Product Comparison: Klipsch R6i vs Klipsch R6m

General Specifications
About the Product
The same advanced acoustic engineering and industrial design from our legendary Reference home theater speakers provide the performance, voice and design for the Klipsch Reference in-ear monitors.
Specifically engineered for mobile devices, the R6m headphones give you a front stage pass to your music collection whether you are an Apple, Android, Windows or BlackBerry user.
Size & Weight
4.3 in.
4.3 in.
1.6 in.
1.6 in.
7.5 in.
7.5 in.
3.52 oz.
3.52 oz.
What customers say about "Size & Weight"
Klipsch R6i Black
  • Light weight and great sound. Multiple ear budds to fit all ears.
  • Been going through lighter weight Apple headsets which don’t hold up well. Thia headset is more rugged, good sound & voice quality.
  • They're light weight, very comfortable in the ear, and provide quality sound. I recommend these for active listeners.
  • They stay in your ears due to their light weight. Highs are distinct but not tinny or annoying. Well worth the money.
  • These are very light weight and sort of flat back neans you may be able to lay down head in side and be comfortable ysing these.
Klipsch R6m In-Ear Headphones
  • The remote/mic is in a different spot than the old S4i which concerned me at first but I got used to it pretty quick. It is super light weight so doesn't isn't a bother.
  • I found these more comfortable than the S4. Not everybody can tolerate in-ear buds but these are a good design.
  • They are comfortable, sound amazing, have a mic that is very clear for calls and seem very durable, even better than my old klipsh ear buds without a mic that are going strong after several years of heavy use.
  • But, they are also very microphonic. Any tapping or movement on the cord rebounds in the ears. Most annoying when that happens. But if you're sitting still and enjoying tunes, the sound is great, the comfort is great. Nice buds, overall.
  • As mentioned by an earlier reviewer (which I regret not trusting), the issue is the weight distribution is too far away from the ear. This is further proven true with the left ear falling out even quicker, sadly but understandably because of the extra weight on the remote for the R6i model.
  • They stay in "okay" while walking or weight training. I'll likely should have gone with the Shure's.
Headphone Fit
Built-In Microphone
Volume, Play/Pause
Sound Isolating
Water Resistant
Legendary Sound + Great Fit, So Comfortable It’s Patented, Flat Tangle-Resistant Cable
Patented Oval Ear Tips, Single-Button Remote + Mic For Most Mobile Devices, Dual Magnet, Dynamic Moving Coil Micro Speaker
What customers say about "Features"
Klipsch R6i Black
  • Phone calls works great...sounds very clear...sound with music is good as well. When running I do have a hard time keeping them in my ears.
  • These are great earbuds. Amazing sound and work with my iPhone well. Just wish they were wireless.
  • Amazing sound and quality. Only downside is they don't stay in my ears the best.
  • I needed buds for when riding my scoot. They have great and and easy to operate.
  • Excellent sound for earbuds. It also comes with a handy carrying case, and different sizes for people of all ear sizes.
  • The sound quality from these r6i are great. But but the controls dont work with the Andriod why would they limit you to just this model?
Klipsch R6m In-Ear Headphones
  • They sound very good for their price range (sub $100). I would even go further and say the sound is equivalent to headphones that cost $200-300 (since I tried some). They have quite deep bass (not like Monster headphones or Beats by Dr.Dre kind of bass, but overall quite good and balanced).
  • Excellent sound quality. I can actually hear down to 10 Hz when listening to soundcheck files. Two minor complaints is the sound isolation is so good that I need to remove one of the plugs when taking on the phone otherwise I can't hear myself talk.
  • EXCELLENT SOUND! I buy according to specs DECIBALS are high, FREQUENCY RESPONSE hits very low for awsome bass sound and clear highs, and for earbuds speakers size is more than enough!
  • Got very excited when I received these, and upon first using, the sound is just as expected. I would say it sounds almost identical to S4's, but with a slightly stronger bass. "Excellent", I thought.
  • Mic noise cancellation is not good at all. While the mic was improved from the S4i version quite a bit, its noise cancellation abilities are lacking, especially if comparing it to inferior headphones like Apple's.
  • They sound pretty good, but as with any headphones or audio devices I would not recommend listening to dubstep with them. My biggest issue was that they would not stay in my ears.
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