Tech world

Instably App: Cross-Platform Posting Has Never Been This Easy

A quick look at the Kickstarter campaign for the app, designed to save your time and ease the task of self-promotion by allowing you to post in various social networks simultaneously

Reserve It App for Real-Time Reservations and Bookings

With the increased integration of digital technologies in our everyday routine, such things as booking and reservation via the Internet or mobile apps have become pretty common

PodClip: Fashionable Holder for Your AirPods Case

If the AirPods case slips through your fingers, take a look at the PodClip designed for easy holding and carrying around

Go On a Date With a Check-Mate App

The Check-Mate is a Kickstarter project for the dating app that can bring more trust in your potential partner and help you find the perfect match

The Time Traveler's Guide to the Past

The Russia-based team develops the Timebound App that will allow you to time travel and relive the notable events of human history

Make Your Day with MAKEASPLASH Swimsuit!

May we ask an awkward question? How many swimsuits do you own? There are women out there who need at least one for each mood swing, making it up to ten per season or even more

EcoBreeze 2: A Fresh Take on Energy-Saving Window Fans

People behind the EcoBreeze 2 window fan have come up with the idea for the low-energy portable model that can effectively maintain a well-ventilated and pleasantly cool atmosphere in a room of your house and help you save on the bill at the same time

Internet Use and Education. Is Technology Making Us Lonely? Internet Addiction

A personal computer became more or less common among the world's population in the late 20th century

Keigan Motor: Smart Module for Robot Building

Want a programmable module that you can use in many ways to achieve different goals in your projects? Then, take a look at the Keigan Motor project on Kickstarter that can help you build your personal robot

One-of-a-kind juicer that you don’t need to clean!

We all know that eating healthy food is important but how many of us have managed to develop good habits and stick to them? Not a lot

Reflexbox 2.0: a New Kind of Wireless Charger

A team of 2 Italian guys has launched a new Kickstarter campaign with the innovated approach to the wireless phone charging stations

Sego I: The Revolution in Pet-Sitting

You might not know but the pets may suffer from the lack of attention while you are not home

Shave Harbor: The Engineered Solution to Keep Your Razors Sharp

The Shave Harbor project creators believe that moisture has the most significant impact on the razor blade dullness

TAG Your Valuables and Never Lose Them Again

The TAG is a small trinket-like Bluetooth tracking device for finding your belongings and keeping them safe from being lost

Speednite: One Bike Stem Lighting to Replace Them All

The Speednite Bike Light is a Kickstarter project that may revolutionize the rider's safety for cycling at night

Takaokami: The Rainwear for Keeping You Stylish and Dry

The warm season is here, so it’s time to take out your bike and start cycling

The Raybaby - the Best Non-Contact Health-and-Sleep Monitor

For the past a few years the explosion of modern technology has introduced a lot of new effective ways for parents to monitor their babies during sleep

VIER: Upgrade Your Bike Security

The Kickstarter platform has given the means for success to a lot of creative projects with interesting ideas and conceptual designs

A Good Reading Experience With a Good E-Reader

Even with the tablets and phablets/big smartphones range growing every day, somehow e-Readers don’t lose their appeal when it comes to reading

Foldylock Compact for the Securest Bike Lockdown

The Foldylock Compact is a third successfully funded Kickstarter project from Seatylock, that makes most of the other bike locks look dated

Get Your Fingers Busy With iSpin Hand Spinner

The iSpin fidget toy offers a fresh take on hand spinners for relieving the anxiety, ADHD managing, and simply keeping your hands busy while you try to concentrate your attention on important things

The Lamp That Attracts Magnets and Attention!

Those consumers who’ve been looking for a new way to illuminate a room should definitely follow up the release of innovative HENG lamp with unusual but pretty smart switch in the mid-air

Ledunia - A Powerful Wi-Fi Dev Board for Professional IoT Prototyping and DIY Projects

While the Internet of Things is on everyone’s lips, the Germany-based team has launched the Kickstarter campaign for their project of a Wi-Fi-enabled PCB designed to ease the task of rapid prototyping of almost any possible IoT product