Product Comparison: NuForce Primo8 vs Shure SE846

General Specifications
About the Product
Primo8 earphones offer music enthusiasts, gamers and professionals the sound quality of reference-class, multi-driver, high-end audiophile speakers. Equipped with eight drivers, the earphones are built and created for life on the move. The durable design of the Primo8 contains patent-pending technology and materials that make these earphones stand well apart from the crowd. Primo8's Comply soft silicon ear tips shape themselves to fit perfectly in the ear canal offering superior isolation from noise and creating incredible bass response. Like professional large speakers, the advanced technology embedded in the Primo8 uses a set of high definition Micro Drivers that produce incredibly spacious sound and rich bass. The four balanced-armature drivers in each earphone deliver a smooth, fatigue-free sound regardless of the device to which they are connected.
The SE846 delivers extended high-end clarity and unparalleled low-end performance. Evolved from personal monitor technology road-tested by pro musicians and fine-tuned by Shure engineers, the SE846 features a patent-pending design that includes a groundbreaking low-pass filter. This technology enables the deep low-end performance of a true subwoofer without sacrificing clarity or detail of mids or highs. Comfortable Sound Isolating sleeves block up to 37 dB of ambient noise, whether onstage or on-the-go. Customizable frequency response, detachable cables, and a wide variety of accessories ensure an unequalled, perfectly tailored listening experience for the most discerning audio enthusiast.
Size & Weight
1 in.
9.5 in.
1 in.
5.8 in.
1 in.
3.9 in.
0.64 oz.
What customers say about "Size & Weight"
NuForce Primo8 Quad-Driver Earphones with World's First Phase-Coherent Crossover Design
  • The wires are are just the right size.
  • After using them for a few days these are comparable to the Shure SE series in comfort.
  • They are also very comfortable to wear.
  • Extended wear feels natural and comfortable, both in sound and fit.
  • No fuss no muss, user friendly and comfortable.
Shure SE846 Sound Isolating Earphones
  • Better than any of the apple earbuds or random-brand cheap earbuds I've owned. They're super comfortable so I can easily sleep with them on.
  • This bundle let me get the color I wanted (clear) without spending more $$ on a separate cable. Overall, a no-brainer.
Headphone Fit
Cord Length
4.27 feet
3.83 feet
Built-In Microphone
Volume, Play/Pause, Start/End call
Sound Isolating
Water Resistant
18 Hz - 22 kHz, Breathtaking Realism
Quad high-definition MicroDrivers, Durable Kevlar reinforced cables, Removable cable and nozzle components ensure a long product life by providing easy and efficient cleaning and part replacement
What customers say about "Features"
NuForce Primo8 Quad-Driver Earphones with World's First Phase-Coherent Crossover Design
  • Bass that is deep and controlled, not deep and flabby like others I have tried.
  • The sound on these is very good, the soundstage is decent, and seems a little too centered.
  • Isolation was very good.
  • Excellent sounding earphone with very good and natural bass reproduction, 3D imaging can sub-press a lot of mid-price full size head phone.
  • One ear is much quieter than the other, however the sound quality is extremely clear. It is crystal is extremely analytical yet musical.
Shure SE846 Sound Isolating Earphones
  • These are just great. Great quality. I am a drummer and play live shows alot.
  • Sound quality is pretty good. Also nice to use while running as they stay in ear quite well.
  • Unbelievable sound, very balanced, if you want more bass or treble sounds you have to equalize in the device
  • The headphones DO NOT have the built in mic and volume control (at least the package I got).
  • I love the headphones, but the mic/remote kit is completely useless. The volume buttons do not control the volume on my phone.
  • I'm enjoying the headphones but they don't isolate quite as much noise as I was hoping they would
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