvas boards
  • Easel

If we are talking about painting with colors, then brushes will play a significant role in this process. Pay attention to the number of brushes that come in a drawing set as well as the type and thickness of bristles. Depending on their shape, size, and thickness, they may be used for different purposes and paints. Some will be convenient for painting contours and fine details, others for creating color transitions and shading.


Q: Is It Better To Paint On A Flat Surface OrUse An Easel?

A: We must immediately warn you that professionalsadvise against drawing or painting on a flat horizontal tabletop. Why? For starters, you face the risk of getting back aches after sitting for hours on end with hunched back and shoulders over your drawing. Secondly, you are very likely to get a twisted view of the perspective, because the bottom of the painting will be significantly closer to your eyes than the top. And lastly, it will be more difficult for you to keep an eye on the subject of your work, as instead, you may find yourself staring only at your drawing. An easel, on the other hand, will enable you to keep your posture upright and work day in and day out without the feeling of fatigue.

If you prefer to work sitting down you are still highly recommended to position your drawingboard and a pad of paper at approximately 45-degree angle. It will be tiring to hold the board this way and draw at the same time, so you’d rather place itagainst the wall or get a table easel.

Q: Is It Better To Paint On Paper Or Canvas?

A: Suit yourself! Paint on anything your heat desires, as long as thepaint sticks and doesn’t bleed through the surface. 

Note, however, that various types of paint are suitable for different types ofsurfaces. Acrylics, for example, can be applied on paper, wood, card or canvas, either with a primer being used first or without one. Watercolors are betterpainted on designated watercolor paper or canvas. The professionals recommendpriming the support first to prevent the oil from rotting the paper or canvas.

Q: How To Use A Graphite or Charcoal Pencil?

A: There is a piece of advice that we would like to share with you, that both graphite and charcoal pencils should be held lightly and not be gripped as firmly as an ordinary pen when writing a letter. With a gentle grip on your pencil, you will be able to produce loose and fluid lines; whereas the tight grip can make your strokes cramped and inhibited.

Q: How thick a layer of paint should be?

A: Briefly, as thick or thin as you wish. You can always adjust theconsistency of paint with the help of a special medium to make it thinner orthicker in accordance with your preferences.

Q: How To Find A Suitable Paint Brush?

A: First of all, your choice of a paint brush will depend on the desirable effect that youwant to produce with your brushwork as well as the type of paint you intend touse. For smooth and delicate watercolor painting, we recommend narrowing your choice down to synthetic brushes. Oil painters, however, prefer brushes with stiff bristles. When using acrylics, you can safely choose either of them. 

Stiff brushes generally leave noticeable marks and enable one to add some texture to the painting. Smooth brushstrokes and gentle blending of colors can be obtained with soft brushes. 

Thick bristles usually help an artist to move the thick and heavy oil paint around. Watercolor is a very delicate and fluid medium that needs to be applied only with softer brushes. The acrylic paints are not as dense as oils but not as thin as watercolors, which leaves them somewhere in the middle and guides your choice of brushes.


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